Thursday, February 05, 2015

A Perfect 10:

A Nine Kingdoms Tale 
A Perfect 10 

ISBN: 978-0-425-26284-9 
January 2015 
Fantasy Romance 

The Nine Kingdoms 

Aisling of Bruadair and Runach of Ceangail have survived a terrifying trip through a river of dreams, and it's only then that both know for sure that Aisling has magic of her own. Neither knows much about it, only that she is slowly realizing that not only can she see spells, but can spin some of her own. She has, in fact, restored Runach's magic to him that he had thought lost forever. However, Aisling must still fulfill the quest to free her homeland, Bruadair, of the evil ruling it and draining the entire country of its magic. 

With the guidance of Soilleir of Cothromaiche, a powerful mage, Aisling and Runach set out to save her country. If Aisling had her way, though, she'd run the other way. It astounds her that she is actually embarking on this journey. Without the support and love of Runach, she might not attempt it, but she knows now that only she can accomplish this dangerous and mysterious quest. Each step of the trip brings new challenges, and new revelations about Aisling's personal magic. 

Stepping foot back in Bruadair scares the life out of Aisling, but she must do so, for only she knows the streets of the town where she grew up. Runach is her rock, although his magic is severely hampered by whatever evil has taken over the country. There is no joy and no beauty left in Bruadair. It's a grey, stark, miserable world dominated by the dark mage, Sglaimir, and Runach highly suspects that his half-brother Acair is also involved. 

DREAMER'S DAUGHTER is the final book of Aisling's trilogy, beginning with DREAMSPINNER, and continuing with RIVER OF DREAMS. This is a journey of amazing discovery for Aisling and Runach with one revelation after another appearing. The journey is fraught with peril, but also with those willing to help. The pages leading up to the conclusion are explosive and hair-raising, but the ending is more than satisfying. In fact, I wish there were more adventures for these two wonderful characters. 

Not surprisingly, DREAMER'S DAUGHTER is a Perfect 10 for me. I loved everything about it, the great character development, the amazing story, and the incredible details of this Celtic fantasy world. The magic is both wonderful and frightening. I very highly recommend this entire series. 

Jani Brooks

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