Review: WHEN SPARKS FLY by Helena Hunting

 WHEN SPARKS FLY – Helena Hunting

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN: 9781250624703

September 21, 2021

Romantic Comedy


Colorado Springs, Colorado – Present Day


Avery Spark is enjoying her life as part-owner of an event hotel with her sisters and sharing a condo with her best friend, Declan McCormick. Her relationship with Declan is platonic, and he has stood by her after she broke off her romance with her cheating ex, even though the guy had been his friend. Declan is the type to have one-night stands, which Avery mostly ignores, but one morning as she is about to leave for a two-hour drive to a meeting, her friendship with Declan is tested. He was supposed to drive her because she doesn’t like driving in the rain. But Declan had spent the night before partying and ends up with a woman in his bed. Furious for his broken promise, Avery storms out.


Barely an hour into the drive, Avery is involved in a multi-car accident. She’s lucky to be alive as others were killed, but she’s left with a broken leg and arm. Her sisters offer to take her in, but Declan, who is feeling guilty about his broken promise to her, insists that he can take care of her. While they have lived together for years, having Declan take care of her needs soon turns into something more intimate than they expected. Avery feels frustration, not only because she is nearly helpless, but because she can’t take care of her sexual needs. Then, Declan offers to help her with that part. If she agrees, will their friendship be forever changed?


In WHEN SPARKS FLY, it soon becomes apparent that deep down Avery and Declan have always had a mutual attraction. But after her breakup from her ex, he made the choice to bury those feelings and build on their friendship. This evolved into their sharing a condo, where they have supported each other as friends. But all that changes after Declan fails to make himself available that morning. He blames himself and trips over himself to try and make it right. Avery’s sisters aren’t happy with him, and while she was angry at him at first, she is soon forgiving him. Avery needs help with just about everything—bathroom, being fed, and being driven around. This means any chance of keeping intimacy out of their relationship flies out the door. And those once dormant feelings soon rear its head.


WHEN SPARKS FLY is a relationship romance since Avery is pretty much confined to the bed and wheelchair. This tale is told from the viewpoints of both Avery and Declan. As their feelings for each other grow, they are conflicted about how it would change their friendship. But needs overrule the what-ifs and they are soon happily ensconced in a friends with benefits relationship. They keep it a secret, but secrets seem to always come out…


Readers will laugh and cry with Avery and Declan as they explore the changes in their relationship. Will things be all rosy and cozy? Not in WHEN SPARKS FLY, but in the end, maybe it will all work out. Don’t miss this enjoyable tale.


Patti Fischer

Romance Reviews Today


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