Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Spotlight: Using Pinterest to Promote

Hi there,
My name is Domino and I am part of the team over at The Book Mistress, an online tour and promotions company. Part of what I do is online promotion and guest blogging.  Today I wanted to talk to you about the value of having a Pinterest account as an author.
Some of you may already have a Pinterest account in your personal capacity, and I’m sure you’ve already discovered how valuable it is to be able to collect boards of inspiration for your stories. This is of course a wonderful example of how visual input can help us in what is – by its very nature - a very wordy profession, but have you considered how you could use that same Pinterest account to attract readers and potential buyers?
One of the things that I love as a reader is being able to get inside the head of my favourite authors and I do that by following their Facebook pages or their Twitter accounts and getting to see “behind the scenes” as it were.  Pinterest offers me the same opportunity but in a far more interesting way. I’ve been keeping an eye on several of my favourite authors and how they make use of their Pinterest boards to hook me and this is what I would suggest as a great starting point.
·         Using it to promote sales

Visit the sites where you books are available for sale and “pin” the covers from that site. This will create a direct link back to the sales page from your Pinterest board.  You can either create a board for each book or you can set up a board for each sales outlet… For example “My Books – Amazon” or “My Books – iTunes”.  Alternatively, you would have “Book Title – Sales Links”.  If you use one board, make sure to label that it’s for sales links so that you can have another board with inspiration.

·         Using it to do pre-publicity for upcoming releases

When you have a book release coming up, you can set up a page with links to promotions, blog posts if you’re on tour, etc.  This will enable your fans and readers to be able to click on links and find this information easily.

·         Enticing readers

While you’re working on your book, you may find images that inspire your lead characters or their environment. Perhaps you’re inspired to pin clothes that you can picture them wearing or your hero’s dream car. Maybe your heroine likes to cook or sew and you’re pinning things that flesh her out for you.  If you create boards like “Book Title – Characters” or “Book Title – Scenery and weapons” or “Book Title – Home” etc, then you enable your fans to witness you building the world for your next book.  They get the chance to see inside your mind and “behind the scenes” of the next book … a book which hopefully they’ll buy!
Naturally, the way you use Pinterest will change and evolve and this is just an idea for where to start.  I would suggest playing around with it and see what works best for you.
I hope that you have a lot of fun with it!
Domino xx

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