Monday, February 27, 2017

Spotlight Review: MARRY ME ON MAIN STREET by LuAnn McLane

A Cricket Creek Novel , Book 11 
Berkley Sensation 
ISBN: 978-1-101-98982-1 
ISBN: 1-101-98982-3 
December 2016 
Contemporary Romance 

Cricket Creek, Kentucky – The Present 

Ten years ago Danny Mayfield asked his classmate, the shy Susan Quincy, who stuttered when nervous, to the prom. They even shared a kiss. When Susan learned their mothers, who were good friends, suggested the prom date, it devastated her self-esteem. In the past years she has diligently avoided Danny, a difficult accomplishment in a small town like Cricket Creek. While trying to carry a too-heavy box of Mason jars, which she wants to fill with cookie mix and sell in her store, Rhyme and Reason, she nearly drops them. A man's arms surround her, preventing either her, or the box, from dropping to the sidewalk. It is Danny. She is still intensely attracted to him, but sends him on his way with a heart-felt thank you for his help, but no other encouragement. 

Danny doesn't want to go away. He remembers that prom-date kiss, and afterward, how Susan seemed to head in another direction whenever he showed up. He decides he wants more—not only from Susan, but also for his future. 

Middle-aged Betsy works for Susan at Rhyme and Reason. They have become good friends. She encourages Susan to see Danny, and in return, Susan encourages Betsy to make some moves on John Clark, owner of the deli next door. Before owning the deli, John had been a high-powered attorney in New York. His divorce brought him back to Cricket Creek to reinvent his unsatisfying life, but Betsy wonders what he could see in her. 

MARRY ME ON MAIN STREET is a Christmas come-together story, and the opportunity for all the characters to make peace with their respective pasts and present, to build more fulfilling futures. Many characters from previous stories, after all this is the eleventh Cricket Creek saga, take part in the story, but they do not confuse the understanding of this one. 

Robin Lee

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