Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spotlight Review:

DECEPTION COVE – Jayne Castle 
A Rainshadow Novel 
ISBN: 978-0-515-15285-2 
September 2013 
Paranormal Romance 

The World of Harmony – Sometime in the Future 

Alice North is a light-talent, but one with the unique ability to disappear and make things around her invisible too. As an orphan, she grew up not knowing family or having anyone to rely on, so she's grown accustomed to taking care of herself. And now, more than ever, she is in dire need of getting away from the torment of her ex mother-in-law who has blamed Alice for her husband's death. The fact that they were only in an MC (marriage of convenience) doesn't matter to the woman, all she knows is that she must make Alice pay. So, for the past year Alice has been living hand to mouth, and lately using her unusual skills to entertain as a magician along with her dust bunny, Houdini. But this night, as she skillfully takes on two more of her mother-in-law's hired thugs by disappearing, she is joined by another strong psi person who takes care of the villains. 

Day blind since a deliberate “accident” caused by his deranged ex-girlfriend, Dr. Zara Tucker, Drake Sebastian is very much attracted to the feisty Alice. And that's not all. He needs her help on Rainshadow Island, where Dr. Tucker has caused a dangerous psi storm that threatens to blow up the entire island. Drake convinces Alice to go through an MC in order to discourage her former mother-in-law from pursuing her further, and then they proceed to the island. Drake is certain that Alice's talent can help find Dr. Tucker and the Old World crystals that are causing so many problems on the island. Alice isn't sure why she's agreed to all of this, but it's nice having someone to protect her for a change. 

Things go from bad to worse on Rainshadow Island after a harrowing crossing. Drake's brother, who lives on the island, is missing along with another man when they went to rescue a group of demonstrators who disappeared into the dense fog caused by Dr. Tucker's experiment. When they get to the small village and find the remaining inhabitants huddling inside the local restaurant, Alice and Drake realize that everything hinges on their being able to find Dr. Tucker and to stop her from blowing up the island. Their growing attraction for each other only seems to be helping matters, too, as they work well as a team. 

Book Two in the Rainshadow series, DECEPTION COVE is filled with adventure, excitement, danger, and a bit of romance. Alice is a tough young woman who has struggled through life, but doesn't dwell on the negative. She's ready and willing to use her talents and intelligence to help Drake once they get to the island. Drake is the vulnerable one in this story. He truly admires Alice's bravery, and then some, and hints to her of his seriousness towards her. But Alice isn't about to believe him, and instead focuses on the task ahead. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure/romance, and loved the dust bunnies! Don't miss this entertaining book and series. 

Jani Brooks

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