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Book Giveaway: A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday

  A PRINCESS FOR CHRISTMAS – Jenny Holiday Avon ISBN: 978-0-06-295207-3 October 13, 2020 Contemporary Romance   New York City and the Eldovia – Present Day   Princess Marie, future queen of Eldovia, is in New York City to give a presentation at the United Nations. Her scheduled ride breaks down, so Marie, against the advice of her two escorts, flags down a taxi. It’s kind of full—not only is there the driver, but he also has a little girl beside him, along with a dog in a cage—but she convinces him to take her to her destination.   Leo Ricci has his hands full raising his sister, Gabby, while driving a taxi to support them. Picking up Princess Marie one night, he is at first annoyed by the fare because he was headed some   place else, then intrigued by how grounded she is.   The two hit it off on friendly terms, which ends with Marie hiring him as her personal driver for the next couple of days while she’s in town—throwing in a generous monetary compensation. As Leo

Book Winners!

 The two winners of the Nancy Naigle Christmas book are....... Karen H and Cheryl C Ladies, please email me at to claim your book. You will see a few more Christmas themed books in the coming weeks. I hope you like Christma books!

The Fae's Dream by Jamie Schlosser

  Title: The Fae King's Dream Series: Between Dawn and Dusk Author: Jamie Schlosser Genre: Fantasy Romance Release Date: November 19, 2020 Cover Design: Book Cover Kingdom Photographer: Michelle Lancaster Model: Harrison Luna The first time I meet Damon, he rescues me from a nightmare. Literally. I’m stuck in a coma, and my mind is forcing me to relive the horrific accident that put me in this state over and over again. The gorgeous fae king is the only one who can give me peace. As if the dream can’t get any weirder, he tells me we’re soul mates. He says he can fix my banged-up brain. He wants to be my hero. Little does he know, I just might end up saving him. Because once I wake up, the real challenge begins. A bunch of vengeful witches want him dead, and they’ll stop at nothing to seal his fate. But I’ve got plans of my own. The coven has caused too much tragedy, and I’ll defend my newfound love, even if it’s the last thing I do. And it just might

Promo: Wicked Again by Kathleen Ayers

      Lord Haddon is handsome, charming and at least a decade younger than the thrice-widowed Marissa. Engaging in an affair with Haddon might damage Marissa’s reputation and it will definitely compromise her heart. But Haddon can be very persuasive when he wants something and he wants Marissa. Will Marissa give into temptation and allow herself to love again? If you like steamy, historical romance you’ll love Wicked Again. Read Now!     A scandalous affair with a much younger man… Lady Marissa Cupps-Foster has buried three husbands. Only one, her dear Reggie, was a love match. As a woman considered past her prime with two grown sons, she’s decided on discreet trysts when she feels the need for male companionship. Lord Trenton Haddon was only a dalliance. Haddon is tempting but far too young for her. And love is out of the question. Clearly, she isn’t good at it. Determined to forget Haddon, Marissa returns to London and immerses herself in society. A former rake who has never b

Promo: The Reaper by Jade Royal

  Title: The Reaper  Series: The Reaper Collection Author: Jade Royal Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Horror Release Date: October 29, 2020 They're coming without mercy… The Optimist The Child The Scorned Woman The Best Friend They want revenge... A chain of lies spoken by trusted parents, stolen possibilities from a lover, the wrongful conviction of a stranger, and betrayal by the greatest ally. Pain corrupts their minds, twists their souls, and schemes a plan for death. Their victims will face karma, delivered as retribution. And nothing will stop them… “Thirty,” Remi blurted. “Thirty what? It’s going to take more than a measly thirty bucks to get you out of this, Remington.” “Thirty seconds,” Remi pushed anxiously. She needed more time. “Fourteen. No more. No less.” Remi mumbled to herself. Maybe this was just a sick joke that would reveal itself after the fourteen seconds were up. “Ready, little rabbit?” Zachary’s voice was low and t