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Promo: Too Hot To Handle by Avery Scott

Title: Too Hot To Handle
Series: The Catch
Author: Avery Scott
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2019
Some things are too good to be true...
Gigi Sinclair has it all. Just check out her social media feed. It's full of designer clothes, first class travel and snapshots of her TV-star fiancé. 
Behind the scenes, things are a bit more complicated. When Gigi's fiancé calls off their engagement just months before the wedding, she's devastated and determined to win him back before he marries someone else.
Then she meets Tony. He's a firefighter, but he's also good at turning up the heat. Blue collar, streetwise and sometimes silly, Tony is nothing like Gigi's camera-ready ex. He brings out a side of her personality that she buried long ago. 
Two men. Polar opposites. Is one of them Gigi's perfect match?

Isha Coleman (Goodreads) - “You know you love a book when you stay up all night to finish reading it.”

Courtnay Gray (Goodreads) - “I love finding new authors, like Avery Scott, that get me hooked to a story from the very beginning.”

Jennifer Richey (Goodreads) - “Gigi & tony had some great chemistry. Add a hot firefighter & beautiful blogger it’s magic!”
Professional by day, Avery Scott leads a secret double-life as an award-winning author of contemporary romance.
When Avery isn't staring into a glowing screen, she loves travel, playing with her Westies, running and - of course- reading.
Avery loves to hear from readers, especially when they tell her what they would like to read next.

Promo: SEAL Wolf Surrender by Terry Spear

SEAL Wolf Surrender
By: Terry Spear
Publication Date: 5/28/2019

For a shifter with no interest in she-wolves...he sure is territorial.

Wolf shifter and former Navy SEAL Brock Greystoke isn't interested in she-wolves. The last one in his life ambushed him with the intent to kill. So when he's tasked with helping his cousin's friend get to a wedding, he has no intention of getting involved with her...

She-wolf Natalie Silverton has inadvertently crossed a group of dangerous criminals, and she's in dire need of a bodyguard. Good thing Brock is there to protect her. At every turn, their work—and play—brings them closer to catching the criminals and to each other, but Brock will have to get them out of this alive if he has any hope of winning Natalie's heart.

SEAL Wolf Series:
A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing (Book 1)
A SEAL Wolf Christmas (Book 2)
SEAL Wolf Hunting (Book 3)
SEAL Wolf In Too Deep (Book 4)
SEAL Wolf Undercover (Book 5)
SEAL Wolf Surrender (Book 6)

What Readers Are Saying About Terry Spear:
"Great paranormal romance with depth and dimension."—Night Owl Reviews for A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas
"Excitement and suspense that will keep readers hanging on tight."—RT Book Reviews for Flight of the White Wolf, 4 Stars
"Striking characters and explosive chemistry."—RT Book Reviews for SEAL Wolf Undercover, 4 Stars

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Using her GPS, Natalie drove from the airport toward Granby, but somewhere along the way, she took a wrong turn, then another. After fifteen minutes of rerouting directions on her GPS, she called Angie. “Hey, my GPS is going crazy. Can you guide me there?”
“I’m sending a SEAL to the rescue. I’m in the middle of toasts. Here, talk to Brock.”
“No, that’s okay, I’ll just—-”
“Tell me where you are,” a sexy, deep--baritone male voice said. “I’ll meet you there, and you can follow me here.”
Ugh, if it didn’t mean so much to both of them for Natalie to be there, she would have just skipped it. She wondered if the SEAL was as sexy--looking as he sounded though.
She blew out her breath in an annoyed way. “I’m at—-” She looked around. “I don’t know where. I parked at a garden nursery called the Denver Garden Center.”
“There are four of them.”
Of course there were.
His voice calm, as if he was used to helping women in distress, Brock asked, “What are the intersecting roads?”
Oh, just great. “Wait just a minute.” She couldn’t see any intersecting roads! She looked at her GPS. “Um, I think I’m off North Boulevard.”
“Okay, that’s the nearest one to the restaurant. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”
“You can just give me directions.” Otherwise, she would be thirty minutes late instead of fifteen.
“It’s your call, Natalie. I’m one of Aaron’s cousins, Brock Greystoke, by the way.”
“Nice to meet you, Brock. Yeah, it will save us both time, so just give me the directions.” And hopefully, she could make it there without having to be escorted the rest of the way. She could hear all the noisy lunch guests having fun without her. She preferred working with plants more than partying with people. And she had a total love--hate relationship with the GPS. She loved it when it worked. She hated it when it got her lost.
“All right, I’ll stay on the line and get you here that way,” Brock said.
She could listen to his calm, soothing, masculine voice all day. She imagined hers sounded frazzled and annoyed. “Okay.”
“Turn right onto North Boulevard. Stay in the right--hand lane. You’ll turn on the first exit to the right.”
“Okay, leaving the nursery. I’m on North Boulevard, coming up to the first exit on the right.”
“Good,” Brock said, and she was glad he didn’t sound as if he thought she was an idiot.
“Okay, exited North Boulevard.”
“Go down to the third signal and turn left on Elm Street.”
“Oak Street. Ash Street. Elm Street.”
Brock chuckled. Okay, she knew she sounded silly, but she really, really hated getting lost in a strange city, especially when she was already late! She was really nervous about meeting all these strange wolves. Despite working in her parents’ garden shop and being used to meeting customers—-human customers—-or presenting educational programs to humans, she wasn’t used to meeting a lot of wolves.
“Keep going. You’re nearly there. Stay in the right lane, and at the third signal, you’ll turn right. Dallas’s Steak House is three buildings down on your right.”
“Thank you. I so appreciate it. I’m nearly there.” She should have just thanked him and signed off, but he wasn’t ending the call either, and she felt more at ease knowing if she missed the steak house somehow, Brock would redirect her and make sure she got there all right. “Okay, I see the steak house, and I’m pulling into the parking lot.”
“You’re driving a blue Toyota?”
“Uh, yeah.” She turned to look at the deck leading to the front door of the restaurant, where a large fountain was flowing into a basin.
Wearing blue jeans, a dress shirt, cowboy boots, and a Stetson, Brock was standing next to the fountain, appearing bigger than life, but he looked as though he was into roping steers rather than scuba diving as a SEAL wolf. Dark hair, dark eyes, and a sensuous mouth, curved up in a slight smile, greeted her. His gaze was intense, all--consuming. She parked her car and joined him.
“You must be Natalie, Angie’s best friend. Brock Greystoke, Aaron’s cousin.” Brock offered his hand to her and she shook it, but then worried hers was a little clammy from sweating out the drive there. She should have wiped her hand off on her skirt before she shook his hand.
“All Angie’s talked about was one of us running to the airport and picking you up so you wouldn’t get lost. You know, instead of staying at the hotel, you could stay with any of the families in the town of Greystoke out in Wolf Valley. That way, you won’t have to make the long drive there in the morning for the wedding. I know how it is when you want to have your own getaway vehicle though. Oh, and welcome to Colorado. Angie said you’ve never been here before.”
“Thanks, and no, I haven’t.” How could she tell the darkly handsome wolf she preferred staying at her own hotel because she didn’t want to put anyone out? They’d insist she wasn’t, but she just needed…her own space. She wondered how much Angie had told her new pack members about her.
She sighed, and Brock opened the door to the restaurant for her. The noisy conversation inside was nearly deafening, partly because of their enhanced wolf hearing. That was why she preferred her garden nursery to this.
The aroma of hickory--cooked steaks did appeal though.
“Are you ready for a good--sized steak after all the flying and rushing to get here?” Brock asked.
“Yes. I hate being so late.”
“Don’t worry about it. We just started at noon, and it’s only a quarter of one. Everyone is enjoying cocktails and appetizers first.”
Natalie figured no one would realize she hadn’t been there earlier since no one even knew her and Angie would have been too busy enjoying herself. But Natalie hated arriving late to anything, as if she were the star of the occasion and needed a big entrance. Yet she was vitally aware of the man walking beside her, his arm brushing hers as they moved closer together so that customers could get by them. When a waiter nearly ran into her, Brock adroitly slipped in behind her, pulling her out of the waiter’s way.
Heat spread through her whole body, and Natalie tried to think of anything other than the way his body was pressed against hers in the sudden crush of customers as a large party was leaving the restaurant. “Angie told me you and your brother, Vaughn, are Navy SEALs. Are you just here on a visit?” she asked Brock.
“No, we’re both out of the navy now, retired. You know how it is. We didn’t look like we were aging, so as soon as we could, we retired. Both of us had been private investigators. Vaughn hooked up with a jaguar policing force that’s called the United Shifter Force, and he has a mate now. They live out here, but their headquarters is in the Houston area. They travel there whenever they need to for a mission. I’m doing the PI business on my own now.”
“You look like you wrangle steers too.”
He smiled at her.
She felt her face flush with heat. Maybe that was the wrong thing to say to him. She saw men wearing western wear in Amarillo too, so she was used to seeing it.

“I help out on Aaron’s ranch when I can. I just like getting out and riding a bit. Do you ride?”

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Promo: The Wicked Viscount by Heather McCollum

Meet the Author:

Heather McCollum is an award winning, historical romance writer. She currently has seventeen published novels and is a member of the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood of 2009 Golden Heart finalists. She is a 2015 Readers’ Choice winner and a member of Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. The ancient magic and lush beauty of Great Britain entranced Ms. McCollum’s heart and imagination when she visited there years ago. The country’s history and landscape have been a backdrop for her writing ever since. When she is not creating vivid characters and settings, she spends her time educating women on the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. She has recently slayed the cancer beast and resides with her very own Highland hero and three spirited children in the wilds of suburbia on the mid-Atlantic coast.
Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About the Book:

1685, Scottish Highlands
Cat Campbell knows all about Nathaniel Worthington, fifth Viscount of Lincolnshire. The determined Englishman is never far from Finlarig Castle, where his sisters train women to do more than read and write. And thanks to the fiery kiss they shared nearly a year ago he is never far from her thoughts. No one ever trained her how to forget an irresistible man.
Nathaniel knows he should keep his distance from the fierce Scottish lass, but when an urgent letter from Queen Catherine calls Cat to London, he can’t resist volunteering to escort her. The tension between the two has simmered for months, but the long journey in close quarters creates a raging wildfire that could burn them both.
Secrets of their past and the treachery lurking at court put both their future together and their very lives at risk.

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“An ache has plagued me from the moment I sat in that damnably cramped carriage across from a temptress for two bloody long days.”

Cat’s breath stuttered to a halt. She swallowed, rubbing her lips together. Lord, how she wanted him, and here he was before her, locked away from the rest of the judgmental world. A vision of Esther Stanton stopped her from reaching for him. “I am sure there are others who would like to help ye with your ache,” she whispered.

Nathaniel lifted one of her curls, inhaling it as if he was starving and the curl was a delectable treat. He touched a finger to her forehead and traced a light line down her nose, touching her lips and chin before continuing down the naked skin of her low-cut neckline. Chill bumps speckled her entire body, her nipples peaking against the linen of her smock under her gown. “Damn,” he closed his eyes as if struggling. “All day I have met with old acquaintances and dry, pompous men. Listening to philosophy and political theories and business ventures.” He opened his eyes. “The whole time, I could not stop thinking of you, Cat Campbell.”

Her breath caught in her chest as she watched him. She drew in a shallow inhale. “Me?” He looked tortured. “I was searching for no other tonight, Cat.” Nathaniel dropped his hand, shaking his head. “Tell me to leave,” he said. “There are things that we have not discussed yet.” He glanced upward at the ceiling, a tightening of pain over his face. “And we must keep your reputation above reproof so that you can move in the duchess’s and the queen’s circles.”

“The king has already seen us together,” she whispered. Her voice sounded different, as if she didn’t have enough breath. She couldn’t stop her hand from reaching to rest on his strong arm. “And right now…we are just a man and a lass. Not English and Scot. Not Viscount and peasant.” His gaze slid from her eyes to her slightly parted lips and then up again to her eyes. The strength of the wall at Cat’s back was the only thing holding her up as her knees weakened. She breathed evenly despite the racing of her heart and the heating of her blood. He had an ache, but could it be as torturous as the one she’d been trying to ignore all night?

“If ye think of me and no others, and we are alone now in my room with the door locked, why must ye stay away from me?” Cat’s hand slid up to his shoulder, her fingers curling into the weave of his tailored jacket. She pulled herself up onto her toes to press her lips against his, stopping any paltry answer he might give. Parting to look at him, she let the desire coursing through her reflect in her gaze and pressed her softness against his hardness, marveling in the contrast. “Believe me when I say that I ache, too.” She let her gaze drop to his strong jaw. “From the blasted moment ye kissed me, incoherent with fever.” She looked back up to his eyes. “Ye damn Englishman.”

Her breath caught as Nathaniel’s powerful arms lifted her against him. One of his hands spanned her back, the other holding under her backside. “God, Cat,” he murmured against her lips. “I cannot get you out of my blood.”

“I am quite bloodthirsty,” she murmured back as he fitted her snuggly against him. She tried to lift her legs and remembered that she wore a full gown, the stays encircling her as if in iron. “And I have way too many clothes on.” 


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Promo: Barefoot Beach by Debbie Mason

Meet the Author:

Debbie Mason is the USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series and the Harmony Harbor series. The first book in her Christmas, Colorado series, “The Trouble with Christmas,” was the inspiration for Hallmark’s “Welcome to Christmas.” Her books have been praised by RT Book Reviews for their “likable characters, clever dialogue, and juicy plots.” When Debbie isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family in Ottawa, Canada.
Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About the Book:

Can a summer of love make up for a lifetime of secrets?
Wedding fever has taken over Harmony Harbor this summer, and the local matchmakers have set their sights on Theia Lawson, a former navy pilot who's in town for a stay at Greystone Manor. And while Theia's got her reasons to put this small town behind her as fast as she can, there's a certain tall, dark, and irresistible man that she can't seem to get off her mind.
Firefighter Marco DiRossi wants to beat the matchmakers at their own game so he conspires with Theia to pretend they've already fallen in love. It's only for the summer. What could go wrong? Yet as the beach season draws to a close, Marco and Theia find their pretend relationship has led to very real attraction. But when a secret from the past is revealed, jeopardizing everything they hold dear, can this unlikely couple find their way to a happily-ever-after?

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“Cessna Citation one three five, ready for landing.” Theia didn’t have to state the runway. It was a municipal airport with only one runway, which could be tricky with crosswinds. She was okayed to land. Her heart pounded at the line of fire trucks and ambulances awaiting their arrival.
She prayed they didn’t need them.
        Her prayers were answered. As soon as they’d taxied to a stop, she unbuckled her seat belt and stood. She locked her shaky legs, fisted her trembling fingers, and gritted her
teeth when a wave of dizziness washed over her.
       “Get the Gallaghers off as quickly as possible and hold back the fire department. I want a chance to deal with this on my own.” The last thing she wanted was for them to tear her new baby apart for no reason.
       “You need to get your head looked at. Let the professionals…All right.” Caine held up his hands and then grabbed his black uniform jacket off the back of the seat. Recovering his black hat from the floor, he fitted it on his head and pulled the brim low. “On this plane, you might be
the boss, but I’m your boss on the ground. You’re getting checked out whether you like it or not.”
      Theia rolled her eyes as she followed him out the cockpit door and then winced. Maybe she wouldn’t fight too hard when he demanded she let the paramedics look her over. She didn’t have to worry about him getting the Gallagher party off the plane immediately. They did that all
on their own with murmured goodbyes.
      No apologies or thanks for the ride, she noticed. Though she supposed she couldn’t blame them. She wasted less than a second thinking about the Gallaghers and moved to the seat where the little pyromaniac had been sitting. No sooner had Theia pulled back the carpet than she heard the clump of heavy boots in the aisle. She lifted her head to peek between the seats. A firefighter in full gear filled the space. She gave a panicked yelp at the sight of the hose in his hands and shot to her feet.
       “It’s all right. I—” A blast of water knocked her on her butt.


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Promo: The Earl Next Door by Amelia Grey

Thank you for having me today at Romance Reviews. I always appreciate the invitation to be with you and your readers.

1.   Tell us about your latest release.

The EARL NEXT DOOR is full of fun and romance. My heroine, Adeline decides to start a school for unfortunate girls in the house next door to the hero, the Earl of Lyonwood. Lyon lives on a quiet street and he’s not used to the delightful screams and high-pitched squealing that comes from little girls—especially in the early morning when he’s trying to sleep off a late night. The girls and Adeline upset his peaceful, well-structured life and that make for some really cute scenes. Being neighbors gives Adeline and Lyon plenty of time and reason to get together. Adeline is a widow who had an unhappy marriage and has no plans to ever marry again, but she wouldn’t mind a lover. Lyon wants one lady to love and adore with his whole being. He wants her to be passionate about him and what their futures can be together. He wants a lady who is forthright in all things, especially her attitude toward him.

2.   Without giving away any spoilers, give us a hint about a favorite scene.

Lyon isn’t used having a neighbor or anyone else taking him to task about anything he does and certainly not when the gentlemen in his card club are over for an afternoon of playing and betting, but that is exactly what Adeline does. She astonishes the thoughtless earl and his friends and proves herself a lady to be reckoned with.

3.   What inspired you to become a writer?

I have always enjoyed reading and romance books have long been my favorite kind of books to read. I was a teenager when I read my first Harlequin Romance. I want that happy ending that so many books don’t have. I’m happy to read action-adventure, trouble and angst, or any book that is filled with emotional triggers that make a story exciting or memorable as long as I have a happily ever after ending.

4. What is a typical writing day like?

On most days, I make it into my office around nine and usually start answering emails, looking at the three loops I’m on, and in general, doing whatever needs to be done on the computer. It is usually after ten that I start working on my book. I try to remember to get up often and walk around, but sometimes I simply forget and realize I’ve been sitting for hours. I eat a light lunch whenever I get hungry. I don’t snack throughout the day but most afternoons I enjoy a pick-me-up of a little orange juice, yogurt or chocolate covered peanuts and cashews. I usually work until late afternoon when it’s time to think about cooking dinner.

5. Do you have any interesting writing quirks or habits?

I like to hand write my outline of each chapter before I type it into the computer. This allows me time away from the screen to rest my eyes and to sit relaxed in a more comfortable chair. After I have drafted the chapter into the computer, I print and edit with a red pen and then make the changes.   

6. What has been one of the most surprising things you’ve learned as a published author?

How giving other authors are. I joined my first writers’ organization many years ago. I was surprised at how generous published authors were with sharing their knowledge. Well-known and successful authors gave workshops to help beginning authors learn the craft of writing and how to market their books to an agent or publisher. They did it without expecting anything in return.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

An author named Deidre Mardon was one of the first authors I got to know when I started writing. She wrote for Harlequin. She was an amazingly generous woman with her time in sharing all she knew about the publishing industry and in critiquing my stories. She showed me ways to make my books better. Sadly, she has passed, but her influence lives on in the way I write my books.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My husband is my biggest fan. He has no problem telling people we’ve just met that I’m an historical romance author. He usually adds, “She writes as Amelia Grey. She spells it the English way, Grey, not the American way, Gray.” If they question him further, and most do, he’ll tell them to look me up on my website or on Amazon. 

9. What are hobbies or interests do you have?

My husband and I love to travel. Each year we try to take a long trip out of the country. We’ve been all over Europe, to Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai just to name a few places. This year we are going back to England. I want to see the countryside again and sit in a pub and listen to British people talk.  

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next after this for you writing wise?

Yes, thank you for asking. I am working on the second book of my First Comes Love series. This trilogy is based on three young wives who became widows with the sinking of the passenger ship the Salty Dove. Together they gain renewed purpose by opening a school for unfortunate girls. Each forged lives without husbands. Each gained strength in having to make her own way. But then, they each meet a man who changes their destiny.
The second book of the series is GONE WITH THE ROGUE and will be published May 2020.
This book is Julia’s story. Julia is a widow with a three-year-old son she absolutely adores. And her son seems to adore the rogue, Garrett Stockton. Though Julia comes to realize she loves the rogue, too, there are reasons she can’t give in to her love for him.

The third book of the series is HOW TO TRAIN YOUR EARL and will be published May 2021.
It’s been almost five years since Brina lost her beloved husband. She’s settled into a genteel, happy life of helping others until she meets the black sheep of the Blacknight family. He’s not the kind of man she expected to be the first to awaken her passionate desires, but the instant her gaze falls on his, she feels the ground shake. 

11. How can readers connect with you online?

It was my pleasure to share with you about my new book THE EARL NEXT DOOR. I’ve added an excerpt below and how your readers can connect with me. Please use at your discretion.

I love to get emails from readers and I always answer so you can email me at I send a newsletter once a month and I always give away a book or gift card. You can sign up at or you can like me on Facebook at I give away a book every Friday. In order to be eligible to win all you have to do is make a comment about my Fun Day question.


Adeline’s spine remained rigid. So this was indeed about the school. That was a troublesome matter and would have to be dealt with gently. She and her friends had hoped to keep information about The Seafarer’s School from the ton until the girls moved in, thinking it would be more difficult for the old guard of Society to object their her charitable project if the children were already settled into the residence. There would be a certain amount of gossip about the reasons she, Julia, and Brina were opening the school, but they were prepared for it. Their hope was that everyone would be accepting as long as the three of them kept their distance from the girls and, as all proper ladies should do, leave the business and management of it solely in their solicitor’s hands.
The clock in the drawing room chimed and didn’t stop until it had resounded five times. Her gaze remained locked together with his as if neither wanted to be the first to blink. Adeline had to make a choice. She could continue her battle of wills with him, call for Mrs. Lawton to help her toss the man out on his ear, or, less satisfying, relent to his cocksure resolve and find out exactly what he wanted.
The decision was suddenly easy. She only wanted to be rid of him and the desirous feelings of excitement that stole through her when he looked too closely at her. And she looked at him.
Adeline stiffened her back again with all the aplomb her title required and said, “I am one of the owners. You can talk with me.”
“You’re much younger than I assumed the proprietor of this establishment would be,” he confessed. “And as beautiful as you are in your crimson and gold, and in any other circumstances, or any other location, I would be happy to pay whatever fee you charge to fulfill my needs. However, this is a respectable neighborhood and I cannot and will not sit by and allow a madam to move in and set up her business here.”
A trio of thumps echoed in Adeline’s chest, and then a few more. The pendulum on the clock must have ticked a half-dozen times. Adeline’s brain seemed to freeze before the air swooshed out of her lungs. Shock roared through her. Her whole body stiffened before she felt her eyes narrow in outrage.
“Just where do you think you are, sir?”
“A house of pleasure.”
Outrage quickly morphed to fury, which flowed hot and fast, consuming her. Oh yes, she knew about such disgraceful, secret places. She’d overheard her husband and his small group of gentlemen friends talk about visiting them.
Adeline was skilled at holding in her emotions, but this man had gone too far. With only one step she stood toe-to-toe with him. Lifting her face, she rose up on the balls of her feet and edged her nose closer to his. “You think this is one of the many private underground brothels hidden from all but Society’s most elite gentlemen?”
“Isn’t it?” he asked huskily.
There was no time to consider what her next move should be. Hardening her resolve and taking a step back, she proclaimed, “I am the Dowager Countess of Wake and you have trespassed too far. How dare you push your way into my house and speak to me the way you have. You, sir, are an abomination to the term gentleman.”
She fought to regain every ounce of her normal calm, her abiding restraint, her guiding sense of decorum in any unpleasant circumstance. But then she accidentally looked at his mouth, felt that long-suppressed surge of yearning. Adeline didn’t want this unusual mix of longing and angry dizziness to control her. She hated the truth of how womanly and desirable it made her feel to see hunger for her in his eyes. Hated the truth of how she was presented.
And then, in a moment of insanity, she thought of the very real possibility of those full lips on hers stirring with passion, and reason was gone.
Unable to do anything else before she lost herself completely, she drew back her hand and struck him soundly across the face. It was that, or kiss him.
Perhaps she chose the wrong one.


What does a fiercely independent young widow really want? One determined suitor is about to find out…

When Adeline, Dowager Countess of Wake, learns of her husband’s sudden death, she realizes she’s free. At last, she can do, go, and be as she pleases. Finally, she can have the life she has always dreamed of. She doesn’t need, or want, to remarry. Especially not the supremely dashing future Marquis of Marksworth, who makes Adeline yearn for his desire…

Lord Lyonwood, son of a philandering marquis, will not be like his father. He wants to run his estates and watch them flourish—and find a wife who brings love to his life. When he meets spirited and self-reliant Adeline in a case of near-scandalous mistaken identity, Lyon feels he’s met his match. But Adeline isn’t interested in a marriage proposal. She will only accept becoming his lover—and Lyon finds it hard to refuse. Unless the fire of his passion can melt Adeline’s resolve…


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author AMELIA GREY read her first romance book when she was thirteen and she’s been a devoted reader of love stories ever since. Her awards include the Booksellers Best, Aspen Gold, and the Golden Quill. Writing as Gloria Dale Skinner, she won the coveted Romantic Times Award for Love and Laughter and the prestigious Maggie Award. Her books have sold to many countries in Europe, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and most recently to Japan. Several of her books have also been featured in Doubleday and Rhapsody Book Clubs. Amelia is the author of over twenty-five books. She’s been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over thirty-five years and she lives on the beautiful gulf coast of Northwest Florida.

Author website:

SMP Romance Twitter: @SMPRomance or @heroesnhearts

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Promo & Review: Smitten by the Brit by Melonie Johnson

SMITTEN BY THE BRIT – Melonie Johnson
A Sometimes in Love Novel – Book 2 
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 1-250-19305-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-250-19305-6
Release: May 28, 2019
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, USA, and Cambridge, England

Bonnie Blythe traveled to Europe last summer with her best friends from college. Now in less than a year her friend Cassie will marry a Scotsman. A man who followed Cassie back to Chicago. Bonnie has been engaged for years to Gabe, and he wouldn’t even come with her tonight. This weekend he had an appointment with his advisor. He doesn’t want to marry until he finishes his PhD. She is feeling frustrated and jealous. She is at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater Gala for the Bard. While there, Cassie insists she meet a woman from Cambridge University who wants Bonnie to teach an ICE (Institute of Continuing Education) seminar this coming summer in England. She also encounters a British man she met in London, Theo Wharton, Cassie’s fiancé’s best friend and best man. Theo excites her...but she is engaged. She leaves the gala early. Walking into her apartment she encounters a very unpleasant surprise. Gabe is having sex with another woman. She throws her engagement ring on the bed and leaves. Luckily, she has friends, one of whom lets her use her family’s reserved hotel room. Just by chance the same hotel and the same floor where Theo has a room.

Theo’s mother arranged his stay in Chicago to help a family friend his mom wants him to marry for her family’s wealth. Since his spendthrift father’s death, Theo has had a hard time keeping his own ducal estate intact. The woman doesn’t interest him, but Bonnie does. Soon he and Bonnie are sharing an intimate encounter. Bonnie tells him she will call him in a month when she arrives in Cambridge, but she doesn’t.

SMITTEN BY THE BRIT’s Bonnie and Theo are challenged in romance, one betrayed in love and the other under financial duress. Before going to England, Bonnie’s college friends inform her on how to handle oral sexual encounters. For all her sex with Gabe, Bonnie is rather inexperienced. The information will be useful. The story is filled with pathos, anxiety, and humor, and both characters have much to overcome to reach what they desire. Can Bonnie overcome how Gabe’s betrayal affected her, and can Theo surmount his mother’s wishes? Both will need willpower and perseverance.

Robin Lee

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Promo: Vow of Silence by Melynda Price

Meet the Author:

Melynda Price is a bestselling and award-winning author of contemporary romance. Her Against the Cage series has finaled in many awards such as the RONE, USA Today BBA, Golden Quill, National Readers’ Choice, and New England Readers’ Choice. What Price enjoys most about writing is the chance to make her readers fall in love, over and over again. She cites the greatest challenge of writing is making the unbelievable believable, while taking her characters to the limit with stories full of passion and unique twists and turns. Salting stories with undertones of history whenever possible, Price adds immeasurable depth to her well-crafted books. She currently lives in Northern Minnesota with her husband and two children where she has plenty of snow-filled days to curl up in front of the fireplace with her Chihuahua and a hot cup of coffee to write.
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About the Book:

A killer is hiding in plain sight…
The last thing Homicide Detective Josiah Troyer wants is to return to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and his Amish roots. But a madman is killing young girls and Josiah's expertise with the tight-knit community is very much needed by the FBI. Unfortunately, going home means dealing with his past and the woman he left behind.
Hannah is desperately trying to rebuild her life after the death of her Amish husband, and now, the murder of her sister. Protecting her young son from the violence is her only goal––and then she runs into the last man she expected to see, her ex Josiah. He left her eight years ago to work with the Englishers and forgiving him hasn't been easy.
But the killer has Hannah in his crosshairs, and she and Josiah will have to work together if she's going to survive.

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“Ya left me...”

            Joe froze, barely hearing her accusation over the pounding of his heart, every muscle in his body going ripcord tight. She had no idea. And he resented her implication that any of this was his fault. He’d sacrificed everything for her—given up who he was so she could have the life she’d always wanted. Joe was careful not to look at her, but it was impossible to keep the anger from his voice when he replied, “Has the thought not crossed your mind even once in the last eight years, that I did it for you?”

            “For me?! If ye’re expectin’ me to thank ya for breakin’ my heart, Josiah Troyer, then you’ll be waitin’ till hell freezes over!”

            Joe tossed the hammer aside and shot to his feet. His temper too short, and his emotions were running too high for him to soften his words. “Would ya rather I stayed and made an adulteress out of ya?” With his anger, the lilt of his Pennsylvania Dutch accent returned. It tasted foul on his tongue, further fueling his anger. As he advanced on her, Hannah’s vibrant blue eyes widened with surprise. She stumbled back, countering his advance until she couldn’t retreat anymore.

Joe planted his hands against the chipped siding, caging her in his arms and growled, “I would’ve gotten us both shunned because make no mistake, if I’d stayed, ya would’ve been mine, husband or no’.”

She gasped sharply at his confession, staring at him with scandalous shock. Hell, he should really scandalize her and kiss the woman senseless. But he’d only be torturing himself, because Hannah Beiler-Adams was not his to have.

            “Ya musn’t say such things, Josiah.”

“Why not?” he challenged. “Can’t handle the truth? I suppose it’s easier to keep on hating me.” He spun around, needing to put some distance between himself and the only woman that had ever owned his heart.

Her voice was a soft whisper behind him. “I was angry… I still am… But I never hated ya, Josiah. I hated myself.”

She sounded so sad, so…defeated. He turned back to face her, and his heart clenched. The crushing ache made it difficult to breathe. “Why would you say that?”

“I wasn’t a good wife,” she confessed. Her eyes filled with tears, turning them into luminous pools of regret that reached into his chest and ripped his heart out.

            “I seriously doubt that—”

            “It’s true. I never loved Jacob the way he deserved. He was a good man, Josiah.”

Of course, he was. Joe never would’ve found the strength to leave if he hadn’t been.

“He deserved the love of a good woman, not the leftovers of a heartbroken mess who couldn’t let go of the past. He knew I was in love with ya and he married me anyway.”

It was easy to see she had many regrets. If he could, he’d take her pain away, but he wasn’t sure that the truth wouldn’t hurt her more.


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