Thursday, May 08, 2014

Guest Blogger: Breathless Press and Promoting

Hi, my name is Domino and I’m one of the blog hosts over at Breathless Press.  I share the responsibilities with my twin brother Dominic and I have to tell you, we really love what we do!  I’m here visiting at Romance Reviews Today to talk about the importance of having fun.  Specifically, having fun while you’re writing and especially, while you’re promoting your work.  

To be perfectly honest, it’s the promotion of their work that most authors struggle with.  Not that they don’t want to do it, but to be honest, most writers thrive on the creative side.  Creating their own worlds, characters and situations.  Answering questions about themselves?  Not nearly as simple!  Equally, the struggle to come up with guest blog posts can also derail even the best of intentions!  There are wide range of potential topics, but sometimes the challenge can be in coming up with a new or fresh way of saying the same thing!

A great way to start bringing the fun into the art of promotion – because believe me, it IS an artform – is to consider your promotional possibilities while you are writing.  Did you think of a great scene that just doesn’t fit into the final book?  Perhaps you could use that as a “teaser” or “deleted scene” during your blog tour.  When you’re fleshing out your lead characters, take the time to write a bit more and then you can use it for a guest post or even a character interview.  

Another great way to get ahead of the promotion train is to write blog posts when you’re feeling inspired.  General posts that talk about things that are important to you and not necessarily book specific, posts that you can write and have saved up for when you need them!  It’s important that you take the promotion of your book seriously, but that you don’t bog yourself down in thinking of them as work.  This is a great time to entice readers into your world, to get them to fall in love with the characters dear to your heart and to make them feel invested in you.

Have fun and happy promoting!


Domino xx

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