Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Spotlight Review:

IF WISHES WERE EARLS – Elizabeth Boyle 
Rhymes With Love , Book 3 
ISBN: 978-0-06-208909-0 
January 2014 
Historical Romance 

London and Elsewhere in England, 1811 

The Hathaways, though the father is possessed of a minor title, have never been particularly rich in worldly goods, but they are very rich in family and personality. The youngest generation consists of seven, six males and one female. Growing up with six older brothers and free and easy parents, one shouldn't be surprised that Miss Hathaway, Harriet, is something of a hoyden. As children, the Hathaway brood were introduced to the orphaned earl who had just come to live in the neighborhood. The young Earl of Roxley was accustomed only to the company of servants and his unmarried aunts. As boys are ever wont to do, the Hathaways challenged the nearly eleven-year-old newcomer, but it was Harriet who jumped on him and beat him to the ground…she thought she had been insulted when he refused her proposal to marry when they grew up. Yet, the young people soon became friends. 

But now, years later, both Roxley and Harriet are in London. Roxley notices that Harriet—still his lively Harry—has grown into a beauty, but there is nothing he can do about it. Roxley's tightly wrapped up in a bind. His man of business ran off with his money, his usual good luck at the tables has deserted him, and a wealthy businessman bought up all his debts and is coercing him into marrying his daughter. Can his woes all be the result of coincidences? Or is someone behind his ruin? How far will that person go to hurt him? Will the danger spill over to those who matter to him? 

IF WISHES WERE EARLS has a complex plot full of mystery, danger, humor…and passion. Many characters from earlier books in the series help carry the story, as do flashbacks from earlier years. If you haven't already read ALONG CAME A DUKE and AND THE MISS RAN AWAY WITH THE RAKE, I recommend starting from the beginning for full enjoyment. 

Jane Bowers

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