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Q & A with Mia Epsilon!!!

1.  Tell us about your newest release.
Wedding Belle Blues is the story of two best friends who realize, almost too late, they want to be more than just friends. Anna is engaged to the 'perfect' man, but her thoughts about actually getting married are anything but perfect. Robin is trying to stand back and support her choices, but he's more and more frustrated at seeing Anna pushed and shoved by her future mother-in-law into a mold that's simply not 'her' and he decides to do something about it.

2.  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story?
The original outline had a different Hero and a totally different storyline. As I began writing, Robin steered me toward this new direction, which works so much better than what I had. It was also surprising to learn the cost of wedding venues and chapels!

3.  Do you have any interesting or quirks or rituals?
I have three bottles of water beside me as I write and some sort of noise, Netflix or radio, in the background. The water reminds me to hydrate and keeps me from biting my nails if I get stuck and the noise helps me focus, which sounds weird, but makes sense since I'm a teacher and it's rarely quiet in my life. If I'm editing, I can't have Netflix because I get caught up in what's on, even if I've seen it a dozen times.
When I finish a book, I reward with 20 dark chocolate mint m and m candies.

4.  What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?
I met Maggie Shayne and Nora Roberts at a Romance Writers of America conference years ago and the energy both ladies displayed just absolutely floored me. I attended panels where they both spoke and each said, in her own way, the only way to be a published writer is to WRITE. And they are correct. If you don't write, you can't tell the stories inside you.
My husband really influenced me to begin writing again; I had a long period where real life issues had to take first place in my life. He gave me 'prompts', a picture where he and I each had to write at least a 500 word scene. Those little prompts sparked me to begin writing every day again.
I also had two friends, Amanda and Colette, who participated in NaNo 2013 with my husband and me. We forced each other to keep a daily tally of how many words we completed each day. Having to be accountable is what made me finish Wedding Belle Blues.
My editor, Jen Bradlee, asked me to write her a scene about Anna and Robin's 'night' and the next book in the series was born.

5.  What does your family think about your career as a published author?
They're excited! My husband is not a romance genre reader (he's way into the fantasy and sci-fi things) but he loves seeing how excited I get when a book starts coming together and knows to steer clear when I'm at a writer's block patch. My kids want me to use their names in books, and I have. I have an amazing network of friends who are my family and all of them are incredibly supportive (and love my cover).

6.  Besides writing, what other interests do you have?
I read a lot, almost every genre and sub genres on the planet. I participate in a virtual world online with a book and dance club (the only way I can dance and not injure myself and others around me). I also participate in the online Relay for Life to raise money and awareness for cancer research. I'm trying my hand at cooking more 'healthy' with things like cauliflower pizza and flour/egg free brownies.

7.  Can you tell us what is coming up next for you?
Anna and Robin have a short story in a Breathless Press Flirt release in a few months called 'That Night'. The second book in the 'Weddings by C &C' series is Christine's story and is titled, 'Take a Chance on Me', also being released through Breathless Press in the next few months. I'm currently working on Anna's brother Adam's story, the third book in the series.

8.  How can readers connect with you online?
Face Book: MiaEwrites
Twitter: Mia Epsilon @MiaEpsilon
Breathless Press home page: Mia Epsilon
Good Reads: Mia Epsilon


What do you do when the woman you love is marrying the wrong man? Sabotage the wedding!
Anna is planning the perfect wedding, but she doesn't anticipate her future mother-in-law's offer of help which translates into take over. Her groom-to-be avoids her and insists their growing problems are just "bridal nerves." Worst of all, her best friend, Robin, begins to act strange. Everyone around her has his or her own agenda. What's a girl to do when she begins to realize the perfect life she envisioned is all a lie?
Robin has two great loves in his life: his best friend Anna and his motorcycle. Not one to make a scene, he supports Anna in her plan to marry the wrong man and regrets she can't accept his dare devil lifestyle. But when push comes to shove, he's more than willing to make the necessary sacrifice and prove he is the man she needs.
As the wedding date draws near and plans shift into high gear, Robin and Anna grow closer and not just as friends. Each must decide what the perfect life truly means while trying to negotiate the maze of wedding plans, secrets, and hidden motives. Will someone be left singing the blues?


"Chasing you would be a wasted effort." Robin waved the half eaten slice before he set the crust back in the box.
Anna slammed the lid on his hand. "What do you mean? I'm not worth the chase?"
"Hey, starving teacher here." He knocked on the inside of the box and glared at her. "And don't be ridiculous. Of course you're worth a chase, but even I can recognize a no win situation regardless if I can't fully give up on it or you."
"What's that supposed to mean?" He was hiding something, besides his hand in the box. "Robin?"
The liquid blue fire in his eyes singed her as he spoke. "I didn't give the let's-forget-this-ever-happened-and-just-be-friends speech. I didn't stay too afraid to see where our relationship might have gone. No win situation."
Stunned, she gaped at him. "I thought...but you never said...I mean, we'd..."
He just stared at her, face unmoving, his chest rising and falling as his breaths increased. He was, she realized, getting angrier by the second.
She swallowed and tried to find words, any words, to defuse the tension. "I couldn't bear to think of losing you as my friend. We did the best thing for us.""We did the best thing for you."
"But agreed with me. You said you didn't want to risk our friendship either."
"What the hell could I say?" He shot to his feet, knocking the pizza box to the floor. "You didn't give me a choice. Either be your friend, only your friend, or leave your life."
"I never said we couldn't be friends or you had to leave my life." She whispered the words. Yet it had been close. The next morning, after one incredible night, she'd told him: Robin, we can't let this happen again. I love you, as a friend. I don't want to risk our friendship on meaningless sex. Let's just put it behind us and stay the way we were before it happened. That's all I can give you. Please? He'd agreed.
He paced in front of her. "Maybe it's not the correct time to bring all this up, but it needs to be said. The only reason I agreed was because it was what you wanted. The only reason. Because you asked."
No. This couldn't be happening, Robin saying everything she'd wanted to hear before she started dating Doug, before she'd accepted the ring. So Anna shied away from it, as she had then. "Tell me why you said 'Doug invited Kassie instead of you' in your shocked tone."
"Even now you won't face it." He muttered a curse which shocked her with the anger behind it. "Will you? You won't admit maybe we could have—"
"I faced it the morning after. I'm not an idiot, Robin. When you date a woman, it's like your skydiving adventures. You have a thrill, anything goes, and it's awesome and you're on the high of it all. Then you land and it's over. You never talk to the woman again, let alone have a friendship with her. I didn't want our friendship to be over. I still don't. I can't give more than I am. I can't."
"Why, Anna?" He stopped right in front of her, hands on his hips balled into fists. "Why can't you give more? Because of Doug Dufuss?"
"No. Because I can't just have sex with you and then watch you leave!"

Mia Epsilon lives with her enduring soul mate hubby in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, USA. She's an avid reader of almost anything, but particularly romance. She also is a never-miss-an-episode viewer of Doctor Who and Sherlock, and happily suffers coffee and chocolate addictions. She can most often be found at her computer, spinning new stories, or in a quiet padded nook with her e-reader. Mia loves to hear from readers and maintains a mostly current blog at and a Facebook page under the name MiaEwrites.

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