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Promo: The Rogue Tangerine Tablet by Bleue Rose

Adventure, Suspense, Romance, International Intrigue

Publication Information
Publisher-Bleue Rose
Book first published 10.26.2019
ISBN 978-1-73381-941-1
Standard Copyright License
Paperback 5.83 x 8.26, black and white interior, 60#weight, exterior 100#weight, full color
Pages 396
Price 24.99
Cover Art by Bleue Rose

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Checking the status of her family’s well-being and evaluating world news, while sipping a cup of rooibos tea, is Cara Crenston’s favored way to start the day. When she turns her attention to a recent gallery exhibit featuring unusual ceramics, a professional interest, her attention piques. Scrolling down to view the contact information, she is faced with the pleasing picture of a charming French man, who she becomes enraptured with. His site inspires her to continue her own ceramic sculpture with the goal to exhibit at his gallery one day. The creative process slows down a bit when her favorite interior designer and best friend commissions her with a new job that forces her to continuously cross paths with a frightening smugglers ring. Things get particularly tense after she realizes that her son’s boss handles said company’s illicit investments. When her daughter gets a grant to film in Paris and her lead actress is involved with the same shady organization, things get increasingly sinister. Cara’s destiny changes forever after she meets the gallery owner, but before she can fully enjoy what he has to offer, she must get her family through a dark, tangled mess.


The Rogue Tangerine Tablet is an adventure story about an illegal enterprise of international proportions interwoven with a perfectly legal ceramics business. It details the lives of an ordinary American family, exposing their close knit bond, personal relationships, struggles and dreams, in the face of unsolicited danger by the Flores family and its associates. The Crenston clique unwittingly becomes entangled in the fringes of a Mexican smugglers ring that threatens to disrupt their Zen existence and shake up their happy holiday reunion in Paris. A blossoming romance and a mutual love for ceramics add unforeseen twists to a suspense-driven plot. 

 About Bleue Rose

Bleue Rose lives and works in New York where she makes hand-crafted jewelry in a collaborative studio. She has studied art, art history, design, gemology, jewelry making and creative writing. She loves the balance of both worlds, splicing the artist’s and the writer’s crafts. Bleue was born and raised in central Europe and loves to travel to remote places worldwide. Her writing is a reflection of her travels. Her stories are strictly fiction. 

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