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Q&A with A.J. Llewellyn!

1.Tell us about your newest release.
Hi gang! Thanks for having me back here! I’m talking about my book Makahiki, the third and (sob!) final Last Warrior book.
In this story, I’ve sent my immortal warrior, Lio/’Ailani back in time to the Makahiki, an ancient festival no longer practiced in the islands, celebrating the New Year.
These feasts took place over a period of a week and were quite magical from everything I’ve read.
I hope I’ve captured what these festivals must have been like. I am a research buff and everything I have read about the Makahiki takes my breath away.
It was the one time of the year the king’s kapu, or taboos, were abandoned. At other times, standing in his shadow, looking straight into his eyes, or standing in front of him, guaranteed an immediate death sentence.
During the Makahiki, the ali’i, royalty, and the commoners, danced, sang, and  ate together. The terrible food restrictions placed on women were lifted. For the rest of the year, women ate separately from men and were forced to eat nothing but only certain kinds of fish, and taro roots. They weren’t allowed to eat bananas, pork or chicken...they were denied most tropical fruits for reasons I still can’t understand.

2.  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story?
That I have a hard time letting go of the men I love – even the fictional ones!

3.  Do you have any interesting or quirks or rituals?

No, but you asked me this last time. I’m starting to think I am super boring! I need to develop some bad habits!

4.  What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

I love the books of Margery Sharp and I have read everything she ever wrote from her children’s books, her wonderful novels, plays and short stories. I just discovered a mystery story she wrote that I never knew existed. It was in an old copy of Ellery Queen Magazine – thank you eBay! She was multi-talented. I guess she influenced me in that nobody can say I write the same story over and over. I constantly try to learn and grow as an author.

5.  What does your family think about your career as a published author?

Not much! They pretend my books don’t exist. I always sit there wondering what my extended family members think I do for a living since I am told never to mention that I write erotic romance. I think it’s sad, really, but it doesn’t upset me like it used ti…

6.  Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I have a lot of interests. I surf, I play ukulele, love walking my dog. We’re nature girls! And of course, I read and write. A lot.

7.  Can you tell us what is coming up next for you?

I have several upcoming releases, including a few with my wonderful writing partner, D.J. Manly. Please check the Coming Soon page of my website (details below) for exact dates, publishers and gorgeous cover reveals!

8.  How can readers connect with you online?

Thanks so much for having me here again! Here are my links. Be sure and check out my website for a ton of free stories to download. And please sign up for my newsletter. I give away a free book each month to a lucky reader!
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Makahiki: The Last Warrior Book 3, 


On the anniversary of the ancient Makahiki festival, reincarnated Hawaiian warrior, Lio Paiaki, goes back in time to face a deadly enemy: himself.

In the final chapter of the exciting Last Warrior series, Lio Paikai rushes to the hospital with his lover, Kord, for the birth of his baby brother, Lono. They're soon waylaid, however, by traffic on the Pali Highway. 
Not by cars, but foot traffic. He and Kord, who once were warriors for the last king of Oahu, have intercepted an ancient procession of devotees marching down the old Pali for the Makahiki. They're stunned to learn dark kahuna forces plan to provide a blood sacrifice for the New Year festival. 
The sacrifice they have inadvertently crossed paths with is Lio's. He must right past wrongs—or there won't be any future for him or the man he loves.


Kord locked our bedroom door and shoved a chair under the handle. He took my face in his hands and gave me a gentle kiss before checking that he'd activated the window alarms. He was the most protective man I knew.
When he finally turned and took me in his arms, my soul stopped screaming. I felt as if I'd waited forever to be naked and alone with Kord, but it had only been hours. We'd sneaked in a quickie before chaperoning Louie's date, but it hadn't taken the edge off our passions. We stripped each other quickly, leaving our clothes in pools around our feet.
I could hear the faint drone of the TV and realized how lucky my dad and I were to have fallen into the magic love pot that was the Ashley family. Marcella and Kord were the most astonishing people I'd ever met. Their capacity for love, their warmth, and—oh, Kord blazed a trail across my throat with hot, peppery kisses, pushing me gently down to the floor.
My cock stood up, proud and pleased as heck to see him. He knelt beside me, smiling down at me.
"We could take this to the bed," I whispered.
"I want you right here," he said, as I fondled his huge, thick cock, which jutted toward me. Yep, it knew who loved it.
I lay on my back, letting his fingers and lips roam my body. In the semidark room my parents had designated for me when they first bought the house, I smiled, thinking how far we'd come. When we first agreed to move in and stay in case my parents needed to rush to the hospital, we were embarrassed to make love. We'd even made emergency dashes back to our house down the road for furtive fumbles.
Now we were much more comfortable.
Kord brushed my fingers away when I tried to hold on to his cock. He got to his feet, and I kept my gaze glued to his magnificent erection as he walked over to the corner of our room.
My cock seemed to get harder as he walked back to me. Man, I could never get enough of seeing his gorgeous, hard body. And it was mine. All mine!
I turned my head, trying to see what he was doing, but I already knew. He walked back with the didgeridoo, the long, natural wood trumpet my brother had carved for us as a Christmas gift.
We loved the lush, vibrating sounds it made and knew the didgeridoo had first been crafted by Australian aborigines, but the early, indigenous Hawaiians shared many similarities with other tribal cultures. My lover had had dreams of himself in his warrior lifetime, playing the instrument.
He didn't mention to Louie what he was playing, but he'd demonstrated it to me the first night we were alone with it.
Kord stood beside me. "Ready?" he asked, his voice thick with desire.
"Yeah," I rasped.
I thought I would come before he'd even had the chance to do his thing. He moved back slightly, and I closed my eyes. I heard him moving to the top of my head. Next thing I knew, he was blowing into the long, hollowed tubing, and the unusual vibrations of sound washed over me. I held my breath, wanting to enjoy every second of this sensual experience.
Kord kept blowing into the wood, holding it mere inches from my body as he moved from head to toe. When he reached my cock, the sounds he was making made it leap.
He slid to my feet as my body trembled in anticipation. The waves of pleasure engulfed me. The first time he'd done this to me, I came before he even made it inside me.
"Don't you come!" he insisted, dropping the didgeridoo beside him.
I opened my hazy eyes and found him scrambling to get between my legs. We had no lube handy, but we were both leaking all over the place.
"Wait, wait!" he demanded, but I came the moment I saw his gargantuan cock poised at my asshole. Knowing it was for me and knowing how good it would make me feel sent me over the edge. I came hard, with Kord pressing my knees toward my chest, scooping up my juices to prepare me for him. He stroked feverishly at my hole, and I begged him to fuck me.
My whole body still vibrated from the wild sounds of the instrument. He entered me hard and fast, and I saw stars as he pounded me, muttering my name, his slick fingers at my mouth.
He came deep inside me, and I clung to him.
"Do that again," I said against his lips. I heard his heart beating against my own. Fast, out of control, aflame with lust.
Just how I liked it.
He stayed inside me, kissing me, his tongue lashing against mine. We remained that way, entwined. I loved the feel of him inside me, above me. Laying claim to my body. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, and he moaned.
And the next thing I knew, we were surrounded by mud and furious-faced warriors.


A.J. Llewellyn is an author whose obsession with myth, magic, love, and romance might have led to serious stalking charges had it not been for the ability to write. Thanks to the existence of some very patient publishers, A.J.'s days are spent writing, reading, and dreaming up new worlds. AJ has definitely stopped Google searching former boyfriends and given up all ambition to taste-test every cupcake in the universe to produce over 150 published gay erotic romance novels.
A.J. wants you to read them all.
You can find this author lurking on Facebook and Twitter—part-time class clown being another occupation. When not writing or reading, A.J.'s other passions include juggling, kite-boarding, and spending a fortune buying upgrade apps for Diner Dash.

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