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Spotlight Review: TRIPLE TIME by Regina Kyle

TRIPLE TIME – Regina KyleThe Art of Seduction, Book 2Harlequin Blaze #850ISBN: 978-0-373-79854-4June 2015Contemporary Series Romance
New York City – Present Day
District Attorney Gabe Nelson is aware his life isn’t exciting, but after he’s told he’s boring and it could jeopardize his career plans, he decides his image needs reworking. After running into his sister’s best friend, tattoo artist Devin Padilla, Gabe asks her to take him on a visit to New York City’s more interesting areas for some livening up. Devin isn’t afraid to show her wild side, and it intrigues Gabe, but she keeps him at an arm’s length, not wanting them to get closer than that of friends. Gabe wants them to take a trip on the wild side between the sheets, but with a potential political run in his near future, Devin doesn’t want to cause a scandal that getting involved with her might cause.
Devin has always been attracted to Gabe, but as a stuffed shirt he can’t be her type. Add in that Gabe is her best friend’s brother, well, he’s trouble she’d rather avoid. She takes him up on his request for a tour of the city’s less traveled areas, such as viewing art in a library, but she tries to avoid being alone with him because he’s a temptation she might not be able to resist. Gabe’s got a future in politics, and the last person he needs in his life is a tattooed tattoo artist who lives a bohemian lifestyle. But the chemistry between them sizzles and soon they’re unable to resist the call of this crazy thing called sexual attraction.
It’s opposites attracting in TRIPLE TIME, the second tale in the Art of Seduction series by Regina Kyle. Gabe thought his life was perfect—safe and staying the course—until the woman he’d been seeing turned down his marriage proposal and called him boring. As it so happens, on his way home that night he ran into Devin and an idea was born in his head. Devin was known for taking risks and finding where the off the radar action was, so she would know what places to go for some excitement. What Gabe didn’t expect was how much he’d enjoy being around Devin! She’s smart, sexy and sensual, yet she isn’t going to just jump into bed with him. Her refusal only heats up his desire for her.
For Devin, Gabe is like the forbidden fruit she better stay away from, because too much of him will likely end up with her having a broken heart. Yes, he does live a staid life, but the man just oozes sex appeal to her. The two end up doing some exciting jaunts around the city, but she draws the line at them extending the nights into a romp between the sheets. Yet Gabe is irresistible, and she can’t deny him too long. Once they make love, he’s like a candy that gets sweeter and more delectable. But will he end up causing pain for her when she has to give him up? After all, there’s no way his political career should end up being jeopardized because he’s involved with a woman who is a tattoo artist. At least in Devin’s mind, and she finally decides to end things. How will Gabe react? While he might be a little less boring, has he lost the yin to his yang?
A sexy and sizzling tale, TRIPLE TIME is a tale I highly recommend. Gabe and Devin might appear as totally opposite on paper, but their chemistry is off the charts. Pick up a copy of TRIPLE TIME and be prepared to not want to put it down.
Patti Fischer

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