Saturday, May 02, 2020

Book Giveaway: The Way You Love Me by Miranda Liasson

Gabby Langdon has always tried to make people happy. She even went to law school to please her father, and now she's a highly successful-albeit bored-attorney. But Gabby secretly dreams of being a writer, so for once she does something for herself-she signs up for a writing class taught by best-selling novelist Caden Marshall. There's only one problem: her brooding, sexy professor is a distraction she can't afford if she's finally going to get the life she truly wants.

Recently divorced and suffering from the world's worst case of writer's block, Caden is in Angel Falls to get his life back on track. He's focused on teaching and providing a stable and loving home for his young daughter, Ava. The last thing he needs is to jeopardize his new job, which means keeping plenty of distance between himself and his talented new student-no matter how tempted he is by Gabby's beauty, kind heart, or the sparks that fly whenever they're together.

If you're interested in winning a print copy of this book, post a comment! How is everyone doing?
Open to USA mailing addresses only.


Martha Lawson said...

I love her books! Thanks for the chance to win this one. Hope you and yours are doing well? So far so good here!

penney said...

Thank you for the chance, We're doing fine here still staying in, stay safe

Patoct said...

We are doing ok here in NY. Hope everyone is doing fine as well and getting a lot of reading in. TY for the chance to win this book; it has been on my wish list since Christmas. LOL.

Be safe.

cheryl c. said...

We are doing fine. We had a lot of plans cancelled, so that was disappointing. But at least we are safe and healthy.

I hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

We are ok now too. Hope everyone here is doing well.
Karen T. (Natty's Mama)

Patty B from NY said...

Hanging in like everyone else. Be well everyone.