Monday, September 30, 2013

Spotlight Review:

A Perfect Fit Novel , Book 1
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-03297-3
September 2013
Contemporary Romance

Durant, New York – Present Day

Ellis Garrett gave up being an attorney to concentrate on opening a plus size store, even though business isn't exactly booming. She has spent most of her life being ridiculed for being on the “plush” side and wants to prove that big women can wear beautiful clothing. One day while standing in line, she encounters a blast from her past in the form of Mike Edwards. Years ago, she had a crush on him even though he was dating her sister, and Ellis found them in her bed one night about to have sex. Ellis's smart mouth and what he sees as her lush, sexy body intrigues Mike, but he doesn't recognize Ellis at first, and she doesn't make it easy on him to jog his memory. Now a cop in Durant, he turns up at her shop and asks her out for a date, but she refuses. Why should she date a man who once slept with her sister and clearly is a handoff? Ellis has always been in her sister's shadow, and getting involved with an ex isn't a good idea.

Mike finally convinces Ellis that he didn't sleep with her sister nor has any interest in doing so. The only one he's interested in is Ellis herself, yet she doesn't make it easy for him despite his relentless pursuit. For one thing, Ellis has low self-esteem and can't understand what Mike sees in her. Add in the fact that he is her sister's ex boyfriend, Ellis is also afraid if her sister finds out she will lure him back. But he finally gets the chance to prove to Ellis that his intentions (and attention) are for her and that he finds her sexy and attractive.

Full speed ahead, but watch out for DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD as Ellis and Mike's relationship is rocky from the start. First they're on as a couple, then off, and finally back on. Ellis spends much of this tale lamenting about how no man can find her attractive, even though Mike clearly has the hots for her. Part of Ellis's problems is that she grew up being called chubby and unattractive, especially by her own sister, and it continued into a relationship that ended badly just a few months ago. Yet underneath the layers of her lush body is a pretty woman who unwittingly attracts people to her like moths to a light. Mike tries to convince Ellis of all this, but she doesn't believe him. One word from her nasty sister is all it takes to throw Ellis into a funk. Will Ellis finally realize that Mike loves her body, fat and all, or will her sister take him from her?

Mike has his own family issues, but even his past comes back to revisit him when his father shows up after being AWOL for twenty years. His father wants to make amends, but can Mike forgive him? The absence left scars on Mike, the main one being that he doesn't see marriage and a family as part of his future, but being around Ellis has him rethinking his plan. Yet she continues to resist the idea that they have any future together because she figures he'll tire of her and move on to a skinny, beautiful woman—someone just like her sister. Mike has a lot of work cut out for him in DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD. Will he succeed?

A cute, funny tale that will knock your socks off, DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD focuses a lot on Ellis's body issues, but shows that one doesn't have to be thin to attract good looking men. Readers will fall in love with—and root for—Ellis as Mike feverishly woos her in the spicy and deliciously enjoyable DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD.

Patti Fischer


Martha Lawson said...

I love, love, loved this book! It was absolutely amazing!!

Martha Lawson said...

I love, love, loved this book! It was absolutely amazing!!