Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spotlight Review:

THE NANNY TRAP – Cat Schield 
Billionaires and Babies Series 
Harlequin Desire #2253 
ISBN: 978-0-373-73266-1 
September 2013 
Series Romance 

The Hamptons, New York – Present Day 

It's the last day of school for kindergarten teacher Bella McAndrews, and the last person she expects to see is Blake Ford—with his son, Drew. Bella had carried Drew in her womb as Blake and his wife's surrogate and had given birth nine months ago. During the last few weeks before she delivered, Bella and Blake had gotten close, so close that Blake's wife told her to never contact them again. Bella has abided by this, but now the newly divorced Blake asks her to be Drew's nanny for the summer in the Hamptons. Can she do it without losing her heart to both Blake and Drew? How would Blake react if he knew the deep secret Bella is keeping? 

Blake is intrigued by Bella. She carried Drew for nine months, yet she shows very little maternal instincts toward the baby. Of course, another reason she intrigues him is because there is just that something about her that attracts him. Can he use the summer to get to know Bella? Soon it's apparent there is a sizzling chemistry between them, and while she cares for Blake (and Drew), she still insists there can't be any future for them. Blake feels there's something more she's not telling him, and he's going to get to the bottom of it. 

Blake appears puzzled by Bella's apparent indifference to Drew the last nine months, a child she gave birth to, but that soon changes as she grows close to them. What he doesn't know is that Bella's secret could ruin any chance of a relationship with him, but the more they're together, the more they've become an entwined family. In the background is Blake's ex-wife who is determined to win him back. Never mind about the baby she seems to care nothing about, but she will use Bella's secret to her advantage. Despite the obstacles in the path, Bella and Blake are soon lovers. Will marriage be part of their future? 

Bella is from Iowa, raised on a farm with seven siblings and parents who never seemed to have enough money. As the oldest, she invariably had to chip in and help the family out. As an adult, she provides financial support to an ever needy family, and this tipped the scale in her decision to take on the nanny position for Blake…and Drew. Because of her family upbringing, Bella is determined never to have a child of her own, though she was paid to be a surrogate. Getting involved with—and caring about—Blake and Drew is not on her agenda. 

Suffice to say, in THE NANNY TRAP, readers will soon figure out Bella's secret and why she doesn't want to get close to Blake and Drew. If he learned the truth it could rip apart their lives. The heated chemistry between Blake and Bella is apparent from the moment they interact in THE NANNY TRAP, and even they begin to realize that living together in his house makes it impossible to resist the other. But how long will it take for Blake to find out there is another, deeper connection between them? 

For a sexy, fascinating tale that will pull you into the story right from the start, be sure to pick up THE NANNY TRAP. 

Patti Fischer

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