Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Spotlight Review:

FOR ALL TIME – Jude Deveraux 
The Nantucket Brides Trilogy , Book 2 
Ballantine Books 
ISBN: 978-0-345-54182-6 
July 2014 
Contemporary Romance 

Nantucket island, Massachusetts, The Present and the Past 

Crown Prince Graydon Montgomery of Lanconia came down from his grandfather's place in Maine, where he was visiting, to take part in the wedding of a distant cousin. He was to escort a friend of the family down the aisle, a young lady named Toby Wyndam. Gray is not the ladies' man his identical twin brother Rory is, but as a some-day king, he has never been rebuffed by any female…until now. He pretends to be the person (Rory) she saw last night rather than have his real identity be known; sometimes a man needs to relax. But today, Toby angrily chastises him for his lies. Somehow she sees through his masquerade; no one outside his immediate family can tell the twins apart, and then not always. (Family legend says only his true love can never be fooled.) Gray feels the need for a vacation from all his duties before he must go home to announce to all his upcoming engagement to a Lanconian duke's daughter. It's all arranged between the families. Gray makes a bargain with Rory to trade places for a week; Rory is to return to Lanconia as Gray. 

Later, Gray confesses to Toby that he is the prince and asks her help in keeping up the ruse. Ah, the best laid plans, etc… An incident occurs in Lanconia that makes it impossible for Gray and Rory to exchange places again for a while. Rory has his arm in a cast. Through phone and Internet, Gray coaches Rory in his many duties. 

Meanwhile, with Gray's stay extended, he and Toby get to know—and like—each other very well. She sees the good in him, and he enjoys having a friend who argues with him. But they both try to ignore it. There can be no future for the two of them. 

As with book one in the series (TRUE LOVE, July 2013), there are many characters—friends and family—and concurrent plotlines run throughout. A major one involves ancestors of several of the cast. 

Toby is a generous and likable heroine. However, she is troubled with dreams of the past…or are they dreams? What else could they be? Ms. Deveraux will have readers on tenterhooks waiting to learn the outcome of this enchanting novel. 

Jane Bowers

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