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The Tate Brothers , Book 1 
St. Martin's 
ISBN: 978-1-250-12279-7 
May 2017 
Contemporary Romance 

New York City – Present Day 

When Navy SEAL Sullivan “Van” Tate's adoptive father, Noah, suddenly dies, he's left with the task of stabilizing his father's business empire, which includes bringing his adoptive sister, Chloe, to New York City. Chloe has lived in Wyoming her entire life, sheltered to the point of rarely leaving the family ranch. But it's up to Van to give the news to her that not only has she not been left anything, she isn't even Noah's daughter. Turns out that Chloe's real father is the unscrupulous billionaire rival who's been trying to take over their company. 

Chloe looked up to the man she thought was her father, but he always disappointed her by making promises he never kept. She knew the reason she was kept guarded on the ranch was because of a concern that Noah's business rival would hurt her. Turns out this man was her father! Then there is Van. When Chloe was young, she had a crush on him, but he was older and never seemed to care about her. Now she's in New York, staying with him under his protection, and soon an attraction explodes between them. Van keeps his feelings for Chloe under control, but in bed he unlocks the uncontrollable passion that burns between them. 

Van and his two adoptive brothers didn't get along with Noah, who sent all three boys to boarding school. As they matured to adults, each went into a branch of military service and avoided getting involved in Noah's company. Now they're forced by their late adoptive father's will to take control of the empire and fend off the vultures who want to take it over. Van hasn't seen Chloe in eight years, and the reason he's stayed away is because he considers himself flawed after losing a woman he was assigned to protect. His guilt over what happened has him feeling unworthy of any woman's love, and especially that of sweet, innocent Chloe. But as much as Van tries, he no longer can resist giving into the red-hot attraction for her. 

When Chloe was a child, Noah gave her a snow globe depicting Rockefeller Center, and she's hung on and cherished it all this time, waiting for a chance to finally see New York City. Now she's in the big city, but Van won't let her outside to explore. After she inadvertently reveals where Van has her hidden, they are forced to move. But this only intensifies the sizzling attraction between them. The sex is torrid, but does Chloe want more from Van than this? Her real father is a danger hanging over them. Readers know it's only a matter of time in THE DANGEROUS BILLIONAIRE before Chloe and Van come face to face with him. 

The first tale in The Tate Brothers series by Jackie Ashenden tells about the three men adopted by Noah Tate, and how each brother has been hardened by the life they've led. The military taught them well, and they don't want to give it up. In THE DANGEROUS BILLIONAIRE, Van may have to decide which is more important: the military or Chloe. Meanwhile, the danger for Chloe increases as her father makes his moves. Does this include claiming her as his daughter, or is she just a pawn in his nefarious plans? 

The sexual chemistry between Chloe and Van is powerful, but their connection is even stronger. In THE DANGEROUS BILLIONAIRE, it takes nearly losing Chloe before Van realizes how much he needs her. A sensual tale that will have you on the edge of your seat, grab a copy and see what happens in THE DANGEROUS BILLIONAIRE. 

Patti Fischer


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It looks like an exciting story.

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Looks interesting. So many billionaire stories these days!

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I have been enjoying the billionaire books by various authors. Thanks for the chance.

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Sounds like a book I would enjoy.
Natty's Mama

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Would love to read this.