Promo: HER SWEETEST FORTUNE by Stella Bagwell

The Fortunes of Texas: The Secret Fortunes
Harlequin Special Edition #2527
ISBN: 978-0-373-62326-6
February 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Austin, Texas – Present Day

As the youngest child in a large wealthy family, there’s no doubt a few people think Sophie Fortune Robinson is spoiled. But Sophie works hard in the family business and finds it rewarding. It’s too bad her love life isn’t as rewarding. She’s set her eyes on the office lothario, Thom Nichols, who soon asks her out. Sophie is so excited about this development that she spills the news to her best friend at work, Mason Montgomery. He tells her to slow down about pursuing a relationship with Thom, but Sophie isn’t listening.

Things don’t go as planned on Sophie’s dates with Thom. Turns out he is not the greatest guy in the world. She continues to pour her heart out to Mason, until one day she realizes he seems more matched to her than Thom. Soon, she is thinking about him rather than Thom. What Sophie doesn’t realize is that Mason is attracted to her and wants her all to himself. Can he win her over?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Sophie doesn’t want to be dateless for that romantic night. In HER SWEETEST FORTUNE, Sophie is determined—at first—to land Thom, but her sights are soon turning to Mason. Mason is the office IT guy—nerdy and almost blends into the woodwork—but he is sweet to her and easy to talk to. Their friendship has built over the months as they’ve gotten to know one another, and she doesn’t realize that he wants to be more than just friends with her. Thom might be the handsomest man in the office, but he’s also a narcissist jerk.

Mason isn’t sure how to approach Sophie to ask her for a date because he’s still feeling a tad burned about a failed romance from his past that ended with him being betrayed and he fears she’ll reject him. Sophie is young and may not be ready to settle down, but that doesn’t seem to stop her from thinking otherwise, while Thom is getting the idea that he has an easy way to the top of the company by marrying her. It may be up to Mason to step in and let Sophie know the truth. But would it end up destroying their friendship, and any chance at getting together?

HER SWEETEST FORTUNE is part of the ongoing Fortune Family series and you don’t have to read the books in order as each stands on its own. Sophie is still getting used to having learned her family is part of the Fortune family, and that her dad had a child—or maybe two—outside his marriage to her mother. The relationship between Sophie and Mason is slow to develop in HER SWEETEST FORTUNE, but once it does, it all comes to a sweet and satisfying ending.

Patti Fischer


1)      How did you come up with the friendship/relationship love triangle as a plot? Actually, the plot was suggested by the editors as a part of a special continuing series. As the author, it was my job to breathe life and personality into the characters and their story.
2)      What is your favorite part about writing for Her Sweetest Fortune? My favorite part of writing Her Sweetest Fortune was putting two friends together and watching their confusion and surprise as the attraction builds between them.
3)      Any tips for readers hoping that a special someone was more than just a friend? If that special someone goes out of his way to do something thoughtful for you, then he probably has more than friendship on his mind!
4)      What was the first book that made you cry? While I was still in high school my brother gave me a set of Ernest Hemingway books. When the hero of A FAREWELL TO ARMS lost the love of his life, I definitely cried. To this day I still can’t watch the movie or I’ll start sobbing.
5)      How long do you spend researching before beginning a book? That all depends on the setting of the book and the plot. If it’s a place or plot I’m familiar with then a week or two of research is plenty. When writing continuity the research always takes longer because you have to make sure characters, setting details and plot lines match those of the authors stories going before and after your own.
6)      How do you select the names of your characters? For me, choosing names for my characters is one of the most time consuming part of writing a book. I want the name to define my character’s personality and at the same time I have to be careful not to choose a name I’ve used in a prior book. If something doesn’t immediately pop into my head, I’ll reach for the telephone directory and search until I find a name that feels right.
7)      If you didn’t write, what would you do for work? I would probably be doing the job I held before I became a writer, which was a hairdresser. By the way, a treasure trove of stories goes through a beauty salon!
8)      Do you believe in writer’s block? I think a writer’s mind can go on a lazy streak or be distracted by outside influences. But I personally don’t believe in writer’s block.
9)      What is your favorite thing about writing contemporary romance? My favorite thing about writing contemporary romance is definitely the happy endings and the hope that the future will be filled with love.
10)   Are you excited for Valentine’s Day? I always look forward to Valentine’s Day. After being married for nearly forty-six years it still melts my heart to get flowers and romance from my husband!


Kathleen O said…
I have been reading these "Fortune" books for years. Stella Bagwell is another author who writes great stories.

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