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SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE – Laura Trentham
A Cottonbloom Novel, Book 6
St. Martin’s
ISBN: 978-1-250-13130-0
August 2018
Contemporary Romance

Cottonbloom, Mississippi – Present Day

Mack Abbott is furious that his oldest brother, Ford, sold his share of the family’s auto body shop to socialite Ella Boudreaux who, he is sure has no knowledge of how their business is run. One day Ella shows up at the shop and Mack challenges her to change the oil on a car after she indicates she knows more about cars than he thinks. She accepts the challenge, but the truth of the matter is that she only has rudimentary knowledge. But Ella will do whatever it takes to win over the Abbott brothers…especially hardnosed Mack. Will Ella prove to Mack that she deserves to be a part of the business, or will she be forced to admit defeat and sell her share back to the Abbott family?

Ella is business savvy and sees the Abbott’s garage as another business opportunity for her to invest in. She is divorced, having left her husband after he slept with her best friend and she moved to Cottonbloom to start over. She doesn’t know many people in town, but the Abbott family is well respected. After her confrontation with Mack, he grudgingly starts to accept her…a little. But sparks also have started to fly between them. Both are single and unattached…will these sparks lead to a conflagration that will be hard to put out?

Mack and his brothers, Wyatt and Jackson, took over the auto body shop from their father and have built it into a successful business. Their oldest brother, Ford, never really took a shine to the shop and has moved on, but not before he sold his share to Ella. The brothers plan to buy her share as soon as they can get the money together. Yet, the moment Ella walks into the shop she proves that she might fit in. Her plan is to set up the books and get their finances organized. Wyatt and Jackson soon accept Ella, but Mack is a different story…

Meanwhile, Ella arrives home one day to find her ex’s current wife (and her ex-best friend) on her doorstep. It seems Megan has had enough of the ex and needs to get away also. Ella knows her ex is a controlling jerk and Megan can do better without him, but is this any of her business? Yet, Ella and Megan are soon bonding. Will Megan end up staying in Cottonbloom?

Ella and Mack start out as adversaries in SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE but there are soon sexual vibes humming between them. Mack thinks getting involved with Ella is a bad thing, yet he can’t keep his hands off her. Ella thinks his hands are a mighty nice thing…

In SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE there is lots of sexual tension between Ella and Mack before they finally do the deed. Ella came from nothing and married a man who likes his money…and women. But the moment he cheated on her, she divorced him and got a nice settlement in return. What people don’t realize is that Ella is smart in business and she helped her ex make his money. Now Ella’s business plans are to turn the Abbott garage into another success. Mack thinks she’s an airhead. How will he react when he realizes that he is wrong?

While it might help a little to have read the prior books in the Cottonbloom series by Laura Trentham, SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty. This tale is about the romance between Mack and Ella as they fight their attraction for each other. Of course, it’s going to be a lost cause. Grab a copy of SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE for an entertaining and sizzling read that you won’t want to miss.

Patti Fischer

Set the Night on Fire
Cottonbloom, Book 6
by Laura Trentham
Release Date:  July 31, 2018
From award-winning author Laura Trentham comes Set the Night on Fire, a novel about starting over, finding your way back home—and falling head over heels. . .
Ella Boudreaux has a lot to prove to her family, friends, and foes—and to herself. So when her marriage ends she decides to invest her energy and money into a place that brings back some of Ella’s happiest memories: the Abbott brothers’ garage. Maybe, if she puts her mind to it, she can teach skeptical, stubborn Mack Abbott how to make the business a true success. Which would be a lot easier if the hunky mechanic didn’t make her motor run quite so fast…and hot.
Mack was furious when his brother, Ford, sold his share of the business. He’s in no rush to team up with a wealthy divorcée who shows up to the garage in stilettos—and the longest, sexiest legs he’s seen in forever. But Ella’s grit and determination won’t quit…and soon Mack can see that she’s been down a few rough roads herself. Neither Mack nor Ella can deny the fierce attraction that’s revving up between them. Could it be that true love has been in the backseat all along…and they’ve finally found the key?

“How the—” Mack caught the curse in his hand. “You’re not a mechanic, Ms. Boudreaux.”
“Call me Ella.” At his stony stare, she shrugged and continued. “You don’t need another mechanic. You have plenty of mechanics. What you need is someone to market you.”
“And you know enough about cars to do that?” His skepticism hit her like a kid pulling her pigtails behind the monkey bars. Annoying.
She shouldn’t rise to the bait. Unfortunately, her mouth was less mature than her mind, and she reeled off facts her brother had recited with pride.
“That Datsun 240Z you were under? It’s a seventy-three with a 2.4-liter straight-six and side-draft carburetors. It can hit sixty in 8.2 seconds with 151 horsepower. Top speed is a hundred twenty-five miles per hour. Not that anyone should be driving that fast on parish roads.”
He looked . . . stunned. She confined herself to a small self-satisfied smile. She had a feeling nothing much surprised Mack Abbott, or if it did, he made sure the world didn’t realize it.
“How did you . . . How do you know all that?”
“That’s not important. What is important is that I can help you.”
“We don’t need help.” He shook his head and re-chinked the breaks in his wall of grump.
“Yes, you do.”
“No, we don’t.” The playground-level annoyance continued with his childish denials.
“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes, probably not helping to diffuse the situation.
“Name your price.”
“That’s not how this is going to work, Mack.”
“I say how things are run and done in this garage. Not you, Ms. Boudreaux.”
“I have a quarter stake and an equal voice.”
“Except, we handle things democratically around here and my brothers will have my back. Every. Single. Time.”
Dangit. He had her there. Pushing against Mack was like trying to move a mountain. She glanced at the twins. If she couldn’t move Mack, then she’d have to go around him. She wanted to stalk out and slam the door, but forced herself to mosey as if she wasn’t bothered at all by the situation or the man. He followed her to the door. She stopped with one foot out and one in. The breeze caught her hair, and she tossed her head to get it out of her eyes.
“You might vote me down, but at least give me a chance to be heard.”
“Name your price,” he repeated in a growly, grizzly voice that was meant to grind down her dissension.
Where she found the gumption she didn’t know, but she gave his cheek two pats and said, “You can’t afford me, tough guy.”

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I love her books and this one sounds awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

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I haven't read this author yet, but I've heard good things about the Cottonbloom series. Thanks for the giveaway.

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I really like enemies to lovers stories.

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I have not read her but sounds like a lot of good banter will go on and I too love the enemies to lovers theme.

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Thanks for the chance to win. Sounds good.
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I am going to like this one, love the sexual tension trope.