Friday, January 23, 2015

Spotlight Review: SNOWED IN WITH HER EX by Andrea Laurence

SNOWED IN WITH HER EX – Andrea Laurence
Brides and Belles, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2349
ISBN: 978-0-373-73362-0
January 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Mountains of Tennessee – Present Day

Wedding photographer Briana Harper and her partners are still in the startup stage of their wedding planning business, so turning down big jobs is not an option. But when Bree’s ex-boyfriend, music mogul Ian Lawson, becomes engaged to a pop princess, guess whose wedding planning company is hired? Bree hopes to avoid Ian, but when she’s assigned to photograph the engagement photo, she doesn’t expect she will end up snowed in with him—alone. Forced closeness brings back the memories she’d hoped to leave behind.

Ian is still bitter towards Bree for what he sees as her abandonment when they were together years ago. He compensated by throwing himself into starting up his own recording business which has done very well. He didn’t plan to marry anytime soon, but when one of his stars, Misty, ended up pregnant with his baby, he did the right thing by asking her to marry him. Coming face to face with Bree now throws him for a loop. He never forgot her, and now he wants her as much as he did back then. Stranded alone stirs up the desire between them and soon they’re unable to resist each other. But they’ll have to face the past—and the present—before they can even think of starting a future together.

I’m a big fan of stranded stories, so I was excited to read SNOWED IN WITH HER EX, and I wasn’t disappointed. Bree and Ian had a misunderstanding while they were in college that led to her walking away from him. While Ian might be a mega music mogul, he still has insecurities from the past that come back to life around Bree. However, these close quarters give them a chance to air out what really happened, and hopefully make amends. Bree finds herself falling for Ian again, but Misty stands tall between them, despite the fact that she’s not there. His relationship with Misty will need to be resolved before Ian and Bree can take the next step to passion.

Bree has her own insecurities that shaped her, and Ian doesn’t help matters as he’s constantly being pulled away to run his business. She’s not requesting he turn his back on the company but wants him to see that he also needs to focus on other things. Ian doesn’t see the light at first, but hopefully by the end of SNOWED IN WITH HER EX he will—and is able to start to plan a future with Bree.

Being snowed in together provides for a lot of one on one conversations as Ian and Bree rehash the past and wonder if they can repair the fracture. They shouldn’t have ever split, but now they get a second chance in SNOWED IN WITH HER EX. It’s part of a new series by Andrea Laurence that revolves around the wedding planning business Bree owns with her friends, whom we see briefly and get a hint of what to expect in future stories.

If you love stranded with their ex romances, then put this tale at the top of your to be bought list as it is pure enjoyment from page one to the end. Hopefully Ian’s and Bree’s issues that prevented them from finding happiness is resolved and they can find their happily-ever-after. Grab SNOWED IN WITH HER EX and be prepared to indulge yourself.

Patti Fischer

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I like the storyline too. Nice review! I will look for SNOWED IN WITH HER EX!