Review: THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS by Ali Hazelwood



ISBN: 9780593336830

September 14, 2021

Romantic Comedy


California – Present Day


After Stanford Ph.D candidate Olive Smith learns that her best friend, Anh, is interested in the guy that Olive was dating, she realizes that she needs to find a fake boyfriend…ASAP. She latches onto the first safe man she can find, Dr. Adam Carlsen, who has a reputation of being a badass. Needless to say, Adam is surprised by the kiss that Olive plants on him. She, on the other hand, is shocked at how good his lips feel on hers. After she explains why she kissed him, Adam agrees to the ruse. Of course, since they’re (fake) dating, this means that they will need to spend time together.


Adam isn’t exactly the friendliest guy around and getting him to talk about himself is like pulling teeth, but Olive needs to convince her friend that she’s happy with Adam and that they’re compatible. Soon, the whole biology department is aware that the badass professor is dating a brainiac Ph.D candidate who is on a mission to get her cancer research project seen by research folks. Olive won’t use Adam to further her project, but can he be the steppingstone she needs? What about the attraction that’s developing between them? While Adam doesn’t remember, Olive certainly does recall a memorable interaction between them two years ago.


THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS is a funny tale of how very smart people approach life and love. Love isn’t taken lightly and when one falls for a friend’s ex, friendships have a priority. But Olive isn’t in love with her ex, Jeremy, so it’s okay for Anh to date him, especially since it appears they are in love. To prove her point that she’s over Jeremy, Olive tells Anh she has a new guy, and Adam is the first one she spots in the room. Like any workplace, the gossips have a field day with their “romance.” As the days and weeks go on, their burgeoning friendship turns deeper. After a trip to Boston—and being forced to share a hotel room—will that friendship turn into something more?


Olive is working hard to boost her career as a researcher, but the dog-eat-dog of the competition is hard to overcome at times. Despite Adam’s reputation as a curmudgeon, he is helpful to Olive, especially in the encouragement part. Then, it turns out he is best friends with the researcher who would do wonders in helping Olive advance in her field. Will her relationship with Adam doom her in getting the job…or help it? While their relationship is supposed to be fake, the feelings between Olive and Adam soon turn real. Will it be a short lived “romance”, or will they take it all the way?


It's fun and mayhem in the wacky romantic comedy based around the research community of Stanford University. You’ll smile your way through THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS while hoping Olive and Adam end up as a real couple. 


Patti Fischer

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