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Meet the Author:

Once upon a time, USA Today bestselling author Shereen Vedam read fantasy and romance novels to entertain herself. Now she writes heartwarming tales braided with threads of magic and love and mystery elements woven in for good measure.
Shereen's a fan of resourceful women, intriguing men, and happily-ever-after endings. If her stories whisk you away to a different realm for a few hours, then Shereen will have achieved one of her life goals.

About the Book:

A kidnapped child. A witch on the warpath. A church guard in crisis.
In the year of our Lord 1815, Thomas Drake Saint-Clair, Earl of Braden, a Guard of the Green Cross, is tasked by his archbishop to rescue a missing boy and return him to his warlock father. The order lands Braden in the middle of an unholy war between witches and warlocks and shoves him headlong past a sacred line he'd sworn never to cross.
Newly confirmed Coven Protectress, Merryn Pendraven, rushes to rescue a witch's son. She's convinced the same evil warlock who was responsible for her younger brother's death is behind this kidnapping, too. She has no intention of letting this vile villain get away with the same crime, twice.
When Merryn discovers Braden is also on the case, she's tempted to join forces. Yet, how can she truly trust him when her aunt has warned that Braden's second secret charge is to destroy their coven? Finding love in this cauldron of trouble might prove to be Merryn's deadliest mission and Braden's complete undoing.
If you liked A Discovery of Witches and Dr. Strange or Mr. Norrell, you'll love Coven at Callington, an anime-inspired witchy tale that will whisk you away on a rip-roaring Regency ride.

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At a sharp knock on the carriage, Lady Hancock jumped so high that even Merryn was startled. The door swung out and a tall, young buck gazed in.

Distracted by the news about Trystan, Merryn glanced at him with mild curiosity. Her mood quickly swung to candid admiration. He had a most compelling face. All angles and arches. Like an archangel sculpture. Her heart thumped in approval and a flush warmed her cheeks.

“Good morning,” he said in a polished voice that reminded Merryn of kings and knights and dances at Almack’s.

She loved to dance.

“Ladies, my pardon for the interruption. May I introduce myself?”

“Of course,” Lady Hancock gushed.

“Thomas Drake Saint-Clair, Earl of Braden, at your service.”

Merryn doubted Lady Hancock could smile any wider. She, too, was tempted to grin like an idiot. She stifled the unruly, fully feminine, impulse.

“How do you do, my lord?” her neighbor said. “I’m Lady Hancock. My companions are Miss Merryn Pendraven and my maid, Jenna. We’re on our way to Callington.”

“I, too, am headed in that direction. Unfortunately, my coach broke down a way back and I hear the stage coach is likely to be several hours yet.”

“Good heavens,” Lady Hancock said. “Why not come with us then? Jenna, move over.”

“How very kind of you, Lady Hancock. I would be delighted to join you.” He turned to gesture to a short man leading a beautiful black horse. “Garth, these lovely ladies have invited us to travel with them. Pray ensure you guide the driver to miss as many holes in the road as you are able to this time. My teeth still rattle from all the craters we’ve visited in the past few days.”

Lady Hancock adjusted her skirts to leave room for the gentleman to enter without soiling her clothing.

“Isn’t this exciting,” she whispered to Merryn. “He looks quite eligible, my dear, and you being unmarried must take particular note. Handsome gents – and he appears well-to-do and with a title – do not grow ten to a dozen in our Cornish moors.”

Merryn’s warm cheeks heated to a blaze. Had he heard that? How could he miss it?

The slight tilt of his full lips as he climbed into the carriage suggested he’d not only heard but also been amused.

She was tempted to deny she was on the lookout for a husband but prudently bit her lips. Why prolong this torture?

Once seated, he smiled and a shiver spun through Merryn like a well-cast spell. His deep blue eyes matched to perfection the azure hair ribbon woven through her braided, blond hair.

“Perhaps you ladies are acquainted with the gentleman who graciously invited me to his home in Callington,” Lord Braden said. “Squire James Robin Appleton.”

“Why, certainly,” Lady Hancock said. The door shut and the carriage rolled forward. “The Appletons are no more than a mile from my home. On the other side of the Parnells. Oh, sir, you probably haven’t heard the news.”

“We shouldn’t trouble his lordship with local gossip,” Merryn said, hoping to waylay this beleaguered topic.

“On the contrary, Miss Pendraven,” Braden said. “As I intend to stay in the area for a few weeks, I’m most interested in local happenings. What news?”

Lady Hancock leaned forward, her enthusiasm radiating about her. “A boy was kidnapped, my lord, in the most villainous manner, from Saint Agatha’s church.”

His blue gaze swung from Lady Hancock to Merryn, his interest obviously roused. “And I worried Callington would be a bore.”

She’d never met a man with such a lively face, both animated and engaging. Despite her intention to remain tight-lipped, his captivating gaze tempted her to join in. If she weren’t careful, she might blurt out that she was a witch just to see his eyes light up again.


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