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Promo Spotlight on: THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO by Jennifer Hayward

THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO – Jennifer Hayward
Society Weddings, Book 1
Harlequin Presents #3323
ISBN: 978-0-373-13329-1
April 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Milan, Italy and New York City – Present Day

After Rocco Mondelli’s beloved grandfather died, he learned that his grandfather had purchased an apartment in Milan where he allowed former superstar model Olivia Fitzgerald to live rent free. Rocco is incensed to think of his elderly grandfather being used as a sugar daddy for someone as vain and irresponsible as Olivia. He shows up at her doorstep, intent on throwing her out, but her beauty and declaration of innocence stops him in his tracks. With the opportunity to gain control of the House of Mondelli, a fashion design company, Rocco hatches a plan in which Liv will model for the company and also pretend to be his fiancée. All in the name of promotion and goodwill…for him to further his plan for control of the company. In exchange, she gets to promote her own fashion line with Mondelli.

Liv agrees because she is boxed into a corner with no place to live and no money for support after her selfish mother spent all her money. What Rocco doesn’t know is that Liv quit the modeling business after seeing her best friend dead of an overdose. It has left her with severe anxiety attacks that soon flare up when she’s about to appear in her first fashion week appearance. Rocco is intrigued by Liv, and when she has her attacks, he wants to do whatever it takes to comfort and protect her. And he begins to harbor the idea of making their engagement real…

Four young men who became best friends in college formed an alliance where they support each other through thick and thin and that is the basis for the Society Weddings series. In THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO, Rocco has spent most of his life trying to prove to his grandfather that he isn’t like his father, who fell apart after Rocco and his sister’s mother passed away. Rocco’s father was never responsible enough to run the House of Mondelli, and Rocco has been the presumed heir to the company. Unfortunately, when the will was read, he learned that he only has a fifty percent stake in the company because of what is perceived as his lack of stability as a playboy billionaire traipsing from one woman to another. Rocco doesn’t see himself as the marrying kind after an early romance ended badly when the woman dropped him to marry a much older man. Because of the hurts he has suffered from childhood and the failed romance, he doesn’t trust many people. But being around Liv has him soon trusting her…and much more.

Liv was raised by her former model mother, who pushed her own daughter into the business. Liv had great success, but with it came problems. Biggest were those who took advantage of Liv—her mother being the biggest one—and lots of pressure. When Liv’s best friend took that fatal overdose, she backed away from modeling and went into hiding. With the help of Rocco’s grandfather, she started creating a new clothing line that she hoped to present, but with his death, her dreams went down the tube. Accepting Rocco’s offer is insane, but she feels she has no other choice. Add in that there is this crazy sexual chemistry between them, she wonders if she will lose her heart to him.

Liv and Rocco manage to coexist at first without making love, but the sizzling attraction between them refuses to go away and they give into the passion. Rocco soon suggests they make their engagement real and Liv agrees, hoping that one day she could make him love her. But as a couple with lots of trust issues, they have a lot of barriers to crest. True love has to be battled for, and in THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO, Liv and Rocco will surely win the battle. Find out how it all happens in this intriguing international romance.

Patti Fischer

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