Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Spotlight Review:

SEA GLASS SUNRISE – Donna Kauffman 
The Brides of Blueberry Cove , Book 1 
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3745-3 
June 2015 
Contemporary Romance 

The Coast of Maine, the Present 

Hannah McCrae, one of three sisters and a brother, left the little town on Blueberry Cove to make a life and a name for herself. She became a successful trial attorney in Washington, D.C. In the other part of her life, she was not so successful. After eighteen months of a relationship she thought would lead to marriage, she found out—in a most humiliating way—that her boyfriend already had a wife—a most pregnant one. Hannah was already planning a trip home for her brother's wedding, so she decided to make it a permanent move. She quit her job, gave up her apartment, and headed home. As she neared town, she failed to notice the newly erected four-way stop signs and blasted through the intersection barely missing a truck. Unfortunately, she didn't miss an advertising sign. The jarring stop deployed her air bag. Between the force of that and her seatbelt, Hannah was a mess. Just then a Good Samaritan, with a lovely deep voice--the driver of the truck—came to her rescue. Being the independent, take-charge sort of female she is, she argued with him.But he won. Her car needed towing, and her nose needed stitches. 

Calder Blue came from another of Blueberry Cove's founding families. However, the Blue clan split near a century ago, but the feud still exists. The local branch fishes the sea; Calder's ancestors moved north toward the Canadian border and became building contractors. He's in the area because a local man is trying to take over the cove to build a yacht club no else one wants. He offered the job to the northern Blues, and Calder accepted. He thought something was off in the offer and was curious to find out what, and also to see if he could heal the breach between the two sides of the family. Calder's Great-Uncle Jonah Blue is a stubborn old coot who ordersCalder off his land, and Brooks Winstock, the man who made the offer, keeps putting off their meeting. It's most curious. What is also curious is the affect the bruised Hannah has on him, black eyes, cut lips and nose and all—and he on her, if truth be known. She's still hurting from her last affair and busy with the wedding and reunion with her family; she has no time for a dalliance. 

SEA GLASS SUNRISE has a complex plot that grabs you and hangs on, and so do the many characters. There are especially Hanna's two younger sisters, Fiona a designer in New York City, and Kerry, the wild child often away to exotic locales. And we mustn't forget brother Logan, Blueberry Cove's chief of police, and his fair bride, Alex. There is a lot of love in this family, and Alex soon becomes another beloved sister. Look for mystery and suspense brought about by the ambitions of a local man, and a growing relationship between Hannah and Calder. The latter also plans major changes in his life, so it doesn't seem like a good time for romance, yet Hannah and Calder will charm you and amuse you with their banter. I was thrilled with the respect and kindness they exhibit toward each other. 

I first met Donna Kauffman many years ago on the old AOL Romance Boards, where readers and authors chatted. I enjoyed her and her books then, but somehow lost track. I am delighted with SEA GLASS SUNRISE and the chance to read a favorite author once more. Don't miss this novel; it has everything. 

Jane Bowers

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