Review: THE HERON'S CRY by Ann Cleeves

 THE HERON'S CRY - Ann Cleeves

The Two Rivers Series - Book Two


ISBN: 9781250204479

September 2021



England - Present Day


Detective Inspector Matthew Venn is called out to a rural artist colony to investigate a murder. Dr. Nigel Yeo, a medic who investigates questionable cases in the healthcare field, has been found dead. But what makes it such a strange incident is the murder weapon. Yeo's daughter is a glass artist, and she found her father in her studio dead with a large piece of her glass embedded in his neck. What is most ironic is that one of Venn's detectives, Jen Rafferty, had not only met the doctor at a party the night before, but also knows one of the other artists who lives on the property. Wesley Curnow. Yeo had wanted to speak to Jen about something, but seemed hesitant to discuss it at the party. And now, he's dead.


The owner of the property, Francis Ley, a wealthy philanthropist, is stunned to hear of the murder, as are two other tenants who farm the land, and live in one of the cottages. Venn has his team question everyone, but all have logical answers to their whereabouts. Looking into the investigations that Dr. Yeo was involved in turn up a few other possible suspects, but nothing concrete. And, to Matthew's surprise, Eve, the doctor's daughter is a good friend of Matthew's husband, Jonathan. But, then, a few days later, another body is found, also with Eve's glass as the murder weapon.


Matthew Venn is methodical in his work. He rarely does anything on impulse. There are a myriad of reasons for the murders, but nothing he can put a finger on. His team, Jen Rafferty and Ross May, two very opposite personalities, bring their own methods of detective work, and, at times, Venn must rein them inNew issues come to light in what Dr. Yeo was investigating, including the suicide of a local troubled young man. 


The second book featuring Matthew Venn is as gripping as the first, THE LONG CALL. Venn is a complex character with a complicated background that shows itself in odd ways, but his partner, Jonathan smooths things over, understanding his husband better than anyone. This mystery is wrapped in many layers, so be prepared for the surprising ending.


Jani Brooks

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