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Promo: CARAMEL BEACH by Audrey O'Connor

In Audrey O’Connor’s steamy, stormy follow-up novella to Lessons in Pure Life, Diego and Lia reunite after weeks apart for dance-floor revelations, midnight confessions, and a run-in with the law. Fans of Karina Halle's Racing the Sun won't want to miss this exciting new release published by Tryst Books!

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About Caramel Beach:

Title: Caramel Beach
Author: Audrey O’Connor
Publisher: Tryst Books
Series: Lessons in Pure Life #2
Release Date: February 27, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Series Romance

In Audrey O’Connor’s steamy, stormy follow-up novella to Lessons in Pure Life, sun-soaked days melt into restless nights for Diego and Lia, kept apart for weeks by long hours and miles of coastline. When an A-list wedding reunites them in Caramel Beach, the tension is higher than ever.

Over the course of an electric twenty-four hours filled with sugar, sex, and magic, the couple faces their share of personal demons, angels, and unlikely prophets. While Diego confronts his problems with the help of a surf champ and a bottle of whiskey, Lia stumbles into a bathroom-stall seduction and possibilities she never knew existed. Amid the chaos, Lia and Diego try to reconnect. What comes after is a life-altering odyssey into uncharted territory.

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We meander back to the hostel in the wet sand, the surf to our left. The moon is full and bright, bouncing off the gentle waves that roll into the bay.

My first few months in Costa Rica were rich with the exhilaration of my new environment. I landed in the lap of a whole new life, just like that. After working all month in Pacifica without him, being with Diego again sends those early memories bobbing up to the surface. He’s got this sharp energy beneath the layers and layers that make up a man. Intimidation is what he inspires, followed closely by strange physical sensations that spell your undoing. He triggers an energy in me that could tear the hood off a car. And I’m sure as hell not on flakka.

He slides his arm around my waist like he can hear me. We walk a few steps before he stops and turns to face me.

“I wouldn’t hate it if you’d let me hold you.”

The waves crash endlessly behind us, a soaking wet heartbeat. I’m still strung up in his words when he closes the empty space between us.

“You’re on fire,” he tells me, hands making a ring behind my back so we’re suspended in some kind of stained glass embrace.

“Hey, thanks.”

“You sure know how to put yourself together, gringa.”


“I’m not the only one.”

He sighs and I wait patiently. Indecision slows his expression, crystalizing in his delay.

Whatever it is goes away.

“Did you enjoy your time, you know, without me distracting you?” he asks.

“It was busy, but we got a lot done at the new school. I can’t complain.”

“I wish you would.” He pulls me in closer.

That one gets me. His slow kiss disappears everything around me before I’m even sure it’s happening. Lips softer than I remember, the light scrape of his chin on mine. A rugged feeling so welcome it can stay for dessert.

“You’re trouble,” he breathes.

“The best kind of it,” I reply.

“There’s nothing I can do about it, is there?”

“I doubt it.”

Bowing his head, he lowers his eyelids.

“I forgot what this is like,” he laughs tiredly, rubbing his cheek with his hand. “You still take me by surprise.” He tilts his head, considering me tenderly but wincing, like it hurts to admit it.

Watch and see my defenses lower to unprecedented depths.

I press against him, not sure whether I’m teasing him or me. His palm is warm on the back of my leg.

“How’d you get your skin so soft, anyway?” he whispers, stroking my thigh gently until it evolves into a grasp, the tips of his fingers pushing into my flesh.


“It’s working.”

I laugh, breathless. “So what do you wanna do?”

“Right now?”

I nod.

He pulls me in by the bottom with both hands. “Get to know you all over again.”

Copyright © 2017 by Audrey O’Connor

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About Lessons in Pure Life:

Title: Lessons in Pure Life
Author: Audrey O’Connor
Publisher: Tryst Books
Series: Lessons in Pure Life #1
Date Released: January 15, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Series Romance

Freshly minted grad Emilia Noble arrives in Costa Rica to teach English in the tropical community of Pacifica. Its carefree, pura vida lifestyle is a welcome contrast to her dark and wintry origins. Tossing caution aside like an old winter coat, she plunges headfirst into an exotic cocktail of sensory pleasure.

Diego is a local whose surfer body and cool detachment make Lia buzz with a long-lost thrill. Fascinated by her new environment, she can’t help but wonder about the moody inner workings of the boy with triceps like Wolverine and a grimace to match.

Diego seems to have no problem ignoring Lia, though. Caught up in his family’s conflicted attitude toward foreigners, he notices her only when it’s convenient. But as Lia thrives in her new surroundings, Diego might just find reason enough to defy his embattled, insular father. When north and south are mixed together, the results are intoxicating.

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About Audrey O’Connor:

Audrey O’Connor is inspired by art, science, compassion, and rare moments of transcendence. She writes in Chelsea, Quebec, and enjoys river swims, woodsy gatherings, live music in Wakefield, and a deep, dark cabernet sauvignon.

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Spotlight Review: MARRY ME ON MAIN STREET by LuAnn McLane

A Cricket Creek Novel , Book 11 
Berkley Sensation 
ISBN: 978-1-101-98982-1 
ISBN: 1-101-98982-3 
December 2016 
Contemporary Romance 

Cricket Creek, Kentucky – The Present 

Ten years ago Danny Mayfield asked his classmate, the shy Susan Quincy, who stuttered when nervous, to the prom. They even shared a kiss. When Susan learned their mothers, who were good friends, suggested the prom date, it devastated her self-esteem. In the past years she has diligently avoided Danny, a difficult accomplishment in a small town like Cricket Creek. While trying to carry a too-heavy box of Mason jars, which she wants to fill with cookie mix and sell in her store, Rhyme and Reason, she nearly drops them. A man's arms surround her, preventing either her, or the box, from dropping to the sidewalk. It is Danny. She is still intensely attracted to him, but sends him on his way with a heart-felt thank you for his help, but no other encouragement. 

Danny doesn't want to go away. He remembers that prom-date kiss, and afterward, how Susan seemed to head in another direction whenever he showed up. He decides he wants more—not only from Susan, but also for his future. 

Middle-aged Betsy works for Susan at Rhyme and Reason. They have become good friends. She encourages Susan to see Danny, and in return, Susan encourages Betsy to make some moves on John Clark, owner of the deli next door. Before owning the deli, John had been a high-powered attorney in New York. His divorce brought him back to Cricket Creek to reinvent his unsatisfying life, but Betsy wonders what he could see in her. 

MARRY ME ON MAIN STREET is a Christmas come-together story, and the opportunity for all the characters to make peace with their respective pasts and present, to build more fulfilling futures. Many characters from previous stories, after all this is the eleventh Cricket Creek saga, take part in the story, but they do not confuse the understanding of this one. 

Robin Lee

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Promo: SEXY SIX by Ahren Sanders

They call me Sexy Six 

Cocky? Absof*ckinglutely
Sexy? That’s what they say
Unstoppable? You bet your ass

NFL Golden boy, Super Bowl MVP, and the league’s hottest player—on and off the field. To most, I’m a celebrity, with the records to prove it.

Fame, fortune, family… I’ve got it all.

Except Grace Monroe. 

Two years ago, Grace turned my world upside down with just one look. I didn’t stand a chance against the shy, southern beauty with the radiant violet eyes. Our intense connection was unlike any force I’ve ever faced. Then she disappeared, without a word, leaving me with nothing but questions, a handful of memories, and a lifetime of what-ifs.

Now she’s back, and so much more than the girl I once knew. Stunning, successful, and sexy as sin, she’s my fantasy come true.

One taste, one touch, one moan, and I’m addicted.

Grace is the game changer I never saw coming. Everything I’ve ever wanted is finally within reach.

Suddenly, I’m playing the most important game of my life… a game where losing isn’t an option.

Because this time… winning means forever.
What happens when you come face to face with the 'one who got away'?

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Book Giveaway: HARD TO HANDLE by Christine Warren

From New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren comes Hard to Handle, the fifth book in her Gargoyles series about a tale that is as old as time…and a love as strong as stone.
The only male among four sisters, Michael Drummond is no stranger to women’s strength and formidable will. But when a fierce woman warrior from another realm bursts into his life, bringing with her a battle between good and evil, Michael is overcome by an explosive dose of desire that only this stunningly beautiful woman can inspire.
The first and only of her kind, Ash is a lone female gargoyle, a creature destined to protect mankind from Demons determined to unleash their darkest forces.
But her bone-deep instinct to do battle is turned off-kilter by her untamed attraction to the dangerously handsome human she can’t stay away from. If they manage to keep the world safe, can they turn the passion crackling between them into a love that will withstand the test of time?
“Soars with fun, witty characters and nonstop action.”Publishers Weekly on Stone Cold Lover
Don't miss the other books in the Gargoyle series:
Book #1: Heart of Stone
Book #2: Stone Cold Lover
Book #3: Hard as a Rock
Book #4: Rocked by Love

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Book Winner!

The Lora Leigh book winner is.... MaryF!
Congrats and email me your info at pattifischer@yahoo.com  

Spotlight Review: FOREVER IN HER EYES by Karen Rose Smith

FOREVER IN HER EYES by Karen Rose Smith 
A Perfect 10 
Search For Love Series , Book 9 
Published by Karen Rose Smith 
Available online September 12, 2016 
EBook ISBN: 978-0-9974612-3-7 
Print ISBN: 978-0-9974612-4-4 
Contemporary Romance 

Los Angeles and Santa Rosa, California 

Melanie Carlotti lost her husband and daughter when their Christmas tree set their house on fire. A following explosion sent glass fragments into Melanie's eyes. It took many months to heal enough for cornea transplants and many more months for her to get her sight back. And here it is, almost the Christmas season again. Ever since the transplant, Melanie has been troubled by eerie dreams. In them, she sees a strange man and has odd feelings that the dreams might belong to someone else. 

Melanie is determined to learn the cornea donor's identity, and, with the help of a psychic and private investigator, she does. As it turns out, the donor's husband is a businessman who is redoing offices in a building in Santa Rosa . . . and Melanie is a successful interior decorator in L.A. She applies for the job, which will take months, and is hired. And, the man for whom she will work, turns out to be the man from her dreams! 

Zach Morgan owns several sporting goods stores. His wife perished in an accident over a year ago, and he can't forget the argument they had just before she drove off. Now he has his work and little Amy, eighteen months old and the light of his life. 

Somehow Melanie ends up staying—temporarily—in the penthouse with Zach, Amy, and Flo, the friendly housekeeper. As the temporary stay grows longer, Melanie, who misses her own daughter, can't help but fall in love with little Amy. 

The above oversimplifies a highly absorbing tale that moves right along with one heartwarming and suspenseful scene after another. The story never slows down; there are no lines you will be tempted to skip even as you can't wait to find out what happens next. I was mesmerized by it all and am awarding FOREVER IN HER EYES one of Romance Reviews Today's rare Perfect 10s. 

Jane Bowers

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Title: The Mistress Enchants Her Marquis
Series: Craven House (Book Two)
Author: Christina McKnight
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Release Date: February 21, 2017


The grandson of an unconventional marquis and son of a notorious woman, Elijah Watson, Marquis of Ridgefeld, has spent most of his life outside of London. His atypical upbringing has left him longing for roots and a traditional family life, and he’s determined to live his life above reproach. When he meets Miss Samantha Pengarden, he believes he’s found the woman he wants to marry—except she has other far more sensual ideas for him.

Known throughout the ton as the illegitimate rebellious daughter of London’s disreputable Craven House Madame, Samantha has never had to face the world without her shy twin by her side—until now. Her sister’s marriage and the return of her blackguard father leaves her alone and adrift. When Elijah agrees to escort her to the town’s most infamous establishments, she thinks she’s finally found a man with a taste for scandal and a knowledge of matters of the flesh.

But she never counted on Elijah being so honorable. When Samantha is listed as the mistress of the Marquis of Ridgefeld in White’s betting book, her reputation is in ruins—and only Elijah can save her. Can two total opposites come together for a love certain to last a lifetime?

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

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The Thief Steals Her Earl (Craven House Book One) is on sale for just 99cents!
Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

Author Bio:
Christina McKnight is a book lover turned writer. From a young age, her mother encouraged her to tell her own stories. She’s been writing ever since.

Christina enjoys a quiet life in Northern California with her family, her wine, and lots of coffee. Oh, and her books…don’t forget her books! Most days she can be found writing, reading, or traveling the great state of California.

You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon

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Promo: COURTING THE COWBOY by Carolyne Aarsen

Cowboys of Cedar Ridge - Book 1
Harlequin Love Inspired
ISBN:  978-0-373-62256-6
February 2017
Inspirational Series Romance

Cedar Ridge, Alberta, Canada - Present Day

Ella Langton’s life has been on the skids for some time, ever since she lost her marriage and her child.  Now, she has an unprecedented job offer from a prestigious art gallery and school in Montreal.  If they like her newest works, she’ll be able to teach, something she has longed to do, but only if she can find the inspiration to paint again.  Somehow, her muse has gone astray, and the most she gets for her efforts are a few lines and splotches of color on the canvas.  Frustrated and at the breaking point of frustration, Ella rents a cabin in the Porcupine Hills of Alberta, packs up her Malamute, Pablo, and together they move into the small house for the next six months.  All she wants is peace and quiet so she can concentrate on her painting.

Instead of peace, Ella is bombarded when her neighbor's nanny knocks on her door and rushes off, leaving Ella with three children.  Ella is so shocked all she can do is hug herself tightly while six- year-old Suzy and seven-year-old Paul make themselves at home in her living room.  And to her horror, Ella is also left to mind little two-year-old Oliver, who is now sitting on her floor ready to cry.  She can tolerate the older children, but the baby brings back too many dark memories for Ella, and she's nearly shaking with fear.  But, just in the nick of time, the children's father arrives to take charge of his offspring.

Rancher Cord Walsh lost his wife, Lisa, two years ago, but he still blames himself for her death.  Now, he’s attempting to take over the work she was doing when she died:  helping the Cedar Ridge Rodeo join the Milk River Rodeo Association as part of their event circuit.  But the too many meetings and time consuming projects are taking their toll on Cord; he’s away from his children too much, and now, he has no nanny, and the kids are out of school for spring break.  Even so, Cord feels he needs to carry on with his wife's work, but whether it's to commemorate her memory or just assuage his own guilt, he doesn't know.

Ella is determined to stay far away from Cord and his kids.  The kids melt her heart, and Cord, well, too many feelings she doesn’t want to explore erupt in his presence.  Cord is just trying to find more time to spend with his children and organize his life, but he's beginning to like the way he feels around Ella when she's near.  His kids are not helping the situation, however.  After Suzy persuaded Ella to help them with an art project, Ella has been spending lots of time in his home cooking dinner and cleaning his kitchen.  Cord likes having Ella around, but he's troubled by her obvious dislike of little Oliver, clearly she does not like babies, and he's wondering why.

COURTING THE COWBOY is a heartwarming romance featuring dynamic characters amid the story of two lost and hurting people who find each other through friendship and faith.  Ella's marriage was abusive and dark, leading her to paint bleak, but wildly popular canvasses which sold well.  Now pressured by her mother to create a new and even darker portfolio of paintings, Ella cannot find the inspiration to begin.  What she finds instead, is sunshine in the smiles of Cord's children, all except little Oliver, who only brings dark memories to mind that she is unable to face.  Cord, meanwhile, is dealing with the guilt of losing his wife to an untimely death and the uncertainty of maybe falling in love again.

COURTING THE COWBOY is the first novel in a planned series of four connected books, but I was unable to find out when the next release is due.  Check the author's website, www.carolyneaarsen.com
for updates.  Meanwhile, grab a copy of COURTING THE COWBOY, it's a great book!

Diana Risso

COURTING THE COWBOY by Carolyne Aarsen

1)      How did you come up with the relationship between artist Ella and rancher Cord?
a.       The first picture that came to me was a woman with three kids standing on the deck of her house, looking at her like they are supposed to help her out and she is reluctant to. Then a truck comes on the yard and here comes the father. This was how the book starts and this was the first idea that came to me. So then I had to figure out why the woman didn’t really want to help the kids. Why the father was so upset at her reaction. And because I knew I needed them to be forced together, I had to delve into that. I knew my heroine was an artist trying to find solitude so I came up with the idea that the kids, once they found out she was an artist, finagle her into helping them with an art project. The hero is trying to protect his children and knows that she is uncomfortable around them but also that they really want this to happen.
3)      What is your favorite part about writing Courting the Cowboy?
a.       The interacation with the kids and Ella. I have two precocious granddaughters and a chubby loveable grandson and they became my models for Suzie and Ollie. Paul was a composite of my other grandson and a nephew’s son. It was fun bringing them to life.
4)      How is it different to write about children than adults?
a.       Kids say what they think and aren’t scared to ask the hard questions. They aren’t scared to satisfy their curiosity so that makes for some interesting and fun conversations. Plus they don’t overthink so what you see is what you get. Adults spend more time debating and questioning  and filtering what they say so it’s a different dynamic.
5)      How did you pick a cabin in Alberta as the backdrop for the book?
a.       I loved the idea of seclusion and the mountains and a ranch. It created a sense of coziness that appealed to me. I wanted my heroine to be apart from her usual support system so that she was a bit vulnerable when the kids came barging into her life.
6)      What was the first book that made you cry?
a.       The Outsiders. I remember sitting under one of those dome, homestyle hairdryers, my hair in curlers as the hot air blew over my head, reading the book and my tears drying on my hot cheeks as I read how Johnny died. Such delicious sadness.
7)      How long do you spend researching before beginning a book?
a.       I often say I’m always researching stories and books. I gather information and hoard it, store it away for when I can use it. So it’s difficult to say. I love ranching life and the lifestyle and my husband has his horses and cows so, like I said, I’m always trying to find ways to write what I know into my story. As for the other stuff, like the art references in this book, I have a niece who’s an artist and I’ve listened to her talk about shows and galleries so I drew from that as well. Then, whatever I don’t know I fill in as needed either by phoning or going on Google.
8)      How do you select the names of your characters?
a.       I actually have a master list of names of hero’s and heroine’s that I’ve used in the past and for future books so I don’t make the mistake I did previously of having two hero’s named Logan. I usually pick names that sound strong, masculine for my men and a bit softer for my women. And that’s about it. For secondary characters I rely on a little tool in Scrivener that gives ideas for names. I’ve used it often.
9)      If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?
a.       Take pictures and edit them. Make covers for books and learn how to properly use the gradient tool in Affinity. Sometimes I think I would like to work in a store with other real people instead of the fake people I spend so much time with. (though they become very real to me). But the truth is I really can’t imagine not being a writer. I’m always coming up with stories.
10)  Do you believe in writer’s block?
a.       Not really. I think it’s often resistance to do the hard work that keeps me from writing. For instance I’m supposed to be reworking a book right now that I’m struggling with so it’s much easier to fill this out than to work on it. But I will go back to it and keep plugging. I know, for me, when I shut the internet off, the distractions cease and I have no choice but to work. I can’t really say that I’ve had actual writer’s block. Resistance to do the hard work, yes, but not writer’s block.
11)  Are you excited for Valentine’s Day?
a.       I know I’m supposed to say yes, but Valentines Day is often just another day here. If I’m in town I’ll buy some Lindor Chocolate for my husband and I and we’ll have them with tea as we have our devotions after supper. My dear husband is not a romantic so it’s often a non-event. I don’t doubt my husband’s love for me and I’ve learned, long ago, that birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day should never be a test of that love.

Courting the Cowboy
by Carolyne Aarsen

Looking for inspiration, artist Ella Langton rents a cabin in the isolated Porcupine Hills of Alberta, Canada. She didn’t count on having neighbors, but rancher Cord Walsh and his three children are just a stone’s throw away. 

Still healing from a tragic accident, Ella has no plans of reaching out, but she’s having a hard time keeping them out of her yard—and her thoughts. And when little Suzy ropes Ella into helping her with an art project, she can’t help her growing feelings for the girl’s rugged daddy.

With three persistent children, Cord and Ella may find their fenced-off hearts opening up sooner than they thought!

CAROLYNE AARSEN lives in Northern Alberta where she was born, raised and married and has raised four children and numerous foster children. Her writing has been honed between being a stay-at-home mother, homemaker, gardener, crafter columnist and business partner with her husband in their cattle farm and logging business.

by Carolyne Aarsen
Love Inspired; January 17, 2017
$5.99U.S.; 224 Pages