Spotlight Review and Book Giveaway: ONE WILD NIGHT by Melissa Cutler

ONE WILD NIGHT – Melissa Cutler
A One and Only Texas Novel, Book 3
St. Martin’s Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-250-07188-0
March 2017
Contemporary Romance

The Briscoe Ranch Resort near Dulcet, Texas

The Briscoe family has run their high end resort for, is it three generations? For just about that long another family has worked there. Skye Martinez joins her mother and grandmother in their family business, the Polished Pros Company that runs housekeeping at the resort. Skye works under her mother as assistant manager. She’s good at her job, though she has a wild side and a fondness for bad boys that have made for mistakes in her past. As she approaches her thirties, she’s determined to settle down. She’s looking for just the right kind of man to make a home and family with. A series of fix ups through family and friends are all failures.

 I confess it’s hard to know where to start in this many layered novel. Okay, make it the beginning. During another disaster of a blind date, Skye gets a text from the resort’s wedding planner giving her the excuse to leave. Once home, she gives in to her mother and lets her concoct a magic potion that would attract the right kind of man. It seems to be working; she’s more popular than ever, and the men are all local and steady and eager . . . and dull.

Enter a man who is the exact opposite of what she’s looking for. . . .

Popular country music star Gentry Wells is at the resort to entertain at the wedding of his producer’s daughter. He’s hit it big playing guitar and singing his own songs, but he’s going through a dry period right now. His creativity seems to have left him. When he sees a beautiful woman in the barn one night getting ready for a moonlit horseback ride, he thinks that might be just the thing he needs. She doesn’t know who he is, but he’s hot.

Skye is breaking rules by fraternizing with a guest. She’s soon to break more. She and Gentry come upon the bride and groom planning to run away. It seems they are miserable. This is nothing like the small romantic wedding they dreamed of. Skye and Gentry are soon helping them to elope.

All this while, the attraction grows, but so does the realization that they are not suited. While Skye inspires him to write songs, he knows he’s bad for her. Plus, he has no intention of ever marrying or having a family.

Do they ever get together? Well, there is one long, sizzling scene that must have been the inspiration for the book’s title. But there is so much more to ONE WILD NIGHT than the bare bones above. While told from Skye’s and Gentry’s points of view, there are other entertaining characters aplenty, many from the two earlier books in the One and Only Texas series: ONE HOT SUMMER and ONE MORE TASTE. The whole is rich in plot lines, suspense, humor, passion, and delight. I highly recommend it as a grand read.

Jane Bowers

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Anonymous said…
Would love to read this book.
donnas said…
Sounds great. Thanks for sharing!
CrystalGB said…
Sounds great. Thanks for the great giveaway.
Anonymous said…
Natty's Mama.

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