Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spotlight Review:

Sealed with a Kiss , Book 3
ISBN-10: 0451413482
ISBN-13: 978-0451413482
September 2013
Historical Romance

London - Regency Period

As a richly dowered heiress, Lady Beatrice More hates fortune hunters. One has ruined her friend's marriage, and Beatrice swears she will not let it happen to her. She wants to be married for love and for herself, not her fortune. She even sends some anonymous cartoon parody's into a publication for debutantes. Besides, she has met Sir Colin Tate, son of her favorite artist, and an undeniable attraction has grown. She has no problems with his position in society; she is from an aristocratic family yes, but they believe in hard workers, and she aspires to be a painter. Because his father was a well-know artist, she can't believe Colin would be a fortune hunter.

To save his family, Sir Colin must marry an heiress, and quickly. His father had no business sense and his death a year ago has left the family, consisting of his grandma and his half brother and sister, in a crisis. The Scottish manor where they live will be taken over by creditors within a few months. While Beatrice's position in society is far above his matrimonial prospects, he is very taken with the woman. His situation is extremely embarrassing. How can he prove his love to her?

FLIRTING WITH FORTUNE is the third in the Sealed with a Kiss series, but while the kisses between them are intoxicating, Beatrice's intolerance and Colin's secret lay like a deep cavern between them waiting for one or the other to fall, especially with an interested and sometimes interfering family and a lurking fortune hunter watching. Beatrice is a headstrong, but intelligent and independent young woman, and beautiful besides rich, yet some of her actions are questionable. Steadfast and honorable Colin is sure of his feeling for Beatrice, but has been advised against telling her about his true position. It is an explosive situation begging the question—once broken can trust be mended? Characters from MORE THAN A STRANGER and A TASTE FOR SCANDAL have secondary roles, but readers will have no trouble understanding the relationships and histories.

Robin Lee

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