Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Perfect 10:

BEAUTIFUL - Christina Lauren 
Beautiful Bastard Series , Book 5 
A Perfect 10 
ISBN: 9781501127991 
October 2016 
Contemporary Romance 

New England - Present Day 

After having to pretend to sleep on his plane ride home due to a very drunk and chatty seatmate, all Jensen wants to do is relax at home, and maybe spend some time with his younger sister. While enjoying some down time at his sister's house with some old friends, Jensen is conned into joining them on their couples winery tour. But no worries, he won't be the only single person going along, a friend of a friend is going as well. And much to Jensen's surprise and horror, it's the woman who sat next to him on the plane. 

Pippa decided to take her friend up on the offer to join their winery excursion, especially since her boyfriend just cheated on her, and she desperately needed to escape from London for a while. A bit embarrassed to realize the good looking guy she spilled her guts to on the plane is also tagging along, Pippa decides to put her best foot forward and enjoy the trip no matter what. But as time goes on, Pippa and Jensen can't seem to keep away from one another. And when a little white lie snowballs into a big mess, they end up sharing a room, a bed, and a fantastic time. But when the winery tour ends, will their fling dry up as well? 

BEAUTIFUL marks the end of the much-loved Beautiful Bastard series. Author Christina Lauren's sense of humor shines throughout the story, and all of Pippa and Jensen's awkward interactions will leave the reader rolling with laughter. Once again, the author manages to balance the humor and the heart-wrenching moments to create a masterpiece, and a true one-sitting read. 

Long-time readers of the series will enjoy the group dynamic present in BEAUTIFUL, with past couples coming back to help Jensen and Pippa along, or at least tease them as they start to fall in love. But what might interest fans even more, BEAUTIFUL contains several epilogues, giving readers a final glimpse into the individual relationships of the beloved characters in the series. 

BEAUTIFUL earns its Perfect 10 rating by being a perfect ending to a fan favorite series. Readers can expect to get a little misty eyed as they say goodbye to characters they've grown to love over the past several years. And for anyone who isn't already familiar with the series, BEAUTIFUL can work as a stand-alone, though you miss some of the fun group dynamic. 

Amanda Toth

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