Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Perfect 10: WIN ME OVER by Nicole Michaels

WIN ME OVER – Nicole Michaels 
Hearts and Crafts Series , Book 2 
A Perfect 10 
St. Martin's Paperbacks 
ISBN: 978-1-250-05816-4 
September 2015 
Contemporary Romance 

Preston, Missouri 

Callie Daniels of the popular Callie's Confections bakery spent lots of her early childhood competing in beauty pageants. She loves to dance, and so she took a side job as a dance coach for the local high school cheerleaders. This, added to her shop and work as a partner in a three-woman blog about things creative and domestic, keeps her very busy. Yet she can't say no when the school principle asks her to compete in a dance off with the head football coach, Bennett Clark. 

Clark spent two glorious years with the NFL until an accident that seriously injured his left leg and hip ended his career as a football player. It still pains him at times, but he manages to hide that fact. He's been coaching and teaching biology for six years and really cares for his students and the team. When the principal asks him to enter a dance contest, he wants to refuse, but the prize will be a generous grant that he can divide among several of his senior students and team members. How can he refuse? He can't, not with the grant money and the chance to hold the sexy dance coach in his arms! He tells Callie he doesn't dance, but not about his pain. That he wants no one to know about. 

Teaching a non-dancer to dance is a challenge Callie thinks she can manage. But can she manage to handle the affect the hot Coach Clark has on her? 

I feel fortunate that I've had a chance to discover the work of this talented writer. Her characters, major and minor, are very likable and do interesting things. Her story world holds together nicely and one can't help to enter fully into it. There is humor, romance, suspense, and her love scenes are not just hot, but emotion-filled. In WIN ME OVER, Bennett Clark, especially, is an unforgettably real person. Do yourself a huge favor, get START ME UP and WIN ME OVER. I promise you will be delighted. 

Jane Bowers

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