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Promo and Q&A: A BABY FOR THE DEPUTY by Cathy McDavid

Mustang Valley, Book 9
Harlequin Western Romance #1633
ISBN: 978-0-757497
March 2017
Contemporary Western Romance

Mustang Valley, Arizona – Present Day

Veterinarian Melody Hartman and Deputy Sheriff Aaron Travers have carried on a secret love affair for eight months. But their lives are about to change when Mel discovers she’s pregnant. While for most couples this issue wouldn’t be a problem, for them it’s the thing that throws their lives into turmoil. Aaron lost his wife to a brain tumor three years ago, leaving him to raise their three-year-old daughter with help from his mother-in-law, who lives with them. Aaron isn’t sure he’s in love with Mel, though he can’t stay away from her. She quickly lets him know that they can remain friends only and raise their child jointly. Now they face the task of telling their respective family members.

Right after Mel learns she’s pregnant, a young woman barges into a birthday party being thrown for Ray, Mel’s father, informing them she is his daughter and demands money from him. Ray had never told his daughters, Mel, Frankie and Ronnie, that he’d had a brief affair after he lost their mother and this girl, Samantha, is the result. Meanwhile, Aaron is trying to find some horse rustlers and is frustrated by the dead ends. He has a lot on his mind, with Mel’s pregnancy weighing the heaviest.  He wants to marry Mel for the baby’s sake, but does he love her? That he is not sure about.

There are plenty of things going on in A BABY FOR THE DEPUTY, but readers can be assured that most everything will be neatly tied up by the end. Mel and Aaron were content having their secret affair and enjoying one another. Aaron didn’t want to disrupt his daughter’s life by introducing a woman into their lives, and Mel respects this, though she wishes they could go out on real dates, rather than meet in motels. Mel is dedicated to her job as Mustang Valley’s only vet, so getting pregnant wasn’t in her plans. She marvels at the new life growing inside her, but fears how Aaron will take the news. Whatever the case, she won’t marry him just to give the baby a name. She wants love.

Aaron’s mother-in-law at times is too needy in wanting to make sure he doesn’t start dating “too soon” even though he’s been a widower for three years. He’s respectful of his mother-in-law and appreciates her help, but he needs to live his own life. Aaron is also busy trying to find and arrest the horse thieves, but with Maricopa County being large, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Will he find the culprits? While A BABY FOR THE DEPUTY is part of the longstanding Mustang Valley series, it can be read as a standalone with no difficulty.

Lives are about to change for several people in A BABY FOR THE DEPUTY, but at the heart of the story is what happens when an unplanned pregnancy changes everything for Mel and Aaron. Will they realize that they’re in love and want to be together…and not just because of the baby? A heartwarming tale, pick up a copy of A BABY FOR THE DEPUTY today.

Patti Fischer

Q&A with Cathy McDavidA Baby for the Deputy 

1)      How did you come up with the relationship between Aaron Travers and Melody Hartman?
There seems to be a trend these days for young couples to “hang out together” rather than date --- at least, that’s what I hear and what my daughter tells me. I gave Aaron and Mel difficult romantic pasts, which made the idea of a no-strings-attached relationship appealing to them, then complicated things with an unexpected pregnancy because, well, life is complicated.
2)      What is your favorite part about writing Western Romance books?
I truly am a lover of all things western. I owned horses most of my life, grew up watching Bonanza and Big Valley reruns, and lived the western lifestyle for many, many years. For me, there is no sexier, more appealing romance book hero than a rugged, good looking cowboy.
3)      Do you have any traditions you enjoy during early Spring?
You mean besides the mandatory spring cleaning and yard work? Absolutely! I always attend the Glendale Chocolate Affair in February and Tucson Festival of Books in March where local romance writers host two to three days of mega booksignings. I love connecting with readers, both new and those that drop by every year for my latest release. Plus, I’m surrounded by books and authors.
4)      When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
Like a lot of authors, I started writing at a young age. For me, it was in high school (I actually won a contest for a children’s book I wrote and illustrated). I didn’t seriously, however, until twenty years later. And it wasn’t until I finished that first book that I realized I’d found my passion. Two years ago, I quite the corporate world altogether to write full-time. It’s been a dream come true.
5)      How long does it take you to write a book?
Two weeks of intense planning and three months to write the book from start to finish. Of course, I always wind up trashing some of those carefully constructed plans in favor of better ideas that strike me along the way.
6)      Where do you get your idea to write about an unplanned pregnancy?
My publisher loves unplanned pregnancy books, as do readers! Plus, I really do enjoy writing them J  All kidding aside, I try to give my couples big, game-changing obstacles to overcome and, let’s face it, an unplanned pregnancy is pretty game-changing. I find writing believable reasons for how a couple finds themselves in this particular predicament and believable scenarios for how they cope with it to be challenging. Then, there’s the love story. My guy is going to do the right thing in the end, but he’s going to do it out of love, not just a responsibility.
7)      How many books have you written? Do you have a favorite?
I’m in the process of writing my forty-second book. I had to look this up. My more recent favorites are Come Home, Cowboy and Rescuing the Cowboy. My all-time favorite is The Gate to Eden, a western historical. It still remains the book of my hear.
8)      What book are you reading right now?
The Sapphire Pendant --- a young adult novel by Audrey White Beyer from 1961. Part of my ongoing goal to read classics, especially young adult classics.
9)      What are your current projects?
I’m currently writing the third book in my newest Mustang Valley series, The Bull Rider’s Valentine. I’m also working on a proposal for a new three-book series in addition to writing a novella for release this summer. Yes, these books will all feature cowboy heroes. What can I say?
10)  What advice do you have for writers?

My best advice is to carefully consider the advice you receive. Gather as much information as you can from a wide variety of sources. Then, be extremely selective when choosing what to follow. Opinions are free and they vary greatly. Trust your instincts. Follow only the advice that makes the most sense to you.

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