Spotlight Review: HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER by Sabrina York

Untamed Highlanders Series 
St. Martin's 
ISBN: 978-1-250-06969-6 
September 2015 
Historical Romance 

Scotland – 1813 

Hannah Dounreay really would rather spend her life managing her family's lands than contemplating marriage. She strings along several avid suitors whom she knows just want access to her inheritance, and whom she cannot stomach…to the man. And then she watches a delightfully handsome Highlander best everyone at the Games. Now there is a real man. And when he rescues her from the hands of one of her suitors, Hannah is even more impressed. Although she's not wanting to marry, politics soon force her to agree to wed the very man who saved her. It doesn't mean she's going to let him run her life, though. 

The Laird of Dunnet, Alexander Lochlannach, falls head over heels for Hannah Dounreay. To him it's love at first sight, but he knows that is not reciprocated. Their rather rushed marriage upsets Hannah, and Alexander's reluctance to talk to her frustrates them both. He is hiding a secret or two from his new wife, and he tries to communicate in a unique way. 

Hannah is stunned when her new husband leaves a letter on the bed after their wedding night. His disappearance and the staff's silence on his whereabouts is a mystery. Luckily Hannah's youngest sister, Lana, is there to ease the strangeness of her new life as baroness. But with nothing to do after running an entire estate for years, Hannah starts looking for ways to get her husband to pay attention to her, and to communicate with her. 

This is the era of the Clearances in the Highlands, and how Hannah and Alexander deal with this heartbreaking situation is a secondary story to their romance. Well researched, great characters, and a delightful storyline, readers will be quickly drawn into this terrific novel. I highly recommend HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER, the first book in theUntamed Highlanders series. 

Jani Brooks


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