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Perfect for fans of Lorraine Heath and Tessa Dare. The first book in the new Victorian romance series The Duke’s Den, A DUKE CHANGES EVERYTHING, by Christy Carlyle has the romance and brooding hero that readers will fall in love with.

Out November 27th – A Duke Changes Everything by Christy Carlyle

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Title: A Duke Changes Everything
Series: The Duke’s Den #1

Author: Christy Carlyle
Genre: Victorian Romance
Release Date: November 27, 2018
Length: 384 Pages
Format: Digital/Paperback
In the first novel in Christy Carlyle’s sizzling Duke’s Den series, three men, intent on making a fortune, discover irresistible opportunities . . .
Nicholas Lyon gambled his way into a fortune and ownership of the most opulent, notorious gentlemen’s club in England. But when Nick’s cruel brother dies, he inherits a title he never wanted. The sooner Nick is rid of the estate that has always haunted him, the sooner he can return to the life he’s built in London. But there’s one obstacle—the exquisite Thomasina Thorne.
When the new heir to the Tremayne dukedom suddenly appears in Mina Thorne’s life, she’s flustered. Not only is he breathtakingly handsome, but he’s also determined to take away her home and position as steward of the Enderley estate. If Mina learns what makes the enigmatic duke tick, perhaps she can change his mind—as long as she doesn’t get too close to him.
With each day Nick spends with Mina, his resolve weakens as their colliding wills lead to explosive desire. Could she be the one woman who can help him finally bury the ghosts of his past?
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Praise for the A Duke Changes Everything:
“I absolutely adore Christy Carlyle! A DUKE CHANGES EVERYTHING had everything: a scarred and brooding hero, a feisty and determined heroine, sexual tension, and strong conflict delivered with lyrical prose that kept me reading late into the night. Christy Carlyle has moved to the top of my must-read list.” (Lorraine HeathNew York Times bestselling author)

"Christy Carlyle writes poignant, genuine characters who will melt your heart and keep you turning pages long past your bedtime. A DUKE CHANGES EVERYTHING is a beautifully written tale I couldn't put down." (Author Kelly Bowen)

About the Author:
Fueled by Pacific Northwest coffee and inspired by multiple viewings of every British costume drama she can get her hands on, USA Today bestselling author Christy Carlyle writes sensual historical romance set in the Victorian era. She loves heroes who struggle against all odds and heroines who are ahead of their time. A former teacher with a degree in history, she finds there's nothing better than being able to combine her love of the past with a die-hard belief in happy endings.
You can also visit her online at the following places: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr | Amazon


HARD TRIGGER by S.L. Hannah Sales Blitz!

Join us for a special one-day sales blitz for S.L. Hannah’s HARD TRIGGER! Snag up this dark and sexy enemy to lovers tale for only $.99! Don’t miss this fast-paced and sexy story where Victoria finds herself entwined with a lover on the opposite side of a bloody feud.

Title:  Hard Trigger
Author: S.L. Hannah
Release Date: August 28, 2018
Publisher: AOH Publishing
Genres: Romantic suspense

“Your mother’s opiates are coming from Jose Herrera’s distribution network.” My pulse races as my stepfather speaks these words. Because taking on the Herreras also means taking on Diego.

Reckless, and hardened by a volatile past, Victoria does not see a future with Diego Herrera as a realistic option. As their childhood friendship ignites, they find themselves on opposite sides of a bloody feud between the two most powerful families in Mexico City. And she’s a Moreno now—brought up to be the secret weapon nobody suspected.

But Victoria can’t deny the attraction. Diego’s commanding muscles, the coarse, dark hair of his solid chest, that rugged scar above his sensuous lips…

Loyalty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Copyright © 2018 S.L. Hannah

He smacks the seat with a fist. “Stay away from José. This is not your problem. It’s ours. The Herreras.”
I place the cool water bottle against my neck. “I’m just here to make deals for some sugar transport. For the Morenos.”
Diego lunges towards me, grasping at the straps of my dress. I gasp at his sudden nearness.
“I’m fucking serious, Victoria. José isn’t some malandro with no family, friends, history, or name. He isn’t Teresa.” He lets go. “You should never have gotten involved with…this.”
He grunts and slides me into the corner. His face is as close to mine as it’s ever been without us breaking into a passionate kiss.
“José is the second in command.” He grips my shoulder. “In my family.”
Pressed between the hard leather and Diego’s hard torso, I can’t decide whether this is an invitation to fight him or fuck him.
My breathing hastens.
“That’s not what I heard,” I tell him. “I heard he lost that position, which is why he’s turned against your family.”
Diego tugs again at my dress straps, his knuckles digging into my chest, until one of them breaks.
“They will kill you, eventually,” he urges. “You know this.”
I attempt to create some space, but my struggles just intertwine us more.
His hand wanders into my hair and breaks loose the band holding the knot. I breathe in the familiar musky scent of his neck as his face burrows in the dark-brown waves.
“Do you understand me?” he pleads. “They will do it without checking in with me. They will do it despite what I say or do to defend you. And once they decide, they will do it so swiftly, you won’t have a chance to reach for your weapon of choice—like tonight. You won’t be able to outmaneuver or outthink. You will just be dead.”
The seam of the seat digs into me, my emotions hanging off the edge of a cliff. My hand fumbles for balance until it lands on the thick, hard outline of his cock. A jolt of heat shoots through me.
Diego reaches around my ass and slides me further underneath him.
I lock my thighs around him, the dress tearing further as the SUV continues to rumble. He pulls down the top of my dress, exposing a round breast. My nipple is already pert in anticipation of his hot breath and flicking tongue.
When he performs just that, my hips circle beneath him. My moan is no longer silent. His stiff cock grinds into the last few layers of fabric between us as he sucks fervently at my nipple and I twist a lock of his hair between my fingers. The muscles of his back ripple as he pulls me tighter into him, trying to mold us into one. My pussy pulses to the rhythm of his insistence.
He looks up with his big, dark eyes, trying to figure out how to quell a storm he can’t control. His thumb draws across my lips.
“Stay away from José,” he begs. “Promise me.”

About S.L. Hannah:
S.L. Hannah was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, and moved to Southern California to pursue her love of single-engine airplanes. Her latest rogue romance, Hard Trigger, is out now. Visit her online at to learn about her other books, to get updates about her new release, and to connect through social media. S.L. Hannah lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and garden of succulents. When she’s not writing fiction, she continues to solve the aviation problems of the world.


                     A TRUE COWBOY CHRISTMAS – Caitlin Crews
Cold River Ranch, Book 1
St. Martin’s
ISBN: 9781250295231
November 2018
Contemporary Romance

Cold River, Colorado – Present Day

Widower Gray Everett’s ornery father has finally passed away and he should be able to breathe easier now, but he has a daughter to raise and a ranch to run…and needs a wife. Gray looks no farther than neighbor Abby Douglas as his bride. They’ve known each other since they were both children and she is as much a hard worker as he is. On the day that Gray buries his father, he asks Abby to marry him, though he informs her that their marriage will be one without love. His idea of a perfect marriage is one where they work side by side as best friends and grow old together. Who needs love?

Abby accepts his proposal but doesn’t tell Gray that she’s been in love with him since she was a teenager. Is this the reason that she’s never married—or is still a virgin? Has Abby been waiting for Gray all her life? Abby was raised by her grandmother after her mother more or less abandoned her. Once in a while her mother shows up to toss insults at Abby that are meant to inflict pain. Abby thinks of herself as plain and nondescript. As part of her marriage to Gray, she will gain a teenage stepdaughter and Abby can only hope that one day he will fall in love with her. Is Abby making a mistake marrying a man who says he is not looking for love?

Gray and his two brothers grew up with a father so mean and dastardly that mealtimes weren’t even pleasant. Christmas? Forget it, because their father would sabotage any holiday that came along. Gray managed to marry once—and it gave him his daughter, Becca—but his wife hated ranch life and gave him plenty of grief until she was killed in a car accident. Marrying sweet Abby is the answer to his prayers for a nice, dependable woman to help him raise Becca. They marry, and soon he discovers that not only does Abby have a mind of her own, but he enjoys having her in his bed…

Abby suffers from a lack of self-esteem and thinks that marrying Gray is the only way to find happiness, even though she knows he doesn’t love her. He has been the man of her dreams for years, though he isn’t aware of her crush on him. Settling into married life, she could just “bow down” to his every wish, but his refusal to celebrate Christmas has her battling him. Not only for herself, but for Becca. The wounds created by Gray’s father run deep inside him. Will it take the love of a good woman like Abby to heal those wounds…and make him into a loving husband?

A TRUE COWBOY CHRISTMAS is the first book in the Cold River Ranch series by Caitlin Crews about the three Everett brothers and the scars left by their late father. They bicker among themselves—much of which was instigated by their father and continues to carry on after his death. Will the brothers finally find peace with each other? Will Gray find love—and happiness—with Abby?

A heartwarming tale of a friendship turning into love, A TRUE COWBOY CHRISTMAS is that feelgood Christmas romance you won’t want to miss.

Patti Fischer

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From USA Today bestselling author Caitlin Crews comes A True Cowboy Christmas, the first in a sensational series debut about a cowboy, a farm girl, and the greatest gift of all. . .
Gray Everett has a heart of gold but that doesn’t mean he believes in the magic of Christmas. He’s got plenty else to worry about this holiday season, what with keeping his cattle ranch in the family and out of the hands of hungry real-estate investors looking to make a down-and-dirty deal. That, plus being a parent to his young and motherless daughter, equals a man who will not rest until he achieves his mission. Now, all Gray needs is the help of his lifelong neighbor. . .who happens to have grown into a lovely, spirited woman.
For Abby Douglas, the chance to join forces with Gray is nothing less than a Christmas miracle. Much as the down-to-earth farmer’s daughter has tried to deny it, Abby’s been in love with stern, smoking-hot Gray her whole life. So when Gray proposes a marriage of convenience as a way to combine land—and work together toward a common cause—Abby can’t refuse. But how can she convince Gray that sometimes life offers a man a second chance for a reason. . .and that their growing trust and mutual passion may be leading to true and lasting love?

USA Today-bestselling, RITA-nominated, and critically-acclaimed author Caitlin Crews has written more than seventy-five books, including FrenemiesPrincess from the PastA Royal Without Rules, and Undone by the Sultan's Touch. She's won fans with her romance, Harlequin Presents, women's fiction, chick lit, and work-for-hire young adult novels, many of which she writes as Megan Crane (including the dystopian Viking romance Edge series). These days her focus is on contemporary romance in all its forms, from small town heat to international glamour, cowboys to bikers to military men and beyond. She's taught creative writing classes in places like UCLA Extension's prestigious Writers' Program, gives assorted workshops on occasion, and attempts to make use of the MA and PhD in English Literature she received from the University of York in York, England. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with a husband who draws comics and animation storyboards, and their menagerie of ridiculous animals.


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 “Why would you try to tell me that chemistry doesnt matter? Of course it does.
Im not saying it doesnt matter. But sheer stubborn- ness matters more. He heard the intensity in his voice, but did nothing to temper it. If people want to stay married, they do. If they want that marriage to be a good one, they work on it and make it that way. Its not rocket science. It doesnt require your online profiles. You dont need to get matched on your smart phone. You make a commit- ment to someone, then you keep it. Its as simple and as hard as that.
He watched in fascination as her hands curled into fists at her sides.
I appreciate that you have experience being married, and that gives you a platform to make sweeping state- ments, she said, her voice low, as if she was fighting back her own intensity. Thats great. But youre missing that Im not interested in the state of marriage in a general sense. Im telling you I am not going to marry someone I have no chemistry with. That has nothing to do with me being stubborn, not stubborn, or insufficiently committed. Its actually all about the fact that Im not staggering around in a grief-induced daze, proposing marriage to people Ive never looked at twice before in my whole life.That should have annoyed him, because he wasnt dazed. Amos had been a mean, unhealthy old man. His death hadnt been a real surprise. Gray wasnt sure he wagrieving him so much as the father Amos had never been, and he knew he wasnt crazy with it. But he couldnt seem to lose his grin, especially when he moved closer to her.
Because when he did, she lost that scowl. Her eyes went wide, that cute flush brightened up her face again, and she had to tip her head back to look at him. Not as much as some of the other girls hed dated had, as shed pointed out. Gray liked that too. He didnt have to hunker over her.
She was . . . right there.
He had an urge and went with it. He reached over and curled his fingers around her ponytail, then pulled them gently along the length of it.
And figured the chemistry question was answered by the way her breath went shuddery.
But he didnt end it there.
If Im following all this, he said, his drawl low. Thick. You dont actually have any objections. You think we maybe ought to date first. Youre worried we dont have chemistry. But at the end of the day, youre not opposed to the idea.
Its crazy. And Im worried that youre crazy, in a clin- ical sense.
If you agree to marry me, Ill take you on a date or two. If thats what you want. His hand was still tangled in her hair, and he was close enough now that he could catch her scent. Gray breathed deep. She smelled like rosemary. And something that reminded him of the pies she and her grandmother had brought over the day after the funeral, warm and good. Right. But we can settle the other question right here.
What do you mean . . . ?
Gray didnt wait. He didnt answer her question, half stammered out with her hazel eyes so wide they looked like summer gold.
He used his free hand to cup her cheek, flushed and smooth beneath his palm. Then he bentonly a little, which struck him as unexpectedly hotto take her mouth with his.
He felt her tremble. And there was something about the way she melted into him as their lips touched, then brushed, as if she was being pulled by some kind of magnetic force he was half certain he could feel himself.
Gray had only meant to kiss her to make a point. The way a gentleman might, not that hed ever met too many gentlemen out here where the mountains and the land were the only things that mattered.
But Abbys lips were soft and velvety beneath his. And she made a tiny sound in the back of her throat that he could feel like a flickering flame.
Before he knew it, Gray was angling his head to one side and licking his way into her mouth.
As if he couldnt help himself.
And everything got hot. Bright. Impossible.
This was Abby Douglas. Abby Douglas. There was something deliciously wrong about it being Abby that made it hotter, wilder.
It rolled in him and made a joke of him imagining he was in control of any of this. Of her.
Of this sudden storm of sensation that would have taken him off his feet, if that didnt mean he would have had to let go of her.
When the door slapped open, both of his hands were sunk deep into her hair, and Abby was up on her toes, pressed against him, her arms wrapped around his back.
It turned out Gray wasnt going to have to worry about easing his way into some or other form of eventual chemistry with the woman he already knew would make him a good ranchers wife. He was going to have to worry about what the hell to do with all this chemistryso much it was like a lightning storm and he kept getting hitwith a woman hed never paid the slightest attention to until his fathers funeral.
The fact that the front door had opened penetrated the heat and fog that was swirling around him.