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Book Giveaway: A Highlander is Coming to Town by Laura Trentham


The third book in the Highland, Georgia romantic comedy series from Laura Trentham, A Highlander is Coming to Town, full of love, laughs...and highlanders!

You better watch out. . .

Holt Pierson is dreading Christmas. His parents absconded to Florida for the season and left him to handle the family farm which will be his one day―whether he wants it or not. Driven by duty, Holt has always followed the path expected of him. But lately, he’s been questioning what he wants and where he belongs. Will assuming the responsibility of the Pierson farm make him happy or is there something―or someone―else out in the wider world calling to him?

To Claire Smythe, the Scottish lead singer of a touring band, Highland, Georgia, is the perfect place to hide . . .until a very handsome and deeply curious Holt begins to ask all the questions Claire doesn’t want to answer. As Holt draws Claire out from under and into the fabric of small-town life, can Claire put the past behind her and embrace the unexpected gifts of the season―including the new and lasting love?

My review:


A Highland, Georgia Novel, Book 3

St. Martin’s

ISBN: 978-1250315052

October 2020

Contemporary Romance 

Highland, Georgia – Present Day 

Claire Smythe (not her real last name) is hiding out in Georgia, far away from her home country of Scotland. Her family wants her to work for the family busines, but this is something she has no interest in doing, and her father won’t say no. Claire came to Highland as a singer for a band but left that to start a job as a caregiver to gruffy old Mrs. Meadows. Since she fears being recognized because of her family’s social standing due to having tons of money, Claire has kept a low profile in the past few months. One day while grocery shopping, she is riding home on her bicycle when it develops a flat tire and lo and behold, neighbor Holt Pierson comes along in his truck and stops. After first refusing his offer of a ride, Claire changes her mind. The crackle of sexual chemistry causes sparks to fly between them. But Holt is too dangerous for Claire to get involved with because she might get her true identity exposed. Add in that her employer doesn’t trust the Pierson family because they want to buy her land, then it’s another reason to avoid Holt. However, fate—and an attraction that won’t go away—has a funny way of finding excuses for Holt and Claire to end up around each other. 

A HIGHLANDER IS COMING TO TOWN is set around Christmas, but the holiday pretty much stays in the background in this cute and funny tale from Laura Trentham. Claire is biding her time until she’s twenty-five—December 26th—when she can return to Scotland and claim the inheritance that’s waiting for her. But she also knows that the family will once again push her, the only child, into working for their company, a worldwide famous whiskey company. Meeting Holt has her trying to avoid him at first, but he is way too irresistible. And their sexual attraction is off the charts. Knowing she might be leaving, can she have that last fling before she has to leave Highland, Georgia? A sort of a memory of a time when she wasn’t living in a fishbowl.

 After his parents retired to Florida in their recreational vehicle, Holt has been running the family ranch. Yes, they would have liked to buy Mrs. Meadows’ land, but that ship has mostly sailed since she has repeatedly turned them down. However, her caregiver, Claire intrigues him. She is beautiful and mysterious—and stubborn. She has no driver’s license and uses a bike to get around, but that isn’t a sensible mode of transportation when it comes to the distance from town, and of course, the finicky weather. After several interactions, the attraction between Holt and Claire heat up, and soon they’re sharing hot kisses. Holt would love to know who the real Claire is, but she keeps things close to the vest. Will making love help her to open up to him about her past—and future? 

In A HIGHLANDER IS COMING TO TOWN, readers return to the small, quaint town of Highland, which is like a Scottish town in America. This tale is filled with interesting and quirky characters, all of whom help make this an interesting read. Will Claire make the right decision on her future? Will Holt find his one true love in her? Don’t miss this fun and entertaining read. 

Patti Fischer

A Highlander for Christmas!

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Martha Lawson said...

I've read the first 2 in this series and enjoyed them. I can't wait to read this one. Thanks for the chance to win!

Patoct said...

I love Christmas stories. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

I have not read any in this series. This one sounds good.
Karen T. (Natty's Mama)