Thursday, May 21, 2020

Promo: The Rogue Tangerine Tablet by Bleue Rose

1.  Tell us about your latest release.

The first novel in a series of three books is The Rogue Tangerine Tablet. It was published in late fall, 2019, and is a genre-leaping piece that falls into the suspense, romance and adventure categories. The story chronicles the busy lives of the globe-trotting Crenston family, who unknowingly become entangled in the web of the Flores family.  Fernando Flores and his posse run an illicit art business, among other things. Cara Crenston and her three adult children's paths keep crossing with the Mexican smugglers through common interests. Every family member becomes involved with the Flores group despite efforts to the contrary. It is simply beyond their control. The common denominator that draws the two families together is a love for quality ceramics. The rest is unusual circumstances.

In my book, I  take a multi-character approach, letting the reader enjoy the innermost thoughts of a few key players, some good, some not entirely above board. The unexpected twists and turns on an international level are particularly fun for the reader who likes to travel and learn about events and cities in Europe. It is a multi-generational and multi-cultural view of the world.

2.  Without giving away any spoilers, give us a hint about a favorite scene.

One of my favorite scenes to write was Chapter XLI Blue Hair, Strawberry Prosecco and Art Sparks

Cara Crenston, who has been following a French art dealer's unusual gallery exhibitions online for months, finally gets to 
meet him at a party in his Paris gallery. We know how she feels about him because she has been checking Francois Fereaux's website
throughout the first chapters. She stumbled upon his website in Chapter III and was impressed with the art he exhibits and sells. 
She was also mesmerized with his portrait picture.  Early on, she vows to visit the gallery in Paris one day and to submit her sculptural 
ceramics for consideration, but first, she needs to work at assembling some new worthy material. At the party, she is trying to ingratiate herself to get a foot in the door. As a woman, she is testing the waters to see if she actually likes Francois as much as his picture. It turns out, she does.

3. What inspired you to become a writer?

I have always enjoyed creative writing--since middle school really. I entered my first writing contest back then and won. That small success was my launch into a world of creative writing. I realized I had an interest and possibly the gift of story-telling.
Before that, my mother imbued a love for stories and reading that has stayed with me my entire life. 

4. What is a typical writing day for you like?

To write, I need a good block of time eked out. I cannot write an hour here, an hour there like some writers. I need at least three or four hours to get anything worth while done.

5. If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing?

Actually, writing is not my primary job. I work as a gemologist/jeweler too. I design, make and sell fine jewelry. I love the inherent beauty of gems and I see it as a challenge to design a setting that enhances their attributes.  I get a rush when someone buys and enjoys my creation.

6. Do you have any interesting writing quirks or habits?

Not really. My needs are simple--a laptop, a comfortable armchair and a warm or cold beverage, depending on the season. Soft music in the background is a plus, too.

7. What has been one of the most surprising things you’ve learned as a published author?

In some ways, writing is the easy part. Marketing is the surprisingly difficult aspect of the field. It also saddens me how writers, like so many artists, are exploited and earn so little with their hard work.

8. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

The inspiration started with my parents as story tellers and continued with my teachers and my children, who also enjoyed reading and story telling. A love of reading and dancing ideas in my brain needing to come out, catapulted me into writing my first novel.

9. Do you have any favorite authors that you like to read?

There are so many authors I love for so many different reasons. I cross genres when I read so it is hard to pinpoint a "favorite" author. I have multiple favorites in each genre. One author that I am in awe of is JK Rowling. I absolutely love the Harry Potter series and I admire her success story, her determination and drive to stick with it.  I also love Stieg Larsson's writing or John Grisham's suspense stories. 

10. What other hobbies or interests do you have?

My many interests are reflected in my writing, in my characters and their passions or professions. I have a broad perspective and if I don't know something, I will research any given subject to get it right.
Personally, I am interested in all the arts--music, fine art, arts and crafts, film, theater. On a more mundane level, I enjoy tennis, yoga, gardening, walking in nature, travel. Who doesn't enjoy some of these things?

11. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next after this for you writing wise?

The sequel to The Rogue Tangerine Tablet is done and in the final stages of formatting. Good Karma is the Best Revenge is a spin off with a focus on the younger characters of the first book.  I hope to have it out this summer and to take pre-orders soon.  I've started writing book three in the series and it includes a bit of black magic. Did I capture your interest?

12. How can readers connect with you online?

I am happy to connect with any of my readers.....

Bleue Rose Novels IG

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