Review: HOLIDAY EVER AFTER by Jill Shalvis



ISBN: 978-0-06-311500-2

November 2021

Contemporary Romance Anthology


One Snowy Night

Lake Tahoe 

Rory Andrews and Max Stranton have known each other since high school, but they don’t talk about “that incident.” Somehow, they both ended up living in San Francisco, their lives so much different from what they expected when they were in high school. Yet, despite their somewhat shared past, Rory and Max aren’t exactly friends. But after Rory’s boss offers to let Max drive her to their hometown near Lake Tahoe on Christmas Eve, they are forced to be together. Alone, except for Max’s dog. 

The drive doesn’t go smoothly for Rory and Max in One Snowy Night, but maybe this will give them an opportunity to revisit what happened their senior year. It also lays bare the mutual attraction between them that has simmered for months. Will being stranded overnight give them a chance to explore those feelings? Can they resolve their past history?

 A sizzling start, One Snowy Night gives a chance for a couple to face their shared past—and their attraction for each other. 

Holiday Wishes

Napa Valley

Sean O'Riley is in charge of the destination wedding for his brother and his fiancée that will take place just a few days before Christmas. They arrive at the bed and breakfast where the wedding party will stay, and the person at the check-in desk turns out to be none other than the woman Sean gave his virginity to in high school. Charlotte “Lotti” Hartford isn't happy to see him, and at first, is frosty towards him, but a thaw soon occurs. When a rainstorm closes all the roads around them, leaving everyone stranded, it's Lotti and Sean who start to plan alternative wedding plans for the happy couple. While working closely together, it leads to some late-night sexy business between Sean and Lotti. 

Holiday Wishes is about former lovers who are reunited in the most unexpected way. As teens, Sean and Lotti had dated, and finally one night consummated their relationship, but as soon as she said the “love” word to him, he broke things off with her. She is still hurting from the rejection. But now they are together again, and there’s plenty of sexy hijinks afoot between them in Holiday Wishes. 

Will Lotti and Sean get a chance to have their happily-ever-after? 

Mistletoe in Paradise


Old childhood friends—and once secret lovers—Hannah and James haven’t seen each other in years. But they are forced together on a 70-foot sailboat that is sailing on a Christmas cruise in the Caribbean. Hannah’s stepfather, Harry, owns the sailboat and isn’t aware that the reason she agreed to come on the cruise is that she was forced by her mother to “serve” him with their divorce papers. She would’ve never come if she’d known James was going to be on board because their relationship ended badly after his brother died. Things were just never the same after Jason’s death. But now that Hannah and James are “reunited,” the old feelings return. 

Mistletoe in Paradise is an engaging short tale set around Christmastime. It helps that Hannah and James are familiar with each other—and haven’t gotten over their breakup. Hannah thought she’d moved on—and that James had too. At first, she hopes to avoid being around him, but Harry makes sure to force them to spend a few hours alone on a remote deserted island. This allows them to talk—and rekindles the passion they once knew. The death of James’ brother Jason stands between them, which is more of a regret that they wished they could’ve done more for him. Guilt is sometimes hard to deal with. But even though they might find love between them again, Hannah and James do live on opposite coasts. How can they make it work? Then there is Harry…how will he react to the news that Hannah’s mom wants a divorce? He’s always enjoyed their many reunions. 

A fun, entertaining novella that is a simply perfect read when time is so short, don’t miss Mistletoe in Paradise. 

While each short story is a separate one, there is one thing in common: our lovers are stranded together and forced to face their attraction for each other. Snuggle up with a hot drink and HOLIDAY EVER AFTER. You won’t be sorry. 

Patti Fischer

Romance Reviews Today


penney said…
Great review thank you! I love Jill Shalvis books
Thanks I can't wait to read this

Patoct said…
I have not read her in awhile. Thanks for review.

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