Thursday, December 19, 2013

Guest Blogger: Falling in Love With a Hero by Alexa Darin

I enjoy reading romance novels because I enjoy falling in love with the hero. For me, a love-worthy hero is the kind of man who would change my tire in the pouring rain. He’d wrap me in his arms on a cold winter night and make me feel protected, and he’d never ever let me forget I’m a woman.

That being the case, any hero I write into my own stories needs to be someone who is love-worthy. He needs to capture my attention and hold it long enough that I can stick with him through a hundred revisions, while I work out his—my book’s—issues. And when all of those revisions are finished, I want to miss him. I want to be left with an emptiness that only he can fill. It’s what drives me to write my next book… so that I can fall in love all over again. Self torture? Perhaps. Enjoyable? Most definitely.

Speaking of… Cole McKenzie is my love focus in my new book Live a Little, Love a Lot. A retired bull rider, I describe him as full-sugar eye candy with squeeze-me biceps. But he’s so much more than just a piece of male flesh who gives me heart palpitations. He’s got a huge heart, he’s willing to take chances, and he can drive a Jeep like nobody’s business. He’s also an alpha male, a do-it-my-way kind of lover, plus, he has wounds—both physical and emotional—that need tending… which makes him less than perfect… which makes him a better man. He’s ready to find love, but he’s more cautious about falling in love. And that means whoever he does fall for will be one lucky gal. He’ll be fully involved. No half-hearted lovin’ for this cowboy.

If you ask me, that’s damned attractive.

And just who is the woman who catches Cole’s eye in Live a Little, Love a Lot? That would be Seattle attorney Taylor Grant. She’s traveled to St. John to get away from it all, including the ache of a broken heart. But when she meets Cole, lost love is the last thing on her mind… that is, until she discovers a secret that could turn Cole’s world upside down. Will she choose to tell and chance losing him, or will Cole be the one to hold her close when the going gets tough?

All I’ll say from here is that Cole has a way with women, and that’s how I knew I’d created a hero worth reading about.

Do you have a hero in your life worth reading about? I’d love to hear about him.

Alexa Darin makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, where the nights are mostly cold, but the men are oh so hot. She writes about alpha males and the sassy women who love them.  A true romantic, she believes that if you’re lucky enough to find your very own alpha hero, you’ll turn your face to the sky and break out in love song.

You can visit Alexa at, or follow her on Twitter @AlexaDarin or Facebook at Live a Little, Love a Lot is available at Amazon, B&N, and other eBook outlets.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good book. I heard this was coming out. Glad to see she is writing again.