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Promo Spolight on MINDING HER BOSS'S BUSINESS by Janice Maynard

Dynasties: The Montoros, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2372
ISBN: 978-0-373-73385-9
May 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Miami, Florida – Present Day

Diplomat Alex Ramon and his assistant, Maria Ferro, are in Miami working hard to try to convince the exiled Montoro family to claim their birthright to the throne after the country’s ruler is overthrown. The plan isn’t going as expected, even as Maria continues to spend time with the charming prince-to-be Gabriel Montoro. Seeing Maria and Gabriel together has Alex seething, since he now realizes that he wants her for himself. Jealousy is an instigator that forces Alex’s hand. Alex at first accuses Maria of trying to win a possible title as a princess, but then he turns his own charms on her. It works as their friendship turns into a fiery lust. Alex wants Maria in his bed, but will it cause him to lose focus on why they’re in Miami?

Maria has always been attracted to Alex, but he’s a man who is a workaholic and has little time for relationships. She also needs this job, and if getting involved with her boss means losing her employment—and financial security—then she’s better off not indulging in a couple of nights of passion with him. But as the days together linger on, the fiery passion finally explodes into a steamy night of pure bliss. When the sun rises, will her future forever be changed?

Boss/lover romances have been a romance novel staple for years, but in MINDING HER BOSS’S BUSINESS it mixes with a royal background. Alex and Maria are dedicated employees who are determined to bring back the royal family to Alma after the ruler is overthrown. The Montoros have achieved financial security in the business industry and certainly don’t need the exposure–or paparazzi attention—in their lives. As such, they’re resisting accepting the offer to regain the throne in Alma. It’s Alex and Maria’s job to not only convince them but to negotiate a smooth transfer of power. Spending lots of time together has Alex and Maria not only growing closer, but getting to know the Montoro family. Gabriel is the charming middle son who turns his attentions on to Maria. She insists to Alex that it’s a friendship only, but he doesn’t believe her. His accusations only ratchet up the tension between them, but will it drive a wedge between them…or force them to admit their mutual attraction?

Yet even as Alex and Maria discover an attraction neither could have predicted in MINDING HER BOSS’S BUSINESS, around them are members of the Montoro family who have to make a big decision whether to accept the offer to return to Alma and accept their royal responsibilities. This is the first tale in the Dynasties: The Montoros, and readers get introduced to the three adult children: Rafe, Gabriel and Bella, who all will have future stories. I’m also assuming the story location will shift to Alma, a fictional European island that is adrift after their autocratic ruler is overthrown.

Meanwhile, Alex and Maria have to balance their business and personal lives in MINDING HER BOSS’S BUSINESS. Falling in love is sometimes hard to do in the best of times, but when their focus needs to be on the task at hand, it becomes a difficult assignment for all. An intriguing tale sure to capture your attention, grab MINDING HER BOSS’S BUSINESS.

Patti Fischer

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