Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Perfect 10:

RIVER OF DREAMS – Lynn Kurland 
A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms 
A Perfect 10 
Berkley Sensation 
ISBN: 978-0-425-26282-5 
January 2014 
Fantasy Romance 

The Nine Kingdoms 

Tasked by her countrymen to find a warrior to save her land, Aisling of Bruadair has traveled many a weary, magical, and sometimes terrifying mile. She has her mercenary, the elven Prince Runach of Ceangail, although his magic was stripped by his evil mage father. Still, Aisling wants to know why she, a simple weaver, was chosen for this quest. Finally convinced that magic, mages, elves, and shape-shifters exist, still Aisling is unaware of the mystical power she keeps discovering within herself. 

Runach is smitten with the brave, naïve weaver from Bruadair. He, too, wonders why she was chosen for this dangerous task, and what it is about her that he cannot put a finger on. Runach has his own problem, though. His sire fathered a handful of illegitimate sons before he married Runach's mother, and those sons are after Runach for a book he suddenly has in his possession. It's a book of spells that he can't use without the magic he was born with, and he knows one thing…he doesn't want his evil half-brothers to ever know what lies within the pages. 

Time is of the essence for Aisling. She was given a deadline to return to Bruadair with the warrior who must slay the man who usurped the throne. Aisling has been told that if she fails, she will die. But so many of the threats told to her have not come about, that she is beginning to wonder just what the quest is all about? What do her dreams mean, and why do they affect all around her? 

RIVER OF DREAMS is the second book of the trilogy about Aisling and Runach. From the first page to the revelations at the end, it is non-stop adventure, magic, and budding romance. Aisling is slowly coming to terms with her feelings for the handsome elf she has traveled with, but why would an elven prince be interested in a simple weaver? Even Runach doesn't know that answer, but he does know he truly loves the mysterious lass. 

The Nine Kingdoms series continues with yet another amazing and magical tale from the pen of Lynn Kurland. While all of the trilogies have similar paths, each one introduces us to a set of characters that are memorable, likable, and some for whom readers will want to see justice done. Each book is exquisitely written, impeccably detailed, and filled with plenty of excitement and adventure. The descriptions of some of the scenes will put readers smack in the middle of them, gasping for breath. I especially enjoy the perverted sense of humor the shape-shifting horse, Iteach, has as he surprises Runach and Aisling with various disguises. 

I highly recommend readers start the trilogy with DREAMSPINNER. All of the Nine Kingdom books are connected by the offspring of the dark mage, Gair, and they all make brief appearances, either in person or reference, in this story. 

RIVER OF DREAMS can't be anything but a Perfect 10 for me. As usual, I spent an inordinate number of late evenings turning the pages to find out how the pair will get out of another trap. Beautiful writing…Lynn Kurland's hallmark. 

Jani Brooks

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