Monday, April 13, 2015

Promo Spotlight Review: FROM FAKE TO FOREVER by Kat Cantrell

Newlywed Games, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2370
ISBN: 978-0-373-73383-5
April 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Meredith Chandler-Harris wants to buy into a partnership in her sister Cara’s wedding design business and needs a loan from her grandfather to finance it. However, the family attorney suggests that Meredith do something about her secret marriage to Jason Lynhurst that he uncovered during a background investigation. This information could hurt her chances to prove to her family that she’s not a scatterbrain idiot. Meredith had a weekend fling with Jason in Las Vegas, along with a wedding ceremony, but thought since they hadn’t filed the marriage certificate that it wasn’t legal. Apparently someone did file it, and now she has a husband that she needs to divorce. She shows up in Jason’s office, and her timing couldn’t be worse…he’s about to announce his engagement to a business associate’s daughter, and he’s in the midst of a battle for control of his family’s competing companies.

To Jason, the flighty and beautiful woman he met in Vegas hasn’t changed, despite Meredith’s proclamation that she’s trying to appear mature and responsible. Of course, this doesn’t explain why he married her on a whim that weekend. If his family learns about the marriage it will doom his attempts to take over both companies, a plan he originally hatched that weekend in Vegas. After his fiancée dumps him upon learning about Meredith, Jason comes up with another plan: he wants Meredith to act as a spy and report back to him what his sister (and rival) is up to. Of course, this means a few evenings spent with Meredith to learn what’s going on…which soon turns to nights of sensual bliss.

FROM FAKE TO FOREVER picks up where FROM EX TO ETERNITY left off, with Meredith’s sister, Cara, offering her a share of the wedding gown design business. After spending most of her life as the irresponsible sister, Meredith wants to prove she’s all grownup. Learning that she recklessly married a man she barely knew will be a black mark if her family learns the truth. She figures Jason will agree to a quick divorce, and she’s not dissuaded of this notion when she enters his office, but things quickly go downhill when his fiancée dumps him. Using Meredith as the mole will work to both their advantages, as Jason offers up a monetary reward that she can use as seed money for her plans. But just like Vegas had them insanely attracted to each other from the moment they met, being around each other fans the flame of passion.

Jason has a dysfunctional family who are split in half and sides chosen. Jason’s goal is to unite their fashion design companies as one, and while his sister agrees, she wants to be the head of the combined company…not Jason. Meredith’s quirky flair and uniqueness has people liking her, and Jason soon can’t resist picking up their affair where it left off. The sexy banter between Jason and Meredith is a highlight of FROM FAKE TO FOREVER and makes it a tale readers will enjoy reading. As much as Jason and Meredith think they don’t have much in common, they soon realize just how much they’re alike. If you love a sexy romance that is quirky and fun, then grab this gem.

Patti Fischer

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