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New Reviews - Updated 6/28/2019           

Contemporary Fiction
ONE MINUTE LATER - Susan Lewis - 6/2019 - Patti
SUMMER HOURS - Amy Mason Doan - 6/2019 - Patti
THE WISDOM OF SALLY RED SHOES - Ruth Hogan - A Perfect 10 - 6/2019 - Jani

Contemporary Romance
COWBOY TO THE CORE - Maisey Yates - A Gold Valley Novel - 6-2019 - Patti
ONCE UPON A BAD BOY - Melonie Johnson - A Sometimes in Love Novel, #3- 6-2019 - Robin
SISTERS OF SUMMER'S END - Lori Foster - Summer Resort Series, #2 - 6-2019 - Patti
SMITTEN BY THE BRIT - Melonie Johnson, A Sometimes in Love Novel, #2 - 5/2019 - Robin
SMOOTH MOVES - Marie Harte- Veteran Moves, Book 2 - 6/2019 - Patti

General Fiction
THE GUEST BOOK - Sarah Blake - A Perfect 10 - 5/2019 - Jani

Historical Fiction
AN AMERICAN DUCHESS - Caroline Fyffe - Colorado Hearts - 6-2019 - Jani

Historical Romance
THE EARL NEXT DOOR - Amelia Gray - First Comes Love Series - 6/2019 - Jani
REBEL - Beverly Jenkins - Women Who Dare, #1 - 6/2019 - Robin
THE ROGUE OF FIFTH AVENUE - Joanna Shupe - Uptown Girls series - 6/2019 - Jani
SOME LIKE IT SCANDALOUS - Maya Rodale - The Gilded Age of Girls Club, #2 - 5/2019 - Jani

Historical Mystery
BAYOU CITY BURNING - D.B. Borton - A Perfect 10 - 6/2019 - Jani

THE RIGHT SORT OF MAN - Allison Montclair - 6/2019 - Patti

WOLF INSTINCT - Paige Tyler - SWAT- Special Wolf Alpha Team, #9 - 6/2019 - Carolyn

Romantic Suspense
DEFENDING HARLOW - Susan Stoker - Mountain Mercenaries, #4 - 6/2019 - Carolyn

Series Romance
THE BILLIONAIRE'S BARGAIN - Naima Simone - Blackout Billionaires, #1 - HD #2668 - 6/2019 -Patti
HIS TO CLAIM - Brenda Jackson - The Westmoreland Legacy, #4 - HD #2665 -6/2019 - Patti
FROM MISTAKE TO MILLIONS - Andrea Laurence - Switched!, Book 1 - HD #2669 - 6/2019 - Patti
NEED ME, COWBOY - Maisey Yates - A Copper Ridge Novel- HD #2653 - A Perfect 10 - 4-2019 - Patti
RANCHER IN HER BED - Joanne Rock - Texas Cattleman'sClub: Houston, #4 - HD #2666 -6/2019 - Patti
STAR-CROSSED SCANDAL - Kimberley Troutte - Plunder Cove, #3 - HD #2670 - 6/2019 - Patti
TAKEN BY STORM - Cat Schield - Dynasties: Secrets of the A-List, #2 - HD #2667 - 6/2019 - Patti


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Review and Giveaway: Some Like It Scandalous by Maya Rodale

The Gilded Age Girls Club, Book 2
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-283883-4
May 2019
Historical Romance

New York City - 1883

Theodore Prescott the Third, well known rogue of Manhattan, is in big trouble with his fabulously wealthy, steel magnet father. Theo's now well-known escapade in Saratoga with a popular actress has pushed Theodore Prescott the Second to put his foot down. Theo must marry, put his rakish life behind him, and become a responsible heir. This is not at all what Theo wants, for he knows he is not cut out to run his father's business or be a husband for that matter. But when Father announces just which New York socialite he must marry, Theo is both horrified and, more than anything, uncomfortable. Even though he grew up with his potential bride, he knows they are far from compatible.

Studious, outspoken, and not exactly a beauty, Miss Daisy Swan has managed to convince her lovely mother and broker father to let her attend school instead of going on the marriage market after her coming out. Daisy is working on a personal cosmetic product that she plans to manufacture someday, despite the fact that anything relating to personal products for women is just "not done" by any proper young Lady. Determination is Daisy's motto, until the day her mother reveals to her that there are some unfortunate events going on with her father's work, and it's imperative that Daisy wed immediately before society gets wind of anything. And, after consulting with the man's father, Mrs. Swan has arranged a betrothal with Theodore Prescott the Third. Stunned and angry, Daisy informs her mother that she knows how Daisy feels about Theo. When they were thirteen, he teased her in public, stole the book she was reading, and when she fell in the pond trying to retrieve it, called her, in front of everyone, Ugly Duck Daisy - a sad nickname that has stuck with her ever since that day. No, she will not marry Theo!

Thrown together, Daisy and Theo come to a tentative agreement to play along, with no intention of completing the marriage agreement. They dutifully attend public events, balls, and are seen in his carriage riding through Central Park. But that's all for show. Or is it? Theo is intrigued by Daisy's cosmetic business, even though her marketing skills are non-existent. Maybe he can help, and then, if Daisy is successful, they can go their separate ways.

SOME LIKE IT SCANDALOUS is a delightfully refreshing tale of the Gilded Age, when money was flowing like water for some, and women were coming of age and rebelling against the Victorian mores. Daisy is breaking with tradition, the youngest, and least lovely, of a traditional family. Her mother only wants to protect her daughter's future, and reputation. For Theo, the knowledge that he is not what his father wants in an heir, is daunting, but he will find another route in life, and maybe earn his sire's respect.

THE GILDED AGE GIRLS CLUB series is wonderful. The coming of age of women and the glitz and glamour of that era make for lots of wonderful tales. Don't miss SOME LIKE IT SCANDALOUS.

Jani Brooks

I have a print copy of this book. Post a comment to be entered to win a copy. Open to US mailing addresses only!

Book Winner(s)!

I ended up with two copies of ONCE UPON A BAD BOY, so am going to give away one each to two winners. One is an arc, as stated in the original post.

The winners, as determined by random number generator, are....

Martha Lawson

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Promo: Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing by Kait Ballenger

Cowboy in Wolf’s Clothing
By Kait Ballenger
Publication Date: June 25, 2019

“Kait Ballenger is a treasure you don’t want to miss.” —Gena Showalter, New York Times bestselling author

Born a cowboy and bred a warrior…
High Commander Colt Cavanaugh has spent his life defending his pack and its sprawling ranchlands. But the hardened Grey Wolf soldier has a dark secret that could destroy his life forever.

Belle Beaumont is a wanted woman, on the run from the wolf pack that kidnapped her. When fate brings her face-to-face with the Grey Wolf High Commander himself, rivalry becomes passion, and suddenly more than just her freedom is at stake.

Colt will fight to the death for the healing Belle brings to his battle-worn heart—and for this cowboy wolf, all's fair in love and war...

Seven Range Shifters Series:
Cowboy Wolf Trouble (book 1)
Cowboy in Wolf’s Clothing (book 2)

What People Are Saying About Kait Ballenger:
“Kait Ballenger is a treasure you don’t want to miss.”—Gena Showalter, New York Times bestselling author
“Paranormal fans have a new voice to check out...intense and riveting.”—RT Book Reviews for Twilight Hunter, 4 Stars
“An extremely promising high-voltage start...”—Publishers Weekly, STARRED review for Twilight Hunter, a PW Top 10 Romance Pick

Kait Ballenger earned her B.A in English from Stetson University followed by an M.F.A in Writing from Spalding University. After stints in multiple careers, Kait finally decided that her eight-year-old self knew best: that she was meant to be a writer. Kait lives in Florida with her husband and young son. Follow her at

Purchase Links:


“Good,” he said. “That leaves us time to discuss another negotiation.”
She raised a brow, pushed herself to standing, and crossed the clearing to return the spare adhesive and gauze to his saddlebag. “And what would that be?”
As she faced toward him again, a wicked grin crossed his lips. “The night we’re going to spend together.”
“Excuse me?”
He’d surprised her when he’d let slip that he wanted to protect her. Help her. But…Belle couldn’t have heard him correctly, could she?
“I want to make it clear that our prior agreements still stand, and they have no relation to your decision. Regardless of my position, you have a choice, of course.”
Maybe she had heard him correctly. He couldn’t possibly be serious. She gaped at him. Yes, there was heat between them. Tension. She sensed it too. But she wasn’t about to admit that. Definitely not to him. She couldn’t risk another relationship with an alpha wolf—no matter how attractive and brave he might be, or how tempting the offer. No matter how much she wanted to see that softer side of him again.
No. She needed to nip this in the bud before it got out of hand.
She settled on being saucy. It worked with him, and that seemed to be the only way they could converse without her simultaneously wanting to pull her hair out and feeling weak in the knees whenever he looked at her. “Do you often try to piss off women who saved your life?”
“Only when I’ve already seen them naked.”
She knew he was teasing, but still she forced a snarl.
Those intense gray eyes locked on to her, causing her stomach to fill with traitorous butterflies. “Is that what I do you to, Belle? Piss you off?”
The question was so to-the-point that it caught her off guard. She wasn’t certain she could define how he made her feel. Yes, there was frustration, but there was also something…more. Something complicated.
At her lack of response, he smirked. “I didn’t think so.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
He shrugged. “Only that you wear your emotions on your sleeve. You can glare and pucker those full pink lips at me like you’ve tasted something sour all you want, Belle, but your eyes give you away.”
She raised a brow. “Oh really? And what do they say?”
His gaze locked with hers. “They say that our verbal sparring doesn’t really piss you off at all. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you not only like it, you crave it.”
She laughed. “That’s absurd. I barely know you.”
“You don’t need to know someone to be attracted to them.”
“Me? Attracted to you?” She crossed her arms over her chest. “Not a chance.”
“You enjoyed when I held you naked against me—in the clearing.” He said it with such utter confidence, as if he knew it without a doubt. “You can’t deny that.”
She could, and she would for that matter, even if it wasn’t true. “Don’t flatter yourself, Colt.”
He chuckled darkly, pushing from where he sat on the log to stand. At his full height, he was all the more intimidating, towering over her. “I don’t need flattery. Most women find me attractive. It’s a matter of fact. Some are better at hiding it than others.” Those steely eyes fell to her. “But you’re not one of those women, Belle. You can’t hide your emotions, even when you try.”
She was hiding more from him than he’d ever know. “I’m not like most women.”
“No, you’re not,” he agreed. Colt’s eyes narrowed, and he stepped closer to the fire, staring into its depths. The flames burned bright, casting a dim orange glow on his face and creating shadows that hollowed the sharp lines of his cheekbones. “Most women bat their eyelashes, smile, and giggle when they find a man attractive. You, on the other hand, do the opposite. You narrow those pretty hazel eyes, pucker that little mouth, and let that viper-tongued wit fly, but it’s a defense mechanism. I’m a commander, Belle.” His gaze flicked toward her. “I know a defense tactic when I see one.”
“You think you have me all figured out, don’t you?”
“No.” He chuckled. “I know a challenge when I see one, and you work hard to be a challenge, Belle. But if the look in your wolf eyes is any indication, you may be a challenge, but you’re not as difficult to solve as you think. Not for me.”
She scoffed at him. “You’re not my type at all.”
It wasn’t true. Not in the slightest. But she needed to try to keep him at arm’s length. Her experiences with Wyatt had taught her that. It didn’t matter that she wanted otherwise. Before Colt, Belle hadn’t been certain she had a type, but with each passing second, she became more certain that if there were a reference book of her life, under “Belle’s type” Colt Cavanaugh’s picture would be the definition. See synonyms for reference: worst fear, here-comes-trouble, and The Devil Wears a Cowboy Hat.
There was that wolfish grin again. He saw straight through her. “Could have fooled me.” He turned away from the fire and drew closer. “I saw your desire in the clearing, felt the way you melted into my arms.”
Her hands clenched into fists. She was quickly losing this battle. “I was faking it.”
He shook his head, that grin still curving his lips in the slightest tilt as he prowled toward her. “You’re lying.”
He stood in front of her now, less than a foot away. She retreated until her spine pushed flush against one of the mighty pines behind her. The width and breadth of his shoulders dwarfed her, but still she fought to regain control. This was no more than one of his power plays.
“Then prove it.” The words slipped from her lips before she could stop them.
Those metal-gray eyes burned a molten liquid steel. “There are two things you need to know about me, Belle. The first is that I hate to be defied. As a commander, I’m more than used to getting my way. In fact, I damn well expect it. The second is that I never back down from a challenge”—his next words were a near growl—“because I always win.”
Her eyes narrowed. “Do your worst, Commander.”


Excerpted from Cowboy in Wolf’s Clothing by Kait Ballenger. © 2019 by Kait Ballenger. Used with permission of the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Promo: Checkmate by Elyce de Reefe

Title: Checkmate
Series: The Rabbit River Saga #3
Author: Elyce de Reefe
Genre: PNR, Romantic Suspense
Release: June 26, 2019
Aster Ardennes has sworn vengeance. When rival Alpha, Marten, takes over her father’s pack, Aster is determined to make him pay. But when the new Alpha decides he’s going to take her as his mate, things get serious. As a rare female born to the old Alpha, Aster has always been considered something of a princess. But no one would ever call her weak. Marten may think she’s just a pawn, but strategy has always been her strong suit. And Aster can’t wait to show him the true meaning of forced mate. Everything else will just have to wait.​

Jesse Wayne knows all about his reputation. He doesn't let it bother him. After all, when you're an outlaw, you might as well own it. Never in his life did he imagine the Princess would turn to him. But now that she's right there, he just can't help wondering if this could mean something more…
There's nothing Apprentice Lore Master Dean Rolland likes more than a good mystery. He spends most of his time in his lab looking for answers. That is, if he’s not off searching through the ancient archives. But the biggest mystery these days is—where in the world is Aster Ardennes? For months, the pack has been searching for her, following the trail of breadcrumbs she’s scattered for them. But Aster herself is like a ghost. And he can tell—whatever she’s playing at—she’s up to her furry little tail in something dangerous. He just hopes they find her before someone else does. Like Marten.

Aster moved through the darkened medical facility like a ghost, careful not to brush against any of the equipment. The emergency lighting cast an eerie glow about the immaculate work stations, but provided more than enough light for her to see clearly. Someone had moved the samples. Not good. She really wanted to get her hands on one of them. If they were what she thought they were—
That fool Marten was in way over his head, and he didn’t even know it. If he was truly sharing the kind of information she suspected—with the humans—things were even worse than she’d feared. The files she’d recovered from last night’s raid on Special-T Pharmaceutical’s Albany office were enough to raise the hair on the back of her neck. Not that she was a geneticist or anything, but it looked very much like someone was working on decoding genetic markers. And those genetic markers looked disturbingly similar to those of the People. 
Her mind flashed back to that night, years ago, when she was still a student at Binghamton University. She’d been waiting for Dean to finish up his work in the lab so that they could head over to one of the campus parties. At the time, she’d been more focused on resisting the urge to smooth back that lock of silky chestnut hair that always flopped into his eyes than on what he was saying. As usual, Dean was more interested in what was visible through the lens of his microscope than in her. But Dean was excited, and his excitement was contagious. 
That night, he’d taught her how to distinguish the different strands of DNA. It was even kind of cool. Most humans had at least some pre-human DNA, including Neanderthal, Homo erectus and some others that had yet to be identified. Then Dean showed her a DNA sample of the People. His blood, naturally. There was a lot of pre-human DNA. It was distinctive—and praise the Maiden—still unidentified. Unfortunately, it looked very much like what she’d found in the files from last night’s raid on the corporate office... 
"What a fantastic story!
I love that the author made her own rules for these shifters. It brought another level of depth to the story. The main characters are well developed and I am excited to learn more about the others... I definitely recommend this book!"
- Word Forward (Moonrise)
"Today's Topics with a Magic Twist
Elyce De Reefe touches on hard scary issues of domestic violence without making light of the issue. Even though it's a big wolf that saves the day."
- KindleCustomer (Moonrise)
“Wow, fantastic
Hard to believe that book #2 can be better than the first, but it is. Lots of new twists and surprises plus some hysterical parts that made me laugh out loud. Great characters, great story, and lots of interesting developments that have me dying to read the next book.” - WMH Cheryl (Wolf’s Promise)
“Great Series and an Intense Shifter Romance
The nuances. . . Wolf’s Promise, Book Two of the Rabbit River Saga, is a sexy, tantalizing, suspenseful romance that sucks you in right from the beginning and does not – I repeat, does not -- let you go at the end. The characters are all so relatable, so great, that you simply don’t want to leave them.” A . Abboud (Wolf’s Promise)
Elyce de Reefe grew up in Santa Cruz, California and New York City. She likes to call herself acoastal girl, since she has spent nearly all of her time on one coast or another. She enjoys all genres of romance as long as there’s a hot, sexy hero with something to learn, a smart female lead who refuses to compromise on who she truly is, and the promise of a happily ever after. Her characters often find themselves on a journey of discovery, struggling to achieve true intimacy while solving the real-life problems thrown in their way.
To date, Elyce has written paranormal wolf shifter romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. But there’s a Sci-Fi series in there waiting to come out, and possibly an epic fantasy series, as well as thoughts on a time travel story. Her ancestors were highlanders, after all.
Elyce loves hiking in nature, riding horses, watching wildlife, swimming under a blue sky, digging in the dirt, and sitting in front of a fire with a good book. She enjoys these things even more in the company of friends and family. Add wine and chocolate, and voila! It’s a beautiful life.
Oh, yes – and she has a very special place in her heart for wolves…

Promo: Beyond the Limit by Cindy Dees

Beyond the Limit
By Cindy Dees
Publication Date: June 25, 2019

Team Reaper has a new mission…Train the first female SEALs
Navy SEAL Griffin Caldwell is not happy with his team’s top-secret mission, training the first female SEALs. Griffin’s determined to prove that his trainee Sherri Tate—a former beauty queen no less—doesn’t have what it takes to join the world’s most elite warrior’s club. Until he sees what she’s capable of, and even this hard-nosed SEAL has to admit she’s tough as nails. What he won’t admit to is the attraction sizzling between them.

Navy media officer Sherri Tate is more than just a pretty face. When she’s given the opportunity to achieve her dream of becoming a SEAL, she won’t let anything stand in her way, not even her arrogant trainer, who is too sexy for words.

When a dangerous mission lands Sherri and Griffin in the crosshairs of the world’s most feared terrorist, it’s going to take everything they have to come out with their lives—and hearts—intact.

Praise for Cindy Dees:
“A pulse-pounding adventure that will keep readers enthralled.”—RT Book Reviews for Hot Intent
“A well-crafted plot with plenty of action, love and danger...make this a must-read romance.”—RT Book Reviews for Undercover with a SEAL

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sixty books, 2-time RITA winner and five-time RITA finalist, Cindy Dees writes military romance and romantic suspense. A former U.S. Air Force pilot and part-time spy, she draws upon real-life experience to fuel her stories of love on the edge. She resides in eastern Texas. Cindy loves to chat with readers, and all her social media links are on her website,

Purchase Links:

Author Website:

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I want him to kiss me
            Maybe she should kiss him.
            Must. Not.
            She arched into him, pressing against him as night settled gently around them.
            He started this. Why shouldn’t I finish it?
            Her stare locked with his as she lifted her chin the last few millimeters into kissing range. His breath mingled with hers, light and hungry.
            This is a terrible, terrible idea.
But she couldn’t think of anything she would rather do in the whole wide world than be right here, right now, surrounded by this man, crushing her breasts against his chest, about to kiss him.
Her mouth opened slightly. She ran the tip of her tongue across her suddenly dry lips. Time stopped for a long moment, as she fought a losing battle against the desire raging between them.
He tilted his head down in sudden decision, his mouth capturing hers in no uncertain terms. His dynamic presence exploded around her…or maybe that was erotic attraction exploding inside her.
Their kiss was hot and wet, a carnal thing complete with tongues and sucking and groans from deep in her throat that startled the hell out of her. This was no tentative hello, no cautious introduction. This was lust and raw, raging hunger. Apparently, Griffin was as direct about his desires as he was about his opinions.
It made him even more irresistible. He saw what he wanted and went after it. No hesitation, no doubts. It was so damned alpha of him.
She crawled all over him, turned on like mad, doing her best to suck his tonsils out of his throat. His left hand slid down her spine until he gripped her behind, pulling her snug against his groin, making no secret of how turned on he was by her.
She rubbed the junction of her thighs against that promise of sweet, sweet release, relishing the zinging pleasure ripping through her. She wanted sweat and the slap of thrusting bodies, to be filled by his hot flesh, to drive him out of his mind. She actually purred a little in the back of her throat at the thought of it—
Whoa. When did she turn into a cat in heat?
Apparently, when Griffin Caldwell kissed her.
Yeah, but what a kiss.
It was sexual and frank, and frankly fantastic.
And then, just like that, he tore his mouth away from hers. Stumbled back. He jammed his hands in his pockets, and she saw through the fabric they were balled in fists. His face abruptly looked carved from stone, his eyes glacially cold.
The cool, night air swirled around her, damp and misty, chilling her to the bone.
“That’s why women can’t be in the SEALs,” he rasped.
            She registered shock first.
            Then disappointment.
            And then came outrage, flowing fast and hot through her veins.
            Had that kiss been all about humiliating her? She’d been ready to leap into bed with him, damn him!
            She glared furiously at his shadowed face and said low and angry, “You think because you deign to bestow a kiss upon me, I’m going to collapse at your feet, swooning? You think because I have sexual desires I can’t be a soldier? You think because I find you moderately attractive I can’t keep my mind on the job?” Her voice rose with each question. “Just how freaking shallow do you think I am?”
            His mouth clamped shut and she caught the ripple of muscles along his jaw.
            “You’re the one who kissed me,” she flung at him. “How shallow does that make you?” As her fury gathered steam, she stepped forward and poked him in the chest. “I don’t think women in the SEALs are the problem, Caldwell. I think misogynistic male chauvinist pigs in the SEALs are the problem.”
            “Sherri. Calm down.”
            “Don’t tell me to calm down! You keep your hands, and your mouth, and…and,” she fluttered her hands at him, “all those muscles…to yourself, mister. I’m a professional soldier, and I’m here to do a job. You either get on board this train or stay out of my way. Got it?”
            “No,” he ground out. “I don’t.”
            She glared at him, speechless with anger.
            “No matter how fancy you slice it, Sherri, no woman has what it takes to be a SEAL. You’ll never have what it takes. You have no place on the teams and never will.”
            There it was. The truth had finally been spoken aloud. The SEALs didn’t want women and would do everything in their power to keep women out. And on a more personal note, he didn’t want her.
            Her anger drained away as quickly as it had flared, leaving behind only a dagger of hurt buried to the hilt in her heart.
She said soberly, “What are you going to do when I prove you wrong, Griffin?”
            Frustration gleamed in his gaze as clear and bright as Venus hanging low on the horizon.
            She continued implacably. “The day of the female SEAL is coming—soon. If not me, then some woman a lot like me, is going to make it past all the obstacles you throw up in her path. Where will that leave you? Will you be in…or out?”
            He threw up his hands and turned away from her, but she continued battering at his ramrod stiff back. “Where will that leave you, Griffin? Will you be part of the SEALs then, or will you be obsolete? Are you going to let your prejudice and archaic attitude drive you off the teams?”
            He whirled around so fast she lurched back from him reflexively. “My team is my family. My life, dammit.”
            He brushed past her, striding away into the darkness. She called after him as he practically ran from her, “Then you’d better get used to the idea of women. We’re coming for you. I’m coming for you, Griffin Caldwell.”

Excerpted from Beyond the Limit by Cindy Dees. © 2019 by Cindy Dees. Used with permission of the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Cover Reveal: Just One More by H. D'Agostino

Title: Just One More
Author: H. D'Agostino
Genre: Contemporary Romance (stand alone)
Release Date: August 8, 2019 Cover Model: Shaun Caswell Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs Photographer: FuriousFotog Teaser Design: Kari March Designs
Hailey Sullivan.

The girl next door. 

My best friend. 
We met when we were three, and have been inseparable most of our lives--- that is until I fell in love with her. I knew I had to bury my feelings; our friendship was more important. I was willing to love her from afar, and was doing just that until tragedy struck.
It’s funny how one moment can change everything. All the things I thought I’d never have become possibilities, and all my reasons for staying away from her seem inconsequential. Sometimes all we need is one more day; one more hour; one more moment. Just one more was all I wanted, and I’d prove that Hailey and I were more than just best friends.

Heather D'Agostino is an avid reader turned Bestselling Author of the Contemporary Romance Series The Broken Series, The Shattered Series, The Second Chances Series, The Cook Brothers Series, and Romantic Suspense series The Witness Series.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received a Bachelor's of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics.
She currently lives in Central New York with her husband, two children, two dogs, and three cats. When she's not writing she can usually be found at the dance studio, soccer field, or one of the many other places that she plays 'Supermom'.