Review: THE INHERITANCE by JoAnn Ross



ISBN: 978-1-335-41856-2

September 7, 2021

Contemporary Fiction


Aberdeen, Oregon – Present Day


Three women. Three half-sisters. They didn’t know each other until they are brought together after the death of their father, Jackson Swann. The lawyer says they must come to Oregon for the reading of the will. They all figure any share of their father’s estate will be paltry but agree to come. To their surprise, he owned a winery…and has left it to all three of them.


Tess never knew her father as he and her mother divorced when she was a baby. Tess became a television child star and built a pop singing career—until drugs caused her to spiral out of control Now sober, she writes young adult fiction and is in a bit of a writer’s block as to where to go in the series. The trip to Oregon might be the thing to pull her out of her writing slump.


Charlotte’s mother remained married to Jackson all these years but theirs was a marriage of convenience as they rarely had contact. Charlotte did the southern belle thing by marrying a man in her social class. But she soon learns that doesn’t stop him from sleeping with a co-worker. As her marriage burns to the ground, Charlotte wonders how she will start over again.


Natalie was the child who had the most contact with Jackson. Her mother was his longtime mistress. Natalie was born and raised in France and has built a career in art. She is the one that neither Tess nor Charlotte knew about. How will her sisters react to meeting her? One person who will help guide her through the meeting will be Jackson’s attorney, Donovan Brees. For years, the two have been ogling each other from afar. Will Natalie and Donovan finally get the chance to see if there can be something romantic between them?


Also a part of THE INHERITANCE is Madeleine, the grandmother of the women. She is very much alive and grieving the loss of her only son. Madeleine is from France and was the war bride of Jackson’s father. She regales the girls with memories of her time in France, the war, and meeting Robert Swann. Her remembrances are interwoven within the story that is told mostly from the points of view of the three Swann half-sisters. They didn’t know each other when this tale opens, but by the end, will they be as tight as any sisters can be?


As THE INHERITANCE opens, we learn about the three women’s backstory. I won’t go into detail but will say that it shows how different each of them was raised and how it shapes them today. While Jackson loved each of his daughters in his own way, he was a hands-off type of father. The mothers of the sisters were important in their lives, but each mother had her flaws. Getting to know each other, Tess, Charlotte, and Natalie soon develop a friendship. Will it soon turn into a long-lasting camaraderie? Will they stay on at the winery?


An emotional tale that will tug at your heartstrings, THE INHERITANCE is a winner in my book. JoAnn Ross will pull you into the story until you can’t put it down and you hate to see it end. Don’t miss the drama and emotion in THE INHERITANCE.


Patti Fischer

Romance Reviews Today




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