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Spotlight Review: A COLD CREEK CHRISTMAS STORY by RaeAnne Thayne

A COLD CREEK CHRISTMAS STORY - RaeAnne ThayneA Double Book in the Cowboys of Cold Creek Series.Harlequin Special Edition #2443
ISBN: 978-0-373-83811-0
December 2015
Contemporary Romance

Pine Gulch, Idaho, the Present

As the children’s librarian at the Pine Gulch Public Library, Celeste Nichols is holding her weekly story time for the little ones when her attention is drawn to the entrance of the “hot dad” by her friend and co-worker. Celeste is stunned to recognize her girlhood crush, Flynn Delaney, who used to visit his grandmother as a teen.

Flynn Delaney came from California to clear out and sell his recently deceased Grandmother Charlotte’s home. Flynn has his seven year-old daughter with him. Olivia is very fragile after weeks in the hospital fighting for her life. Flynn’s ex-wife was murdered by her boyfriend before shooting Olivia and taking his own life. Flynn hopes this trip away from the scene of her ordeal will help Olivia heal both physically and emotionally.

As it happens, Celeste is the author of Olivia’s most favorite book in the world, 
Sparkle and the Magic Snowball, illustrated by Celeste’s sister Hope. A producer in Hollywood is trying to get the right’s to the book to make an animated movie. Celeste is hesitant; she’s not one for putting herself forward…completely opposite from the glory-seeking women in Flynn’s life, his wife and mother, who were both actresses. He’s certainly not looking for another such, though he finds himself reluctantly attracted to the seemingly sweet librarian…who is
, in fact, extremely sweet, but also shy and self-effacing. Hmm…do you sense a tale in the works?
A COLD CREEK CHRISTMAS STORY follows THE CHRISTMAS RANCH, which told sister Hope’s story. Three sisters have as grueling a background as little Olivia, and will touch your heart. However, A COLD CREEK CHRISTMAS STORY is more heartwarming than heart breaking and has many moments of lightness and humor as the characters show their personalities.
CHRISTMAS IN COLD CREEK – RaeAnne ThayneThis novel is also set in Pine Gulch and is an earlier (2011 Harlequin Spec. Ed. #2149) part of the long Cowboys of Cold Creekseries, but with a different cast. Imagine the Chief of Pine Gulch’s Police Department being attracted to a lovely newcomer in town, and she to him against her better judgement. Why her reluctance? Because her mother is a con artist. Because the nine year-old girl she claims as her daughter is instead the half-sister whom she had no knowledge of until her mother showed up in Arizona, ruined her career and reputation, and left her with nothing but a young girl to take care of. Fortunately, about the same time, her paternal grandfather, whom she had never heard of, died and left her a house in Pine Gulch, Idaho.
CHRISTMAS IN COLD CREEK is another winner in which the hero and heroine overcome difficult pasts to find hope and love. Author RaeAnne Thayer does this so well by leavening her stories with wit and captivating small town characters.

These two special stories in one Special Edition are just right for the holidays…or any time.

Jane Bowers

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