Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spotlight Review

DRAGON SOUL – Katie MacAlister
Dragon Falls, Book 3
Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 978-1455559275
April 2016
Paranormal Romance
The Underworld – Present Day
Sophea just wants to drop Mrs. P off at the cruise ship, collect the money she’s being paid to help an old lady out, and then move on with her life. However, Mrs. P isn’t exactly a sweet old lady – she keeps talking about sleeping with long-dead presidents, and meeting her beau in the underworld. Oh, and she has the worst sticky fingers ever. Sophea has lost count of the number of items she’s had to return to their respective owners.
And it’s one such stolen item that has Rowan following Mrs. P and Sophea all over the world, even into the Underworld itself. Rowan, called Dragon Breaker by all of dragon kind, due to an unfortunate accident in his youth, is on this trip to finally pay back his debt. He expected there to be some complications, after all, he’s really just a sociologist with a rough backstory, but he definitely didn’t expect to find Sophea so attractive, or the Underworld to be so…well…crazy.
Rowan is a bit of a departure from author Katie MacAlister’s usual dragon hero. So far, all her heroes have been centuries old, if not millennia – but Rowan is a modern day guy. But instead of being awkward, MacAlister proves her depth and skill as a writer, by making him just as charming as the rest of her heroes, yet still completely original.
An absolutely fun story, with demi-gods and Egyptian mythology thrown in to keep you on your toes, DRAGON SOUL should not be missed by any paranormal romance fan. In fact, the whole series should be a go-to for readers looking for a fun and funny read.
DRAGON SOUL is the third book in the Dragon Falls series, but the thirteenth book in the overall Dragon Septs series. And for this reason, it definitely cannot be read as a stand-alone. Readers won’t need to be familiar with the entire series, but knowledge of at least the Dragon Falls series is recommended.
Amanda Toth

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