Review: CHRISTMAS IN ROSE BEND by Naima Simone



ISBN: 978-1-335-62099-6

October 26, 2021

Contemporary Romance


Rose Bend, Massachusetts – Present Day 

Nessa Hunt has brought her little stepsister with her to spend Christmas in Rose Bend at the request of their late father who had recently died. The relationship between the sisters is tenuous, mainly because they were never close. Now both are parentless, and the teenaged Ivy is living with Nessa. When they arrive at the inn they’ve booked, they are greeted by the owner’s son, Wolf Dennison, who startles both females. He’s big and handsome, and Nessa can immediately sense that he will be trouble for her libido. Not that she has time for a romantic relationship after working long hours at the hospital (she’s a registered nurse) and having been recently dumped by her boyfriend. But Wolf still has her hormones humming.

 Wolf is intrigued by Nessa, especially since she is cool and aloof toward him. He’s used to women flirting with him, even if he’s not interested in them. Noticing the strain between the sisters, he wonders what the story is with them. Nessa isn’t exactly forthcoming, and Ivy is snippy with her sister. Hopefully, participating in the Christmas activities in Rose Bend will help get them in a better mood. Wolf isn’t looking for a relationship with Nessa, but the sparks between them can’t be ignored. Out of the blue, Nessa receives a letter from the man she had thought of as her father, Ivy’s father. Ivy doesn’t know that the sisters aren’t related by blood. Then comes the shocking realization in the letter that her stepfather probably sent them there because Nessa’s mother met her real father there. Is he still living in Rose Bend? Confused, she turns to Wolf for help. 

CHRISTMAS IN ROSE BEND has all the emotional feels that are essential for a heartwarming Christmas tale. The two Hunt females are grappling with the loss of their parents and having to learn to live with each other. Nessa has been working hard, so hard that it drove her boyfriend away. Ivy feels as though Nessa resents her presence in her life. Trust will need to be built between the two, especially since the “lie” of their relationship is an invisible wall between them. Nessa is afraid of how Ivy would react learning that Nessa isn’t really her half-sister. Wolf helps to smooth over the rough edges by getting both involved in Christmas fun. He also grows closer to Nessa, though he can’t offer her more than a few nights of passion together. Wolf is still in pain from losing his best friend while both served together in Iraq. He blames himself for his friend’s death. Wolf and Nessa coming together might just heal their wounded hearts. 

CHRISTMAS IN ROSE BEND is a combination of two sisters coming together to finally understand each other and Nessa finding love and support from Wolf. Yet, they are aware their time together will be short. Top of the list is finding out more about Nessa’s father. Is this the path to solving all the issues that plague her? Will Wolf let her walk away once the holiday visit is over? Can Ivy get over her resentment of Nessa? A tale that will leave you warm and cuddly, don’t miss the answers to all the questions by picking up a copy of CHRISTMAS IN ROSE BEND. 

Patti Fischer

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