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Book Giveaway: Jackson by Emily March

JACKSON – Emily March
Eternity Springs: The McBrides of Texas, Book 1
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-31491-8
July 2019
Contemporary Romance 

Redemption, Texas – Present Day 

After a failed marriage and being slapped with a court order to stay away from his daughter after being falsely accused of child abuse, Jackson McBride arrives in Redemption looking for a restart to his life. Jackson and his cousins recently inherited some buildings near Redemption and plan to rebuild them into a viable tourist destination. During a tour of the area, he meets Caroline Carruthers, a married travel writer, who intrigues him even though she's off-limits. During the visit, Caroline learns that her husband has suffered a heart attack, and with Jackson's help, rushes back to Austin to be with him. Jackson figures he'll never see Caroline again. 

Months later, Caroline, now widowed, returns to Redemption to open a used bookstore. In the meantime, Jackson and his cousins have started their project, with a nearby retreat about to open. Jackson had heard about Caroline moving to town but figures he'll never see her. But he does, and their friendship from months ago turns into a deeper one. As the months pass, a friendship that seemed nearly impossible a year ago turns into one of love. Will love turn into marriage?  

Emily March's long-running Eternity Springs series has branched out to Texas, where a small town is being revitalized with the help of “angels.” Celeste Blessing, familiar to many readers of the Eternity Springs series, is a minor character in JACKSON as she is used to help introduce her cousin, Angelica Blessing, who is the proprietor of the Fallen Angel retreat. Much of this tale focuses on the opening of the Fallen Angel retreat and other businesses that Jackson and his cousins are working on. And of course, the slowly building romance that develops between Jackson and Caroline. 

JACKSON is a heartwarming tale of redemption and learning from your past mistakes to build on a future. Caroline had fallen in love and married a much older man, but she was happy despite the challenges of her husband's diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease. She stood by her man, but she soon had to institutionalize him. His heart attack, and subsequent death, while she was not close by left her with some guilt. In JACKSON, she soon realizes that she couldn't have done anything differently and eventually moves on with her life. It turns out that life includes Jackson and the other people she has become friends with in Redemption. 

Jackson is a songwriter who found his inspiration (and his career) dried up as the result of the split from his ex. He loves his daughter with all his heart, and it tears him up that he is apart from her but there is a court order limiting his contact with her. This is why he throws himself into building up the Last Chance buildings he and his cousins inherited. Add in that being around Caroline soon has him spinning songs inside his head and readers see that she is now his inspiration. Will there be a song for them created by Jackson?

Readers who love stories that will warm your heart and leave you smiling will surely enjoy JACKSON. The male cousins and everyone in Redemption are strong, resilient people who work hard and don't blink an eye when it seems that there's an “angel” watching over them. Will Jackson and Caroline's angel lead them down the path to a happily-ever-after? Be sure to pick up JACKSON on your next book shopping spree.

Patti Fischer

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