Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spotlight Review on: FONSECA'S FURY by Abby Green

Harlequin Presents #3301
ISBN: 978-0-373-133307-9
January 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Brazil – Present Day

Years ago, Luca Fonseca and Serena DePiero had met in a nefarious Italian nightclub and instantly were attracted to each other. But they’d barely begun to kiss when the place was raided and Luca was arrested for possession of drugs, which he blames Serena for planting on him. He’s spent years repairing the damage to his reputation, but he never forgot that she was responsible. Now, Serena has entered his office in Brazil, supposedly as the coordinator of a charity owned by Luca. As expected, he hates her on sight, fires her and orders her to leave the country. She denies the accusations and refuses to leave the country or her job. Luca will do whatever it takes to hurt her as she has hurt him.

Luca informs Serena that if she is determined to keep her job she must hike with him to a remote rain forest village. The going is tough, but she intends to prove to him she is honorable and worthy. It’s just the two of them and will require that they spend a couple of nights in a tent. The closeness intensifies the sizzling attraction between them and soon leads to heated kisses. Luca then offers a chance to keep her job on a trial basis, but only if she also agrees to be his mistress. She’s afraid where it will lead, yet she can’t resist his passionate kisses. Is Serena in over her head?

Revenge should be sweet for Luca in FONSECA’S FURY, but the more he gets to know Serena, the more she seems unlike what he thought she was years ago. Back then she was the partying heiress with a bad reputation, but he still became instantly attracted to her and it fell apart when he was arrested for drug possession. The billionaire had to repair the damage done to his reputation and thought it was behind him, but here is Serena, again in his life. Despite his proclamation that he hates her, she is still a woman he can’t resist. She’s the apple in his Garden of Eden. Will one taste destroy him?

But what Luca doesn’t realize is that Serena is carrying a horrific secret from her childhood, one that nearly destroyed her. Her father manipulated her and helped create the wild child reputation for her. She has since worked hard to turn her life around, with this job (despite Luca being her employer) being a big step to add to her credibility. He’s a powerful, sensual man—and one she can’t say no to. If she agrees to become his two-week mistress, will she fall in love with him and end up emotionally shattered?

In FONSECA’S FURY, Luca’s past was shaped by his childhood, and he once thought it’d been destroyed by one indiscretion in Italy. Now she’s back to haunt him—and yet he can’t resist her. Watch as his hatred turns to pure hot lust for Serena. Their passionate coming together sears the pages of this tale and finally…finally…they have the chance to find true happiness. Grab this explosive tale for some searing hot reading.

Patti Fischer

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