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A perfect 10:

A Perfect 10 
Harlequin Desire #2362 
ISBN: 978-0-373-73375-0 
March 2015 
Contemporary Series Romance 

Snow Vista, Utah – Present Day 

After the tragic death of his twin brother, Sam Wyatt left his family, including his wife Lacy, behind and traveled the world, using work to dull the pain. It is only because of the concern over his father's health that he returns to Snow Vista Ski Resort after two years. Sam figures that he'll be there long enough to make sure everything is okay, but he ends up staying longer. He also learns that Lacy, whom he divorced, is still very much a part of the resort and his family. Being around Lacy stirs up desire for her that he thought he'd buried. However, Lacy now wants no part of Sam because of his abandonment. 

Sam and Lacy were childhood sweethearts and marriage was inevitable. She thought they'd last through thick and thin, but instead Sam turned his back on her in his time of greatest need. For this reason she is angry at him and has no plans to “pick up things where they left off” with him. Sam makes it known he will be around long enough to make changes to the resort, with Lacy assisting him, then hit the road once more. The closeness inevitably leads to sexual tension between them, and soon they can't resist making love. Lacy sees it as a mistake because Sam isn't going to stay, but how will the possible addition of an unplanned pregnancy change things? 

It's a tale of reunited lovers in AFTER HOURS WITH HER EX, but it's not a happy reunion for them. Sam and Lacy were deeply in love, but their marriage couldn't survive the death of his brother. Instead, Sam went off the deep end, mired in depression, and ran away rather than accept help from his grieving family. But the return of the prodigal son isn't easy. Even Sam's sister isn't happy to see him after what he did by leaving them. His mother wishes things could return to normal, and his father wonders if Sam will stay long enough to see through the ambitious projects he has planned. But there's Lacy…she can barely speak to Sam, yet it's her body reawakening that makes her realize she isn't over him. 

Sam is a world renowned skier and resort developer, but all the fame in the world couldn't get him past the loss of his twin brother. Slowly he begins to accept the truth of the loss, and to also realize that Lacy is the only woman for him. But his betrayal in leaving has her resisting his overtures, and he's going to have to woo her once again. Lacy tries to resist, but this proves impossible. Can she trust that Sam won't leave again? 

Once I started reading AFTER HOURS WITH HER EX, I fell in love with both Lacy and Sam. Both have been through a lot and have to work through their issues to finally find their happily-ever-after, but I knew they would as their love was still there. The unusual location of a tale set in the snowy mountains of Utah at a ski resort also grabbed my attention. AFTER HOURS WITH HER EX is one tale where I wish we could catch up with the characters later, and for this reason, I have to award it one of Romance Reviews Today's Perfect 10's. Lacy and Sam are an intriguing couple, and their story will no doubt have readers rooting for them to succeed. Grab this wonderfully written gem of a tale and be prepared to enjoy it as much as I did. 

Patti Fischer

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