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Darcy Burke is the USA Today Bestselling Author of hot, action-packed historical and sexy, emotional contemporary romance. A native Oregonian, Darcy lives on the edge of wine country with her guitar-strumming husband, their two hilarious kids who seem to have inherited the writing gene, and three Bengal cats. Visit Darcy online at and sign up for her newsletter, follow her on Twitter at, or like her Facebook page,
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About the Book:

After a hot hook-up on New Year’s Eve, Crystal Donovan plans to avoid Jamie Westcott, which could be difficult, given the size of Ribbon Ridge. But she’s only there a few days doing research on the town’s history then it’s back to her glam life in LA. When his family holds the key to unraveling a century-old mystery she has to seek him out—and the sparks are still flying.
Jamie Westcott works his ass off to repay his college loans, which doesn’t leave much time for other commitments. Crystal’s a perfect fling: she’s fun and sexy and, best of all, they have little in common and she lives somewhere else. Only, the more time they spend together the closer they get, despite their intent to keep things casual.
When everyone learns Crystal sold a screenplay exposing the dark secrets of Ribbon Ridge—and Jamie’s family—she becomes the town pariah. Jamie won’t leave and Crystal can’t stay—can love show them another way?
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“Never have I ever been to a party with Prince Harry.” He drank.

She pulled her feet down and sat straight up, leaning forward, in one fluid, whiplash movement. “Shut. Up.”

“Well, not with him, but I met him. Nice bloke.”

“Okay, that is way better than any famous person I’ve met.” Her gaze softened. “Is he as tall and gorgeous as I think?”

Jamie chuckled. “I have no idea. How tall and gorgeous do you think he is?”

“Super gorgeous.” She slid him a glance that clearly said, “duh.” Propping her feet back up, she settled into the couch once more. “And he’s six inches taller than me. And nine months older. In other words, we’d be perfect for each other.” She sent him another look, this one full of self-mockery. “I’ve been planning our wedding since I was ten. Just ask Alaina.”

“Well, it seems you ought to meet him then.”

She bolted upright again. “You could make that happen?”

“Probably not. Sorry. Anyway, I think he has a girlfriend now.”

She slouched back with a dejected sigh. “I know.”

“I’m six-one,” Jamie said, recalling the prince was maybe the same height or just slightly taller. “Not nearly as good looking though.”

Crystal tipped her head to the side and studied him. “You’re no Prince Harry, but you’re cute.”

“I’ll take that. Your turn.”

“Let’s see... Never have I ever made out with a celebrity.” This time she took a drink.

“You going to kiss and tell?” When she shook her head, he prodded for more information. “Just making out?”

She peered at him over the top of her glass. “How naughty do you want to take this game?”

Her sultry look heated his body once more. “If you recall, I was all for the stripping part. In fact, there’s been a disappointing lack of that.”

A smile teased her lips. “I see. Honestly, if it wasn’t so cold out, I’d suggest a dip in the hot tub. I think that’s uncovered at least.”

“Can it be too cold if the water is over a hundred degrees?”

“Good point. But I don’t have a suit.”

“Neither do I. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.” He sipped his beer. “In a hot tub.” He drank again. “With a hot blonde.” This time he didn’t drink but simply stared at her in open invitation.

“She pulled her feet from the table and rose from the couch. “There are towels in the locker room. Give me a head start.” 


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In TELL ME THAT YOU'RE MINE Ryan McCallister and Eva Romero are two people trying to find a once-in-a-lifetime second chance at love. Fans of Tamarra Webber and Erin McCarthy will adore this emotional and heartfelt conclusion to Victoria De La O's RITA-nominated family drama.

Victoria De La O is offering one (1) lucky Grand-Prize winner a $25 Amazon Gift Card and three (3) Runner-Up winners an eCopy of Tell Me How This Ends, book #1 in Victoria’s Tell Me series! To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below:

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About Tell Me That You’re Mine:

Title: Tell Me That You’re Mine
Author: Victorial De La O
Publisher: SMP Swerve
Release Date: August 29, 2017
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Series: Tell Me #3
Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781250122100


Ryan McCallister is ready to come home and put the heartbreak of his first love behind him. But when he returns after teaching abroad, the home he once knew isn’t quite ready for him. The woman Ryan once loved is living with his brother; his friends have moved on; and his new landlady, Eva Romero, seems determined not to like him.

But Ryan likes Eva. A lot.

It doesn’t matter that Eva has a six-year-old son and a troubled ex-husband; when Ryan’s with her, everything makes sense. Eva isn’t convinced she’s ready to take another chance on love, but Ryan’s determined to show her he’s worth the risk.

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It’s feels like an eternity since I’ve been home. In reality, it’s only been a year.
My slow walk to the house is surreal. The lawn is as pristine as ever, each blade of grass shorn the same height by Jude’s meticulous mowing. The red geraniums I planted years ago are thriving. And the dent in the porch rail, caused by my foot accidentally connecting with the wood, is still visible. But I don’t remember the house being this uninspiring shade of blue, or the crack on the front stoop being this wide. This house, this city, used to be my whole world. It seemed a lot bigger then.
Discordance skitters over my spine: what should be familiar is foreign, relief mingles with anxiety. Time snaps and contracts as I knock on the front door, and suddenly it seems like an hour since I left. A nanosecond.
The door swings open, and the reason for my hasty departure is staring at me. She’s as pretty as I remember—maybe more, damn her. Green eyes that used to flutter when I kissed her, full lips that whispered confidences in my ear.
Now, her face is frozen in a hostess’ smile. Her fingers worry the bottom button of her pink cardigan and the threads begin to loosen. She doesn’t know what to do because she wasn’t expecting me. I guess it wasn’t nice showing up a day early.
“Ryan. You’re home.”
Home. Does she mean mine or hers?
I had almost forgotten what Lizzie’s voice sounded like, but its husky depth brings the memories of the six months we spent loving each other rushing back.
Well, I had been loving her. She’d been falling in love with my brother.
I wait for my heart to ache, but there’s only a small twinge. That’s a surprise. In my mind, this was all so much more dramatic and intense. Hard stares and pinched lips. A little social awkwardness seems so mundane by comparison.
And then the door swings open wider and Jude is there. My pulse stops—doesn’t slow, just ceases to exist for a second. Leave it to him to bring the fireworks.
Like the house, Jude seems smaller than I remember. Or maybe that’s because he has gone expressionless, his discomfort hard-crashing him. His hands dig into his pockets, searching for an anchor, pulling his shoulders into a hunch. It takes a lot to knock Jude off his game. Glad to see I can still have that effect on him.
When he opens his mouth, no sound comes out. It’s unusual for me to have to step up and be the better man when I’m around my big brother. But today is that day.

Copyright © 2017 Tell Me That You’re Mine by Victoria De La O

About Victoria De La O:

Victoria De La O is the award-winning and RITA®-nominated author of the Tell Me romance trilogy, including Tell Me How This Ends. A native of California’s Silicon Valley, she spends time hanging out with her family, arguing about films, and practicing Wonder Woman spins, She loves talking to readers, so find her at

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Promo and Q&A with... EMMA DOUGLAS on NEED YOU NOW....and a GIVEAWAY

1.      Tell us about your newest release.

Need You Now is the first book in the Cloud Bay series. It’s set on a small fictional island off the coast of California and the three books are about the three children of Grey Harper, who was the lead singer of Blacklight, one of the biggest rock bands in the world. Need You Now is about Faith Harper, who’s the middle child and firmly set on never marrying after her dad’s bad example and Caleb White who is firmly set on changing her mind once he meets her.

2.      What was your favorite scene in NEED YOU NOW?

My absolute favorite scene is one that’s a little spoilery but the one that was the most fun to write was early in the book where Faith and her mom, Lou are showing Caleb and Liam around the house that Liam has borrowed on the island (it belongs to one of the other Blacklight members). Lou is a big tennis fan and goes a bit fangirly around Caleb, which Faith finds embarrassing, and only made worse when Lou tries to suggest she should do some fangirling of her own. Mostly because secretly, she’d quite like to. Faith’s kind of a control freak and it’s always fun when you can get that kind of character off-balance.

3.  Do you have any interesting writing quirks or rituals?

I make a soundtrack for each book to help get me into the mood of the book. Sometimes I listen to the whole thing and sometimes my writer brain will become obsessed with one particular song for part of the book and I will end up listening to it on endless repeat. Hundreds of times. A big song for the Need You Now soundtrack was Holy Ground by Taylor Swift (Team Taylor all the way!).

 4.  What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

I’m influenced by every book I read, I think. Some of my favorite authors are Jennifer Crusie, Kylie Scott, Sarina Bowen, Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, Robin McKinley and Lois McMaster Bujold. I’m lucky enough to also be friends with some awesome writers who’ve definitely helped me along with way with critiques and much cheering-on. My awesome crit partners for one (who know who they are so I won’t name them all here) and three writers who I took classes with, or was mentored by, early on (Anne Gracie, Valere Parv and Barbara Samuel/O’Neal) all have made me the writer I am today.

5.  What does your family think about your career as a published author?

I’m very lucky, all my family and friends are nothing but supportive of my writing even when I go into writer hermit mode around deadline. Not sure my family knows where the writing comes from but they’re happy for me to do something I love.

6.  Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

Reading. Reading all the things. Though sadly, less of all the things than I used to. Diving into a great new book is still my favorite thing in the world. When I’m not doing that, I like crafty things (I knit, do watercolor, crochet a bit, take photos…anything that lets me play with color, really). I love to bake, I’m a wannabe gardener, I play with my kitties and I like to swim or walk. I will also never say no to a good movie or binge watching something great on Netflix.

7. Can you tell us what is coming up next for you?

The second Cloud Bay book A Season Of You is out October 3 and then the third book No Place Like You on December 5. So there won’t be a long wait for the other Harper sibling’s stories.

8. How can readers connect with you online?

I’m online a lot (too much!, bad writer!). You can find me on Facebook, Twitter (and also here), Instagram and Pinterest (if they want a peek at some of my inspiration for the series). My website is

Welcome to the small island town of Cloud Bay, where it’s never the wrong time to find a love that’s oh-so-right. . .

Caleb White knows what he wants out of life—and being a star tennis player is not it. After speaking to the press about his plans to retire, Caleb decides that a trip to quaint, beautiful Cloud Bay for its legendary music festival is exactly what he needs. There will be time to figure out what to do with his life without a racket in his hand soon enough. Until then, Caleb is content to be stuck on an island with CloudFest’s gorgeous director Faith Harper. . . 

The daughter of a famous rock star, Faith knows all about fame, fortune, and hot flings that aren’t meant to last longer than a few good songs. Gorgeous, built Caleb is a temptation she can’t resist, but she’s not prepared for the way he makes her feel. . .and the dreams that they both share. What begins as a carefree distraction deepens into something real. But is Caleb ready to put his celebrity behind him and give life in the slow lane with Faith a chance?

Author Bio:
Emma Douglas would love to live in a world where professional napping was a thing. But until then, she thinks writing books is a pretty awesome alternative. When not writing about imaginary people, she can be found reading, doing something crafty, binge-watching TV, playing her latest song crush on repeat, or singing badly in her car. She lives in Melbourne, Australia in a tiny house stuffed full of books, too many craft supplies and two cats who take up more space than you would expect. Find out more about Emma at

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Twitter: @Em_Douglas1 // @SMPRomance

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He agreed to give her his genes. He didn’t expect to lose his heart…Here comes THE BABY PROJECT by Miranda Liasson…

Liz Kingston spends her life delivering babies and longs for one of her own. All she needs is someone with fabulous genetic material. Who better to ask than her sexy ex-fling, who has no interest in ever settling down or being a father.
International correspondent Grant Wilbanks loves danger and travelling the world. But nothing in all this Brit’s experience could have prepared him for the way a torrid affair with Liz makes him feel. When she asks for his assistance, he figures he can help her out with a simple donation. No strings, no emotions, just…test-tube science.
But this simple favor gives them both more than they ever bargained for. Grant agrees to her terms, but stepping away gets harder and harder because the more time they spend together, the more he finds himself falling…and losing the battle to safeguard his heart.

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On Sale in Digital: September 4, 2017

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Liz wanted him for the most unflattering reason: because she knew he’d flee without a doubt. “So you want me to donate my sperm—into a test tube?” Grant could hardly say it. He could hardly believe he was having this discussion. The idea was utterly ludicrous.
“This would be a one-time thing, the perfect arrangement. You’d give your sample and walk away. Easy-peasy.”
“You mean create a child and walk away?” Somehow, his brain felt numb. He was having difficulty wrapping his head around it.
“Well, I wouldn’t want you to think of it like that. You’d donate a sample and I’d do the rest. You’d do it as a favor to me. No strings attached. No responsibilities, no worries, and no claim to fatherhood. There’d be no need to tell anyone that you’re the father. And Dottie will be moving away soon, so there’d be no need to say anything to her, either. You’d just go back across the world to your job and forget about me. Simple, yes?”
He struggled not to physically wince at her words. How little she thought of him. But then, he’d given her no other way to think. He’d been a no-show. He plowed his fingers through his hair. God, he should never have come here. What had he been thinking, getting tangled up with her again? The intensity of his feelings for her had caught him by surprise—all it had taken was one glance at those big, dark, pleading eyes, her lovely full lips, her vivaciousness, her compassion, her sarcasm…
He’d known he was in trouble from the second she’d tossed her tea at him. The same stirring, the same wanting that he’d fought so hard to forget, it had all come avalanching back.
And God help him, he wanted her now, just as he had on all those hot, humid African nights. Yes, he’d admit it—he’d wanted to see her. To know how she’d been. To say he was sorry.
What a fool he was to think that that would be enough.
Yet what could he really offer her? He was at the top of his game as a reporter, recognizable around the world, always ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice. He had no family, no home. He was as domesticated as a Bengali tiger.
 “So will you consider it?” she asked.
He opened his mouth to say no.
“I desperately want this, Grant. It’s my last chance to become a mother.”
            Damn her for turning to him with those big doe eyes, with that pleading look that gutted him. That had the effect of rendering him utterly helpless. If he had any sense at all, he’d flee into the house and take cover immediately.
This seemingly simple request was surely fraught with a million complications. If he was wise, he’d simply say no immediately and cut this ridiculous discussion off at the pass.
He tried to avoid eye contact but like a wreck on the side of the road, he couldn’t turn away.
The answer was no. It would always be no. But he couldn’t bear seeing the hopeful expression she wore.
One look at her and he understood down to his marrow exactly what he was seeing in her eyes. Longing, yearning, desperation. She was asking him for something so simple and yet so life-changingly complex.
He’d have to disappoint her, of course. He’d be out of his mind to say yes. The word no formed in his throat, one breath away from being expelled through his lips.
“Let me think about it,” he found himself saying instead.  

Author Bio:
Miranda Liasson loves to write stories about everyday people who find love despite themselves, because there’s nothing like a great love story. And if there are a few laughs along the way, even better! She’s a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart winner and an Amazon bestselling author whose heartwarming and humorous small–town romances have won accolades such as the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and have been Harlequin Junkie and Night Owl Reviews Top Picks.

Connect with Miranda: 


Title: Highland Flame
Author: Mary Wine
Pub Date: September 5, 2017
ISBN: 9781492602538


Laird Diocail Gordon has just inherited his uncle’s run down castle and rag-tag clan. He knows the sorry sight of the castle would send any woman running, but is determined to find a wife to help return his home to its former glory.

Widowed lady Jane Stanley is determined to return to England, even if she has to tromp through the Scottish Highlands on foot to get there. Her travels lead her straight into the midst of a troop of dangerous Highland warriors. The mysterious, brawny laird forbids his men to harm her, and the spark between them is immediate. The only way Diocail can keep her safe is to take her home with him, but will the miserable state of his clan douse her newly ignited Highland flame?

Acclaimed author Mary Wine has written over 30 works of Scottish Highland romance, romantic suspense and erotic romance. An avid history-buff and historical costumer, she and her family enjoy participating in historical reenactments. Mary lives in Yorba Linda, California with her husband and two sons. 

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Historical facts you should know
1.      Noble women did not take the name of their spouse, only the title. This was because their blood was blue as well and of importance. Margaret Clifford wed Henry Stanley, Lord Derby and became Lady Derby but remained Margaret Clifford. Her children took the Stanley name.
2.      Wool maintains ninety percent of its insulating factor when wet, while cotton only maintains ten percent. One reason it was used throughout the British isles for clothing.
3.      A person could be turned out in their shift or shirt. Some were also thrown into debtors prison so that their families could ‘bail’ them out by paying the debts.

Two bundles of Mary Wine’s Highland Weddings series
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Jane’s belly rumbled.
She’d ignored it for a day, but by the next morning, she simply could not any longer.
Not that it changed her mind. She wasn’t returning to Gillanders and his offer to be his harlot in exchange for her keep.
Curse Henry for his gambling.
Jane regretted the thought. She knew it was unkind to think ill of the dead. Her body might ache, but she wasn’t yet ready to regret the fact that she was still drawing breath. Life might be difficult, but it was still to be treasured. She stepped on a rock and winced as she moved toward the sound of water. It was only a temporary solution, but she cupped her hand and drank until she felt some measure of relief.
She straightened, looking at the water and seeking any sign of fish. Desperation was beginning to claw at her. The chill from the night lingered in her joints, and the water wasn’t very satisfying.
No, I am not going back to the boardinghouse…
However, that meant she very well might die in the wilds of Scotland.
At least her situation made for a good tale. A hint of adventure—wasn’t that what her stepmother had gleefully informed her would be her lot when she’d decreed that Jane would wed Henry with his determination to travel into Scotland when it was so very risky?
Oh yes. How grand Jane’s life had been with Alicia. Her stepmother had taken her husband’s house in hand and made it plain that Jane and her sisters would obey her. Not that such an attitude was uncommon. Still, the happy home she’d enjoyed with her mother had vanished within months of her father taking a second wife. Of course, her father had never noticed because Alicia made certain her husband was very comfortable indeed. Complaints to her father had met with his confidence in his new wife’s ability to raise his daughters into women who could run their own households.
Jane was bitter and not one bit interested in being repentant about it. What had all of her obedience to Christian values and duties gotten her? A husband who raised his hand to her, gambling away every coin and then going so far as to promise her favors to settle his unpaid debts.
Turned out in her shift.
Indeed I was.
And still, she preferred it.
Her belly rumbled again. It hurt now, the hunger.
Well, life had not been comfortable for her for many years, so there was no reason to think today would be different. There was, however, a very real satisfaction in rising to meet the challenges as they came her way. If that was pride, so be it.
She looked back at the water and moved a bit farther upstream as she watched for signs of life. The water was tumbling out of a pool, and a fish slithered down the fall.
She blinked, thinking she’d imagined it. No, there was a plop as another fish swam too close to where the rocks gave way, and she realized someone had piled up rocks to make a dam of sorts.
Of course!
It made sense. She looked around, making sure no one was about before she pulled her smock over her head. Without a net or basket at hand, the cloth was all she had. Once wet, it would bring her even more suffering, but if sacrificing her comfort helped her fill her belly, she would take the shivers. She moved into the stream and held the ends of her garment under the water. Her belly twisted with hunger, her mouth beginning to water while she waited. Time seemed to slow down, tormenting her as she tried to maintain her confidence while ignoring how cold the water was around her bare feet.
At last there was another plop, and suddenly there was a fish flopping on the surface of her wet smock. She jumped with surprise, and the fish went sailing right out of her grasp. She whirled around, desperate to catch it. The sun shone off its body as it flailed and fought to buck itself back into the deeper part of the stream. Jane fought just as hard to reach the fish, skinning her knee as she landed next to it and clamped her hands around it.
Victory surged through her when she held it high. She carried it up farther onto the bank and then struggled back into her wet smock. The fabric stuck to her body, but she smiled as she retreated into the forest in search of a way to cook her catch.
“Ye do nae have a knife.”
Jane froze, looking up from her fish to see who her company was. She let out a sigh of relief when she realized it was a boy, a rather small one who looked up at her from where he was crouched next to a rabbit snare. His face reflected his disappointment over finding the snare empty. He looked at her fish, longing in his young eyes.
“The fish are too big for me to catch,” he muttered. “Give me that one, and I’ll let ye use me knife when ye get another for yerself.”
He couldn’t have been more than six or seven winters, but it was clear his life was as challenging as hers. He was thin, his face drawn with hunger. He held out his hands for the fish, aiming a smile at her as he tried to bargain.
“I know how to gut it and put it over a fire,” he tempted her.
“Can you start a fire?” she asked.
He was wearing only a shirt and a belt that held his knife. His feet were blackened from
having no shoes.
“I can get a coal from the house,” he assured her quickly. “But I can nae go home to me ma without something to eat. I am the man of the house now.”
His eyes returned to the fish in her hands. “That’s a fine, big fish, and there are plenty more.”
Trusting him was a risk, but one she had to take unless she planned to eat her fish raw with her teeth. And a fire would warm her and help dry her shift. She hated that she was desperate enough to resort to such behavior. At least Fate was offering her another solution. Yet it would not come without a price. Handing over the fish took a great deal of effort. She watched the way his face lit up.
“I’ll be back,” he promised. “I’m going to give this to me mother and bring back a coal from the hearth like I promised.”
God, she hoped so.
He ran away from her, the fish in his hands, as she fought off tears to see it leaving.
Nonsense, she chided herself.
It will be a good bargain.